Tải bản đầy đủ


Tải bản đầy đủ

Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa

Means / modes of transport: các phương tiện giao thông
Infrastructure: cơ sở hạ tầng
Living conditions: điều kiện sống
Enterainment: giải trí
Traffict jam / congestion: tắc nghẽn giao thông
Public transport system: hệ thống giao thông công cộng
To be famous / well known for: nổi tiếng về
To be located / situated in: được đặt ở
To be rich in something: trở lên giàu có trong vấn đề
Time-honoured cultural relics: các khu di tích văn hóa vượt thời gian
− Run-down (in bad conditions): xuống cấp: some areas are run-down
− Up-market / chic (fashionable) = modern: hiện đại, sang trọng: some neigbourhoods are
up-market / chic
It lies / is located / situated in the northen / central / southern part of Vietam
The biggest feature of my city is ...
The most unique characteristic of my hown town is ...
When it comes to my howntown, ... will be the first thing that comes into people’s mind
There are many time-honoured (long standing) cultural relics in my countries, such as ...
My home town features seafood and stunning ocean views
My home town is a very comfortable / convinient place to live in
Ex: My home town is ....
− a metropolis with millions of dwellers: thành phố lớn với hàng triệu dân cư
− a medium city with well-developed facilities: thành phố quy mô vừa với những tiện ích
rất tiên tiến
− a small city with a beautiful natural landscape: một thành phố nhỏ với cảnh thiên nhiên
tươi đẹp
− a collection of villages with rich natural resources: khu làng giàu tài nguyên thiên nhiên
Life in city and life in countryside
To enjoy / like the hetic pace of life / the To enjoy / like the relaxed / slower pace of
hustle and bustle of city life


To get access to more and better job

Tiếp cận với nhiều cơ hội việc làm tốt hơn

To cope with (deal with) the stress / To dowshift a less stressful life

Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
pressure of urban life
To get caught up in the rat race

To escape / quit / get out of the rat race

To enjoy the vibrant / lively nightlife

Thích cuộc sống sôi động về đêm

To be close to all the amenities

Gần với các tiện nghi cuộc sống

To put up with / get stuck in / sit in Chịu đựng / bế tắc trong tình trạng tắc
massive / huge / heavy / endless / constant / đường diện rộng / khủng khiếp / vô tận/ kéo
continuous traffic jams

dài / không ngừng

To tackle / ease / relieve / alleviate the
heavy / severe traffic congestion

Giải quyết vấn đề tắc đường nghiêm trọng

To be affected / choked / damaged by Bị ảnh hưởng / ngột ngạt bị gây tổn hại bởi

sự ô nhiễm
Tận hưởng / yêu thích / khám phá thế giới

To enjoy / love / explore the great outdoors

bên ngoài tuyệt vời
Muốn / quay trở lại / gần hơn với thiên

To need / want to get back / closer to nature


To be surrounded by open / unspoilt / Được bao quanh bởi vùng thông thoáng
picturesque countryside

đãng / nguyên sơ / đẹp như tranh vẽ

To seek / achieve a better / healthy wor-life Tìm kiếm / đạt được sự cân bằng tốt hơn

giữa cuộc sống và công việc

To create / build / foster a strong sense of Tạo ra / xây dựng / nâng cao ý thức cộng


To depend on / be employed in / work in
To tackle / address the problem of rural
To live in a comfy and cosy life

Phụ thuộc vào / làm việc nông nghiệp

Giải quyết vấn đề thất nghiệp ở nông thôn
Sống một cuộc sống thoải mái và ấm cúng


Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
28.2. Sample answers
28.2.1. What is it like where you live?
I live in a residental area of BacNinh, which is the smallest province in the north of
Vietnam. Compared to big cities, my town is less competitive and stressful, so young
people may live a comfy and cosy live in such an environment.
28.2.2. Do you like living in the city?
Absolutely yes. I like hanging out with my friends, and there are a plenty of vibrant
restaurants and shopping centers within walking distance of my appartment, and it tends
to be terribly crowded at nights. In addition, I am a bit of a culture vulture so it is great to
have access to art exhibitions and that kind of thing.
28.2.3. Do you get many tourists visting your area?
Of course. There are many time-honoured cultural relics in my hometown, such as Phat
Tich Pagoda, Do Temple and Lim Festival. Those are considered to be main tourist
attractions in my areas. In addition, my town is also well known for Quan Ho folk song
recognised as the world intangible cultural heritage, which attracts a number of tourists
and customers.
28.2.4. Do you thing your home town is a good place for young people? Why?
Of course. You know, due to the industrialization, therea are a number of industrial parks
constructed in my town, so it is quite easy for new graduates to secure a job with
competitive salaries.
28.2.5. Has it changed much in recent years?
My hometown has witnessed significant changes in recent years. Firstly, cottages have
been demolished and make way for high-rise buildings and shopping malls. Secondly, due
to industrialization, a number of industrial parks have been constructed, creating more
employment opportunities for local residents. Finally, people have had more mobility
options because buses and trains are highly accessible.


Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
28.2.6. What kind of jobs do people in your hometown do?
Well, like people in other cities, people in my hometown do a vatiety of job. Most of them
work as workers in industrial zones and professionals, some are involved in managerial
and professional works, and others work as craftsmen and general labours.
28.2.7. What are the things you dislike about your hometown? Serious problems?
Just like other cities, Bac Ninh also has some serious problems. Take pollution as an
example. Heavy pollution of water, air and noise has become one of the most dangerous
issues, doing a lot of harm to the environment and the healt of the locals. In addition,
another problem is overpopulation which exerted pressure on employment, infrastructure
and education.


Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa



29.1. Useful words and expressions
To secure a job = to land a job = to seek
To walk into a job
A defined career path
Working conditions
Working environment
The atmosphere in a workplace
A sense of job satisfaction
Personal relationships
Salary package
Office work
Job opportunities = employment opportunities
Promotion opportunity
Annual leave
Maternity leave
Employment prospects
A choice of profession
To be jobless = to be employed = to be out of
The unemployed (plural) = those who have no


Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
Sickness benefit
Privately – owned enterprise
State-run / owned enterprise
Joint venture
Work flat out (work very hard): làm việc vô cùng vất vả. Ex: Sometimes I have to work
flat out.
Work around / against the clock: làm việc suốt ngày đêm
On the go (very busy): I am always on the go
Get to the bottom of (solve): I have to get to the bottom of problems related to…
Pull out all the stops (make a special effort: When it is busy I have to pull out all the stops
Take charge of (=manage): I often take charge of the whole department
Pick up the pieces (Take responsibility): when there is a problem. I have to pick up the
To be up to one’s ears / neck in working and studing: ngập đầu, ngập cổ trong công việc
và học tập
To be swept into maelstrom of work: Bị cuốn vào vòng xoáy công việc
I am a / an + job
I work in + department
My work involves + V-ing (specific work)
I’m in charge of … / I’m responsible for
My responsibility involves / includes


Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
29.2. Sample answers
29.2.1. Do you work or are you a student? What do you do?
Well, I am in back office and working as a human resourse executive in a privatelyowned company located in the the heart of Ha Noi. I have taken up for this position
almost one year since I graduated from University.
29.2.2. What are your responsibilities there?
As a recruiter, my main responsibility is to seek and attract jobseekers and choose the
most potential one for vacancy positions of my company. You know, the busiest time in
this job is definitely at the beginning of the year because almost companies need many
labours to implement plans that was built last year, so at that time I always have to work
around the clock.
29.2.3. Do you enjoy your job?
I would like to say that I’m a happy camper. Although people tend to think that office
work is a boring career, and many people working in this job do run-of-the-mill tasks day
in day out. But, things are far different. I find the job so rewarding because it matchs my
qualifiacation and personality. I’m keen on working with human.
29.2.4. What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that i can make a difference in people’s live. It is a great
thing to see someone who are really talent find a suitable working envirnoment that i and
my team choose.
29.2.5. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
I’d hope to be working ... not a high-powered job ... but I’m quite a creative person so
something where I can work wih my hands would be nice ... as long as I am not stuck
behind a desk doing something boring in a dead-end job I’ll be happy ....


Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa



30.1. Useful words and expressions
Nursery / primary / secondary school /education
State school / private school
Boarding school
All girls / all boys school
To go to / attend school
Extra-curricular activities
School trips
To sit / do / take an exam
To resit / retake an exam
To revise (for an exam)
To pass / to fail an exam
To get exam results
To get qualifications / to be qualified
To leave school / a school leaver
To drop out of school / to be drop out
To study for (a qualification / an exam)
To be academic / to be an all-rounder
Tertiary / higher education
Colleges of higher education / technical colleges / universities
To apply for a course

Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
To be an (un)conditional offer
To do a course in (subject)
Halls of residence / student accommodation
Student union
An undergraduate
A graduation ceremony
To get a university degree / a masters / a doctorate (PhD)
To graduate from university / to graduate in (subject)
A university graduate
A postgraduate student / course
To do a postgraduate course / a Masters / a Phd (Doctorate)
To qualify in (subject): ex: I qualify in Literature
To take a gap year
To drop out of university
The assembly hall
Core subjects
Online courses
Comprehensive education
Well – rounded education
The standard of a country’s education
The acquisition of knowledge
School curriculum
Traditional way of learning

Ôn thi Ielts cùng Alexa
Study alone at their own pace
Competitive learning environment
Intellectually gifted students
A well-educated workforce
The quality of future generation of worker
A prestigious university
Peer pressure
30.2. Sample answers