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IV. Needs for Further Research

IV. Needs for Further Research

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It is critical that we meet the need for a systems approach in agricultural

research (Logan, 1990) so that the real issues can be addressed. One input can be

used to minimize the need for another potentially more hazardous input, and,

therefore, it is essential to integrate the components of agricultural systems fully

so that their impact on other inputs is taken into account (Edwards, 1989). When

a farmer spreads fertilizer or irrigates with lagoon effluent, he is not only supplying nutrients to his crop, he is altering the environment for pest populations and

influencing the movement of water across the landscape. The more that scientists

and farmers understand these interactions, the more capable we will be of making wise decisions regarding our stewardship of land and water.


The author is deeply indebted to the late Dr. Howard M. Taylor (1924-1991) for many of the

concepts and thought processes that led to this work. An earlier version entitled, “Nutritional Effects

on Water Use Efficiency and Root Growth” (J. G. Davis-Carter and P. G. Georgen) was presented at

the Rhizosphere Research Symposium in Dr. Taylor’s honor at the American Society of Agronomy

meetings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 2, 1992.


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