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In this book, there are totally 10 units, so 10 project lessons are designed with a view to making students practice with real-life situations. They required competences and objectives of the project section in each unit are shown in the following table.

In this book, there are totally 10 units, so 10 project lessons are designed with a view to making students practice with real-life situations. They required competences and objectives of the project section in each unit are shown in the following table.

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Table 1.3: Checklist of project in current “English 10” Textbook


1. Family Life

2. Your Body and You

3. Music

4. For a Better


5. Inventions

6. Gender Equality

7. Cultural Diversity

8. New Ways to Learn

9. Preserving the


10. Ecotourism

Required tasks

-Doing on survey on family life of the students

in the class

- Doing on survey on the importance of

categories in staying healthy

-Doing research on a (Vietnamese folk) song

and a Dangdul song

-Making a plan to help a person/ a place in need

in the student’ community

-Describing an imaginary invention

-Do a survey about gender equality in the class/


-Prepare a presentation about some aspects of

Vietnamese culture

-Do a survey to find out how students use

electronic devices to learn English

-Prepare a presentation about environmental

problems of the local area and an action plan to

deal with them

-Do a survey to find out students’ experience in


In short, this chapter has presented the methods of the present study

concerning the participants of the study, the methods and procedures of data

collection and data analysis. Briefly, the study was conducted among 42

students and two teachers of English at Cam Khe high school. The next

chapter deals with the analysis of the results received from the teachers’

interview, students’ questionnaires and the observer classroom

This chapter reviews theory of CL, project, PBL, definitions of CL,

project and PBL their significances, types and characteristics are clearly

presented. Theoretical background of CL in this chapter is adapted from many

researchers. The theory is quite appropriate to my study so I chose their theory,


which will be of benefits for the researcher to analyze data and suggest feasible

recommendations for the research issue.



This chapter is concerned with the selection of subjects and the

instruments of collecting data, analyzing data. It describes in some details of the

design of the instruments and the descriptive quantitative and qualitative

procedures that were undertaken for analysis of the data.

2.1. Settings of the study

Cam Khe High school is situated at Cam Khe district, Phu Tho province.

After 60 years of development and tirelessly striving, Cam Khe High school has

gained appreciable results which take important part in the cause of education

and training of Cam Khe district in particular and of Phu Tho province in

general. English has been taught as a compulsory subject at Cam Khe high

school. Teachers said that English is a difficult subject for all students. So,

students more and more meet difficulties.

2.2. Participants of the study

Grade 10 students

The target sample of the research consisted of 42 students from grade

10A4 at Cam Khe high school. There are 25 boys and 17 girls. They had similar

backgrounds, that is, most of them come from Cam Khe district, almost finished

secondary school with 4 years of learning English in Cam Khe high school.

The students under investigation have just finished the first term of school

year. Although they have had learned English for many years, their English

proficiency has been at medium level. They are keen on English but sometimes

they have not reached the result that they expect. Most of them can do grammar

exercises very well but have difficulties in mastering four skills, especially

doing in project which students find most challenging and boring.



Table 2.1: The English entrance examination scores of grade 10A4

Score of students



Above 8

Number of students




Percentage (%)





Cam Khe High school has 6teachers of English aged from 35 to 46.

However, in my study, 2 of them was chosen because only two of them are

qualified enough (with C1 level in CEFR) to teach new English pilot book. In

general, they are both well-trained and rather professionally experienced with at

least twelve years in teaching. Both of them have got the University Bachelor’

Degree in English. In Cam Khe high school, and they have many opportunities

to upgrade their teaching and have a lot of teaching facilities and materials to

help their work. They are helpful, friendly and dedicated teachers. They all have

a great desire to acquire knowledge of how to teach English well as well as how

to widen their English background. Also, they are always willing to help their

students tackle with difficulties in learning.

2.3. Instruments of the study

In order to accomplish this thesis systematically and adequately, the study

uses the following instruments:

2.3.1. Survey questionnaires

Survey questionnaires were chosen because they allowed collecting a

large amount data in a relatively short time. A strong point of this method is that

it is quite easy to summarize, analyze and report the collected data as all

informants submit the answer to the same question. In addition, the informants

can express their opinions on teaching and learning doing in project assignment

in free way as their personal information is not included in the questionnaires.

Clear instructions were given when the questionnaire was administered.


In order to get information to fulfill the aims of the study, 2 survey

questionnaires were designed for 42 students of class 10A4 and 2 teachers in

10th grade group. The questionnaire number 1 (Appendix 1) was delivered to

find out the current situation in project part in English pilot book 10 and the

questionnaire number 2 (Appendix 2) was delivered to explore the student’s

responses after applying CL in project. Besides, the research also used the

interview questions for teachers before and after experiments.


questionnaires were constructed within Vietnamese contexts, aiming to provide

a general picture of background to each situation, and to capture the

participants’ ideas and attitudes to the issue. The questionnaires were written in

a logical order so that they could gradually lead the respondents into the theme

of the study.

Table 2.2: Summary of the students’ questionnaires






Before using


After using


- Students’ understanding in doing project



- Students’ attitudes towards teaching and


learning doing project assignments

- Students’ understanding about CL

- Students’ attitudes towards doing project




- Students’ opinion towards cooperative



- Students’ suggestions for using cooperative


learning effectively

At the same time, there are also 5 interview questions in the teachers’

interview (Before applying of CL) (Appendix 3) which are designed to find out

the current situation teaching of project part in English pilot book 10.There are

also another 5 questions to find out their attitudes towards the effectiveness of

using CL in doing project assignments as well as encountered problems when


implementing it. Moreover, teacher suggestions for better usage of CL are also

expected to be discovered in the survey questionnaire. The summary is

presented in the below table.

Table 2.3: Summary of the teachers’ interview questions






applying CL


applying CL


1. Current situation of teaching “project” in



the class

3. Teachers’ opinion about the difficulties of



4. Teachers’ expectations for teaching in


doing project effectively

1.Teachers’ attitudes towards using of CL in


doing project assignments

2. Current situation of using cooperative


learning in doing projects

3. Teachers’ suggestions for using cooperative


learning effectively

2.3.2. Research procedure

With the permission of Cam Khe High school headmaster, the study was

conducted in 4 weeks from March 5th , 2018 to April 7th, 2018.

-Firstly, the researcher chooses 42 students and two teachers in class 10A4

at Cam Khe high school. According to personal view as well as teacher’s

evaluation, these classes are appropriate for the study because this is the typical

class with most of the better students than other classes. Moreover, the new

English pilot textbook is also being used in this class. And then I made the

acquaintance with them. My expectation is to find out current situation in doing

project in this class.

-Secondly, I talked to teachers about my study on the effectiveness of CL

and suggested applying CL in doing project assignments.

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In this book, there are totally 10 units, so 10 project lessons are designed with a view to making students practice with real-life situations. They required competences and objectives of the project section in each unit are shown in the following table.

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