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Table 11.3 - A Model of Career Development

Table 11.3 - A Model of Career Development

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A Model of Career Development


 Recycling - changing one’s major work

activity after having been established in a

specific field.

 Career management system - helps

employees, managers, and the company

identify career development needs.


Career Management Systems

 Self-assessment

Use of information by employees to determine

their career interests, values, aptitudes, and

behavioral tendencies.

Involves psychological tests.

 Reality check

Information employees receive about how the

company evaluates their skills and knowledge

and where they fit into the company plans.


Career Management Systems


 Goal setting

Employees develop short- and long-term

career objectives usually related to desired

positions, level of skill application, work

setting, or skill acquisition.

 Action planning

Employees determine how they will achieve

their short- and long-term career goals.

May involve training courses and seminars,

informational interviews, employee

volunteerism programs, etc.


Table 11.5 - Design Factors of Effective

Career Management Systems


Table 11.6 - Elements of Career

Management Web Sites


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Table 11.3 - A Model of Career Development

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