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44.13 All extensions failed to work when Internet down

44.13 All extensions failed to work when Internet down

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Asterisk feature codes are defined in the feature codes selection of the Setup Tab,
illustrated below:


Call Pickup
User Log on
User Log off
Blacklist a number
Remove a number from the blacklist
Blacklist the last caller

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Echo Test
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate
Schedule wakeup call
Speak your Extension number (your extension is XXX)
Last Caller number/ID
Activate Call Waiting (deactivated by default)
Deactivate Call Waiting
Call Forwarding System
Disable Call Forwarding
Call Forward all prompting deactivate
IVR Recording
Enable Do-Not-Disturb
Disable Do-Not-Disturb
Call Forward on Busy
Disable Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward Busy Prompting deactivate
Message Center (does no ask for extension)
*97 + 0 Change email greeting message.
Enter Message Center
Playback IVR Recording
Directory (while in IVR – similar to #)
Connect to Gabcast
Call Parking (or 700 see Call Parking and Transfer)
Test Fax
Zap Barge (there are variations)
7777 Simulate incoming call

These are some of the available CLI commands that can be executed from the console
when you run: asterisk –r (or –rvvv depending on the level of verbosity you may want).
To stop TRIXBOX – amportal stop
To start TRIXBOX – amportal start

A.2.1 General commands
!: Executes a given shell command
abort halt: Cancel a running halt
add extension: Add new extension into context
add ignorepat: Add new ignore pattern
add indication: Add the given indication to the country
amportal start: Stop TRIXBOX and
amportal stop: Restart TRIXBOX.
debug channel: Enable debugging on a channel
dont include: Remove a specified include from context
help: Display help list, or specific help on a command
include context: Include context in other context
load: Load a dynamic module by name
logger reload: Reopen log files. Use after rotating the log files.
no debug channel: Disable debugging on a channel
pri debug span: Enables PRI debugging on a span
pri intense debug span: Enables REALLY INTENSE PRI debugging
pri no debug span: Disables PRI debugging on a span

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remove extension: Remove a specified extension
remove ignorepat: Remove ignore pattern from context
remove indication: Remove the given indication from the country
save dialplan: Overwrites your current extensions.conf file with an exported
version based on the current state of the dialplan. A backup copy of your old
extensions.conf is not saved. The initial values of global variables defined in
the [globals] category retain their previous initial values; the current
values of global variables are not written into the new extensions.conf.
Using "save dialplan" will result in losing any comments in your current
set verbose: Set level of verboseness
show agents: Show status of agents
show applications: Shows registered applications
show application: Describe a specific application
show channel: Display information on a specific channel
show channels: Display information on channels
show codecs: Display information on codecs
show conferences: Show status of conferences
show dialplan: Show dialplan
show image formats: Displays image formats
show indications: Show a list of all country/indications
show locals: Show status of local channels
show manager command: Show manager commands
show manager connect: Show connected manager users
show parkedcalls: Lists parked calls
show queues: Show status of queues
show switches: Show alternative switches
show translation: Display translation matrix
show voicemail users: List defined voicemail boxes
show voicemail zones: List zone message formats
soft hangup: Request a hangup on a given channel

A.2.2 AGI Commands
show agi: Show AGI commands or specific help
dump agihtml: Dumps a list of agi command in html format

A.2.3 Database Handling

del: Removes database key/value
deltree: Removes database keytree/values
get: Gets database value
put: Adds/updates database value
show: Shows database contents

A.2.4 IAX Channel Commands
iax2 debug: Enable IAX debugging
iax2 no debug: Disable IAX debugging
iax2 set jitter: Sets IAX jitter buffer
iax2 show cache: Display IAX cached dialplan
iax2 show channels: Show active IAX channels
iax2 show peers: Show defined IAX peers
iax2 show registry: Show IAX registration status
iax2 show stats: Display IAX statistics
iax2 show users: Show defined IAX users
iax2 trunk debug: Request IAX trunk debug
iax debug: Enable IAX debugging
iax no debug: Disable IAX debugging

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iax set jitter: Sets IAX jitter buffer
iax show cache: Display IAX cached dialplan
iax show channels: Show active IAX channels
iax show peers: Show defined IAX peers
iax show registry: Show IAX registration status
iax show stats: Display IAX statistics
iax show users: Show defined IAX users
init keys: Initialize RSA key passcodes
show keys: Displays RSA key information

A.2.5 SIP Channel commands
sip debug: Enable SIP debugging
sip no debug: Disable SIP debugging
sip reload: Reload sip.conf (added after 0.7.1 on 2004-01-23)
sip show channels: Show active SIP channels
sip show channel: Show detailed SIP channel info
sip show inuse: List all inuse/limit
sip show peers: Show defined SIP peers (register clients)
sip show registry: Show SIP registration status (when Asterisk registers as a
client to a SIP Proxy)
sip show users: Show defined SIP users

A.2.6 Server management
restart gracefully: Restart Asterisk gracefully
restart now: Restart Asterisk immediately
restart when convenient: Restart Asterisk at empty call volume
reload: Reload configuration
stop gracefully: Gracefully shut down Asterisk
stop now: Shut down Asterisk immediately
stop when convenient: Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume
extensions reload?: Reload extensions ONLY
unload: Unload a dynamic module by name
show modules: List modules and info about them
show uptime: Show uptime information
show version: Display Asterisk version info

The following are some Asterisk Special Extensions that are useful to know when creating
your Dial Plan or Special Custom Context.
i = invalid, jump here when an invalid number is dialled.
t = timeout, jump here when we timeout.
h = hang-up, jump here when a call in hung up.
s = standard, jump here if the dialled extension is unknown (used for generic
o = operator, a special extension to escape voice mail (configurable)

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The following are some of the special variables in use with the Asterisk scripts as defined
in the Asterisk’s document. These variables are automatically defined when a new call

Account code (if specified)
Caller ID
Caller ID Name only
Caller ID Number only
PRI Caller ID presentation for incoming calls
Current channel name
Current context
Current date time in the format: YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS
Dialed Number Identifier
Result of application EnumLookup
Current unix style epoch
Current extension
Environmental variable VAR
Asterisk hangup cause
The invalid called extension (used in the "i" extension)
Current language
String length of VAR (integer)
Number of seconds a user participated in a MeetMe
Current priority
Redirected Dial Number ID Service
Current date time in the format: YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS
Result of application TXTCIDName
Current call unique identifier
SIP Call-ID: header verbatim (for logging or CDR matching)
SIP destination domain of an inbound call (if appropriate)
SIP user agent

The following are set by the dial() application:

Dialed peer name
Dialed peer number
Total time for the call in seconds (Network time).
Time from answer to end of call in seconds.
Status of the call, one of: | CHANUNAVAIL |CONGESTION | BUSY |

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The following are some of the indications for the various countries that I am aware off.
Please submit others that you know of to me.

ringcadence = 1000,5000
dial = 420
busy = 420/400,0/400
ring = 420/1000,0/5000
congestion = 420/200,0/200
callwaiting = 420/40,0/1960
dialrecall = 420
record = 1400/80,0/14920
info = 950/330,1450/330,1850/330,0/1000
stutter = 380+420

ringcadence = 400,200,400,2000
dial = 413+438
busy = 425/375,0/375
ring = 413+438/400,0/200,413+438/400,0/2000
congestion = 425/375,0/375,420/375,0/375
callwaiting = 425/200,0/200,425/200,0/4400
dialrecall = 413+438
record = !425/1000,!0/15000,425/360,0/15000
info = 425/2500,0/500
std = !525/100,!0/100,!525/100,!0/100,!525/100,!0/100,!525/100,!0/100,!525/100
facility = 425
stutter = 413+438/100,0/40
ringmobile = 400+450/400,0/200,400+450/400,0/2000

ringcadence = 1000,4000
dial = 425
busy = 425/250,0/250
ring = 425/1000,0/4000
congestion = 425/250,0/250,425/750,0/250
callwaiting = 425/50,0/1000
dialrecall = 350+440
record = 425/250,0/250
info = 950/330,1400/330,1800/330
stutter = 350+440

ringcadence = 1000,3000
dial = 425
busy = 425/500,0/500
ring = 425/1000,0/3000
congestion = 425/167,0/167
callwaiting = 1400/175,0/175,1400/175,0/3500
dialrecall = !350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,350+440

record = 1400/500,0/15000
info = 900/330,1400/330,1800/330,0/1000
stutter = 425/1000,0/250

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ringcadence = 1000,4000
dial = 425
busy = 425/500,0/500
ring = 425/1000,0/4000
congestion = 425/200,0/200
callwaiting = 425/200,0/200,425/200,0/4000
dialrecall = !425/100,!0/100,!425/100,!0/100,!425/100,!0/100,425
record = 1400/80,0/15000
info = 950/330,1400/330,1800/330,0/1000
stutter = 425+340/1100,0/1100

ringcadence = 1000,3000
dial = 400
busy = 400/500,0/500
ring = 400/1000,0/3000
congestion = 400/200,0/200
callwaiting = 400/250,0/8750
dialrecall = !400/100,!0/100,!400/100,!0/100,!400/100,!0/100,400
record = 1400/500,0/15000
info = 950/333,1400/333,1800/333,0/1000
stutter =

ringcadence = 1000,4000
dial = 450
busy = 450/350,0/350
ring = 450/1000,0/4000
congestion = 450/700,0/700
callwaiting = 450/400,0/4000
dialrecall = 450
record = 950/400,0/10000
info = 450/100,0/100,450/100,0/100,450/100,0/100,450/400,0/400
stutter = 450+425

ringcadence = 1000,4000
dial = 425/330,0/330,425/660,0/660
busy = 425/330,0/330
ring = 425/1000,0/4000
congestion = 425/165,0/165
callwaiting = 425/330,0/9000
dialrecall =
record = 1400/500,0/14000
info = 950/330,0/30,1400/330,0/30,1800/330,0/1000
stutter = 425/450,0/50

ringcadence = 1000,4000
dial = 425

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