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Table 3.4: Students’ expectations in using CL in English lesson

Table 3.4: Students’ expectations in using CL in English lesson

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3.1.2. Data analysis from teacher interviews Current situation of teaching “project” in the class

Five of the two English teachers are invited to participate in interviews.

The interviews were recorded to ensure objectiveness and truthfulness of the

research results. Five questions were asked.

Question 1: Can you tell me about the purposes of project part in English 10

pilot book?

The first teacher said that: “Transfer from the learning form geometry to

the community education format is direction”

The second teacher give answer that: “Transfer from the theory to the

operate transport to live life and transfer from the dependencies to the

community player group activity”

Question 2: What activities did you often use in teaching “project”?

In order to know what kinds of activities are often utilized in doing

project assignments in project classes, question 2 “What activities did you

often use in teaching “project”? was conducted.

Teacher 1 said: “I used work in pairs activity in project lesson. Because it

is less time that students were prepared it at home, so work in pairs is a

useful technique in project because it can help students to make a topic


Teacher 2 gives their opinion “Because in lesson 7 learn both looking

back and project, so we didn't enough time to make this activity in class.

And I often give it make homework and then i will check old lesson on

next lesson.”

Question 3: What difficulties did you use in teaching?

Teacher 1 said “I have never found out a suitable activity to teach project,

so my students is not interesting in lesson”

Teacher 2 said “My difficulty is need spend more time for teaching



Question 4: In your opinion, what are causes?

Teacher 1 said “I think that one of the causes lead to the difficulties of

project: the first, students are not self-motivated. The second, project is a

difficult task to students”

Teacher 2 said “Project is a difficult task, students also are lazy, teacher

have not suitable method, less material facilities,…”

Question 5:What should be done to improve the effectiveness of project?

Teacher 1 said “I think that we need find out methods that they is

interested students to motivate in learning project”

Teacher 2 said “I assume that teacher often must use many activities in

teaching project”

3.2. The effectiveness of CL in doing projects

3.2.1. The results from students’ questionnaire Students’ attitudes towards doing project assignments

Figure 3.3: The activity students like to work in doing project assignments

The above figure shows that a very small number of the students (5%)

answer that they like doing project individually, 277.5% of the students choose

doing project with the whole class and 827.5% like working in pairs. For the

suitability of CL to applying in doing project, over a half of the respondents

(60%) confirm that they like cooperative very much. Thus, the researcher finds a

satisfactory signal that most grade 10th students at Cam Khe high school have

positive attitudes to CL in doing project assignments.


Figure 3.4: Students’ feeling about CL in doing project assignments

The pie chart illustrates vividly the students’ attitude towards CL in doing

project assignments. From the chart, it can be seen most of the students like

using CL. To be more detailed, the largest majority of the informants (63.8%)

are very interested in CL in doing project. A fifth of them feel interested in this

activity. Besides, a minority, 12.5%, feel normal and only a small number,3.7%,

show their disinterest CL in doing project assignments. Students’ opinion towards CL

Table 3.5: Benefits of CL in doing project


A. It increases students’ participation

B. It promotes students’ independence and


C. Shy and passive students have more

chances of expressing themselves

D. It creates exciting atmosphere as it

Number of












lends itself to game-like activities.

E. Others



It can be seen obviously that a very large majority of students (83.8%)

agrees that CL in doing project increases students’ participation. 52.5% raise

their voice that it promotes students’ independence and cooperation. Especially

17.5% approve that shy and passive students have more chances of expressing

themselves. In addition, most students claim that when they CL they can

exchange ideas and learn from each other. Thanks to the implementing of CL in

project 33.8% affirm that it creates exciting atmosphere.

Figure 3.5:Students’ opinion about necessity CL in doing project


As can be seen from the column chart, 69 % students assume that CL in

doing project is very necessary, only have 10% students think that it is

unnecessary and normal. 11% students think that it is necessary.

Due to the nature of CL, students can find that they are not CL effectively

and thus this negatively impacts on their progress ability to be successful.

Question 5 was designed to get detail data about it. The statistical analysis of

difficulties that students get in taking part in group work resulted in table 3.65. It

is further illustrated by the diagrams in figures 3.65, figure 3.65 shows the

frequency of getting difficulties of students illustrates the causes of these



Table 3.6: Students’ difficulties in CL method



Number of


5. .What are the A. Choosing members for


in your groups

B. Dividing the the writing

cooperative learning

tasks among group members

in doing project

C. Lack of the help from your

assignments?( More


than one answer is D. Others










012 Students’ suggestions for using CL effectively

Table 3.7: Students’ expectations of using CL in doing project

6.What do you like your teacher to do to

facilitate cooperative learning in doing

Number of



project assignments?

A. To provide clear instructions for CL



B. To design CL activities suitable to students



C. To organize CL suitably



D. To create a competitive atmosphere



E. Others



Table 3.7 showed students’ solutions to overcome the constraints in using

CL in doing project. All of the students claimed that giving clear instructions,

designing group tasks and activities suitable to students. 67.5% of the teachers

affirmed that organizing CL suitably also plays important part in conducting

effective CL in doing project. Besides, competitive atmosphere in doing project

was also encouraged by 46.3% of the respondents. 5 of them suggested more

solutions such as: providing more suitable facilities for CL, supervision and

assistance from teachers, giving needed help and feedback as well as

encouragements were totally necessary during CL in doing project, etc.

In general, the questionnaire data proved that the students were quite well

aware of CL’s benefits whilst they expressed a larger diversity of opinions on its


problems. Students’ opinions on the stages of using CL were indicated that

almost students choose in doing project to be suitable for CL project.

To sum up, using CL in doing project has brought many different benefits

to students. It can be inferred from this helpfulness that using CL in doing

project plays an integral part in teaching project to students, therefore, teachers

should employ forms of interaction flexibly in each project lesson to motivate

students’ interests.

3.2.2. The result of teachers’ interviews Teachers’ attitudes towards using CL in doing project assignments

Question 1: How do you think CL in doing project?

Teacher 1 says that: “I assume that CL is a suitable approach in teaching and

learning project. If applying often CL in doing project is going to develop

students’ self-motivated and their presentable skill”

Teacher 2 says that: “ CL is a great method because Cam Khe High school

students are very interesting when applying CL in doing project and maybe


Question 2:What do you think about the effectives of applying cooperative

learning in doing project assignments?

Teacher 1 said that “The cooperative are extremely interesting because they help

activate students who may have been inactive before, due to lack of interest”.

Other English teachers states “Through CL, students can learn more confident or

know how to way the effectiveness of doing project ”.

Teacher 2 said that “ When using CL, Ii i know that CL not only teaching and

learning in project but also can apply effective to the skills and

play an

important role in English teaching and it is very useful for me and others English

teachers to organizing ideas in teaching”. Teacher also recognized the

importance of using CL in teaching.

Question 3: Do you feel interested this method in doing project?

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Table 3.4: Students’ expectations in using CL in English lesson

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