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Figure 12.3 - Example of Dual-Career-Path System

Figure 12.3 - Example of Dual-Career-Path System

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Career Paths, Developing Dual-Career

Paths and Career Portfolios (cont.)

 Career portfolio - multiple part-time

jobs that together make up a full-time



Increases job satisfaction and provides flexibility.


Stalled earnings and trouble maintaining companysponsored health care.

Readjustment each time the employee moves from

one job to the other.



 The likelihood of the employee receiving

future job assignments with increased

responsibility is low.

Mid-career employees are most likely to


It becomes dysfunctional when the employee

feels stuck in a job that offers no potential for

personal growth resulting in poor job attitude,

increased absenteeism, and poor job



Plateauing (cont.)

 Reasons for employees to plateau:

Discrimination based on age, gender, or race.

Lack of ability and training.

Low need for achievement.

Unfair pay decisions or dissatisfaction with

pay raises.

Confusion about job responsibilities.

Slow company growth resulting in reduced

development opportunities.


Table 12.4 - Possible Remedies for

Plateaued Employees


Skills Obsolescence

 It is a reduction in an employee’s

competence resulting from a lack of

knowledge of new work processes,

techniques, and technologies that have

developed since the employee completed

his or her education.


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Figure 12.3 - Example of Dual-Career-Path System

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