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Using marketing analyzing tool SOWT to calculate the developing status of IT applications, Information System, E - Commerce

Using marketing analyzing tool SOWT to calculate the developing status of IT applications, Information System, E - Commerce

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Both Human Resources and

Accounting sharing a same IT


4. Comparing with 3 opponents who same industrial operations

Identification opponents:

1. Haiphong Vicem Packing Company

2. HAIPAC, PP packing company

These companies have the advantage of doing business with long experience (HAIPAC 1993 HCPC - 2004). Both companies are promoting online information.

HAIPAC: http://www.haipacpp.com

HCPC: http://www.hcpc.vn/ ; http://haiphong.vietnamnay.com ; https://www.vndirect.com.vn

Website of HCPC's still not working HAIPAC not professional nature

announcement of company information, market intelligence, business achievements

appear to be out of date.

5. Analysis of other enterprise’s experiences (both domestic and foreign one)

Currently, the demand of information technology applications in business

operations, market analysis, monitoring customer demands are concerning necessary


- In recent years the objectively developing situation of the global economic crisis,

especially from the U.S. and Eurozone that worsely affected to output of company's

exporting figures. Some parts of manufacturing plans must be deactivated from 10-15

days in the month, leading to increased production costs, reduced business efficiency.

- Due to the recession affecting the world economy, Vietnam was increasingly

difficult status. For example: Real Estate market is freezed, suspended to cement industry

and construction materials. Sales and manufacturing sharply increased that damaged

directly to packing manufacturing, accounts down for 70% of production.

- On the other hand due to policies to control inflation, cut off loans as well as

tightening credit led to bank loan high interest rates; very difficult accessable capitals,

huge inventory, resulting in higher production costs, enterprises exported to the stuck, etc.


- From the above factors, the facts that the employee's income reduced that greatly

affected to working motivation. They are not enough to show their working spirit led to

depressed lazy working, contribution and creation, even many who are not willing to

work hard and find the direction. Moreover, their highly qualified staffs have left


- Subjectively characterized by technology, manufacturing processes create long,

low processing manufacturing products, in additional, its raw material costs accounted

for 85% of production costs while the outcome price is low, therefore, the mechanism of

paying bonus higher to be suitable with market competition (Supply> Demand).

- As the out of date of 80's decade, with handmade working skills, high power

consumption and low productivities. Therefore, the company's emplyees are mostly

unskilled popular staffs and their working motivation is mostly to reach a steady income

volume but company’s conditions. Therefore, company does not attract, encourage good

managers, skilled workers and be able to keep them long-time working.

- Costs of E – commerce is high, but most customers do not use their knowledge

and expertise. Besides, the company is experiencing financial difficulties.

6. Experiencing IT applications into manufacturing

Currently the company has been researching their suitable solutions to boost

business targets, customer developing network, improving services, customer caring

promotions through building its Human resource management system, customer

management, supplier and financial - accounting management and upgrade production


Product diversification depends majorly on customers. The organizational structure,

staffing norms of labor, labor arrangements appropriate to create enough jobs for

employees to raise income for employees

Gradually replacing equipments, advanced technology, creating high productivities,

good quality products, low fuel consumption, low power consumption, reduced workers

to facilitate cost reduction, increase competitiveness competitive products. Creat new

jobs and attracted working environment to be stable to attract and retain qualified

employees, retraining older workers could adapt new technology contemporary.

7. Strategies for IT applications & E - Commerce


Promoting from various sources to implement IT applications in agency activities

effectively, it is needed.

Wide application of information technology in all fields, exploiting information

effectively, develop their full potential and advantages for commercial development in

order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, well done promo work marketing,

referrals and search the market for goods and products in the trend of international

economic integration.

Development E-commerce application associated with the application and

development of technical infrastructure in information technology, production lines.

Upgrading computer systems business, striving to end 2014, it is strategies. Newly

build computer network systems companies for standard parts uniformly. Training staff in

the fields of management and use of the system, it is improvement needed as well.

2020 strategy finished applying information technology systems for electronic

commerce and also served as production manager.

8. Deploying and Targeted points

1. Overviewed targets

 Gradually widespread application of IT in the agency's activities to improve capacity,

performance, management, fast, convenient and economical, more efficient.

Investment in ICT infrastructure in sync, and put to use the operating management

software, electronic mail systems, CRM, operating capacity management.

2. General targets

 Upgrading the computer system of authority, striving to build a new 2014 network

computer parts company uniform standards.

 Recruitment of qualified staff and knowledge of information technology and ecommerce.

 Training and e-commerce for team leaders to raise awareness of the role and position

in the IT service business, economic development, leadership training information

capacity, capacity management system IT systems.


 Open the advanced training for qualified IT personnel in the State Administration.

Contents of Training: Advanced knowledge and skills in network administration,

database administration, development and management information systems majors,

using specialized software, Internet operators, using over the network operator.

Investment in human resource management systems, financial - accounting, using

CRM to enhance customer competitiveness.

 Investing in technology, production lines serve to diversify products and services,

maximizing benefits, build competitive advantage, differentiation

3. Deploying steps

On the basis of the company's strategy was put in place, through reference and

consultation planned actions, deployment time, number of employees and the efficiency

is expected as follows:

The cost of buying software: $ 50,000 (Equivalent to 1.05 billion dong).

System hardware cost: $ 40,000 (Equivalent to 840 million dong).

Implementation time is estimated at 15 months, including 12 months of software

development and system integration, testing 03 months.

The number of employees expected: 30.

System maintenance costs will average $ 2,000 / year. (Equivalent to 42 million s


The cost of buying software and hardware initially depreciated steadily over 6

years. Equivalent to 322 millions VND / year.

Its structure module, following:

1.Human Resource Management

2.Customer Relationship Management

3.Purchasing Manager

4.Production Manager.

5.Sales Manager

6.Accounting and financial management.

7.Materials management.


8.Project Management.

9.Website: http://tifopack.vn

8.2 Detailed Revenue, Annual Income, following:

With current capacity, the sales of the company reached a maximum of 80

billions VND / year and profits are: 5 billions VND / year. According to the plans of the

company from 2013 to 2015 the construction of the new plant area of 1.5 ha, 3 times

developed than its current size. It is expected investment in completely new equipment

with modern advanced technology. With an investment of 40 billions VND projected

revenue in 2016 was 130 billion in 2020 sales reached 250 billion VND / year. In order to

diversify products and expand export markets. So putting IT applications and E Commerce in all areas of activity of the company is necessary. To improve management

capacity, production efficiency, business development and expansion in foreign markets

to maximize profits, increase competitiveness, reduce its HR.


Executive information systems business consists of three large array of information

to meet the information needs of the corporate executive management: information about

the business, the production of information and information about the situation finance.

Handling of information between the source of this information allows business

managers can intervene quickly and accurately to make business processes and financial

flows of the unit as well as members of the whole company. Besides system information

system also provides e-mail system to meet the internal decision making of managers as

well as the need to exchange information among employees.

Over the course management information system I realize this subject is really

necessary for those who are working in the organization, for both personal and corporate

leadership. Management information systems help me see the shortcomings in the system

of corporate management. Besides, organization also recognizes the importance to

develop appropriate organizational structure for the company's leadership role in shaping

the information technology companies.

I m thankful to precieve knowledge from Doctor Thoan that indicates difficulties of

our organization and I hope to promote its better in our next developing processing.


After this useful subject, I hope to apply my knowledge into my working and

improve my carrier to upagrade the weakness and stbalely develop our organization as



1. System slices

2. TIFOPACK documents at Administrative storages


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Using marketing analyzing tool SOWT to calculate the developing status of IT applications, Information System, E - Commerce

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