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Ordinations & Managements from Local Authorities:

Ordinations & Managements from Local Authorities:

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However, mechanisms and policie management to promote the applications

and developments are not completed and specific, powerful not encourage enough to

the educational institutions for ICT investments. Mechanisms, HR supporting policy,

IT teachers in schools are not satisfactory to not attract both employees and teachers,

IT excellent Human resources not be served participants into Education and Training


2. Information Technology Infrastructures

2.1. Networking Systems:

Haiphong Education and Training Department collaborates with the service

providers in the area DIC connection broadband internet to all units in the industry. At

the Office, all staff computers, specialized agencies are members of the Internet

connection via VLAN system with 200 networking nodes. All Department of

Education and Training in the districts and towns have their Internet connection to

every computer to educational staffs and experts.

Disadvantages: Intranet system of education management units should be

added to ensure the safety device information, system servers missing, not deploying

wide area network. At the base school intranet systems are not synchronized.

2.2. IT for educational techinique developments and educational developments

Currently, 100% of the officials in the Department has been equipped with

computers connected to the internet, over 80% of managemental staffs of the

Department is equipped computers to work. The professional level schools (Technical

Colleges) and High schools had equipped basically enough computers for school

information in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Training requirements –

at rate: 19 students / 01 computers. The Continuing Education Center at the rate of 17

school students/01 computer. Secondary school system with rate of 30students/01

computers. Primary school at rate 47 students /01 computer. Kindergarten system with

28% of schools have equited computers for management, teaching and learning.

Disadvantages: Computers for teachers to serve the professional services has

not been enough attention. The majority of teachers are computer equipment made by

individuals - about 10%. Secondary level to 40% of the missing computer lab for


student information. Level to 53% of primary schools lack the computer lab for

student information. Kindergaten schools education equipment applied rates at level

72% of cases not enough computers for management, teaching and learning.

3. Information Technology Applications

3.1. Computer Science and IT Training

Currently, there have 29.5% primary schools, students learn self-selected

Computer, according to Informatics Decision dated 10.30.2003 of 50/2003/QD-BGD

of the Ministry of Education and Training; there estimated 62.2% secondary school

students believe electives and vocational training under the guidance of information

8607/BGDDT-GDTrH on 16/8/2007 of the Ministry of Education and Training, there

reported 100% high schools, Technical Colleges, computer has been programmed

totally by the Ministry of education and Training. Number of students in 3rd grades

and above to learn information at a rate of 45.9%.

The Haiphong City People’s Committee ordinates for Haipong Department of

Education & Traning to build E-learning materials online http://daotao.hanoi.edu.vn,

a large number of teachers involved sharing of data mining, and construction

contributed more lectures rich and attractive. 65% of teachers lecture Hai Phong have

built IT applications, softwares used to support teaching. Haiphong Department of

Education and Training (HDOET) oriented educational institution building initiative,

investment in software training courses in basic and specialized subjects.

Disadvantges: funding for E – teaching software is very small. Total expenses

of E – teaching solfware ‘s investment per year for all schools is 8.6 billions. The

application of instructional software, specialized software is highly moved, need to be

more in-depth, a often investing synchronous.

3.2. Educational Technical Increasing and Management Techniques Upgrading

Education and Training sector E – mailing System was built in 2003 and now

has over 4,000 addresses for all officers and staff of the Offices, Departments of

Education and Training and all educational institutions across the city.

General popular education systems and vocational education systems are

already implemented using synchronization software by Haiphong Department of


Education and Training: performance management of examining and entrancing

admission and recruitment, providing timely information to be effective in the

entrance exams and graduation; management software of learning outcomes and

Secondary school’s students were trained to promote efficiency in administration,

teaching and learning in the school; statistical software EMIS, PMIS statistical

personnel, facilities management VMIS by the Ministry of Education and Training

provided; financial management software is deployed to synchronize the units.

Currently, 86% of Secondary schools, 69% of Public High schools have used shared

software to manage student and school performance, 100% of vocational education

schools are professionaly used admision softwares of the Ministry of Education and

Training, 12 / 41 schools have been equiped the management software students

learning outcomes according to the "Regulation of professional vocational education

system of government" issued together with the Decision of the Ministry

40/2007/TCCN on 28/6/2007 Education and Training.

Disadvantges: Database of all students are stored on computers distributedly on

educational institutions, therefore, the educational management and educational

statistics are not systematic and timely updated with low efficiency; the data reported

has not been uniformed systematically; not connected to the electronic information

technologic portal of One Steped Admistrative Agencies that serve the people and

school in Admistrative and Informational Searches low effective.

3.3. City Residents IT supports

Haiphong Department of Education & Training portal http://haiphong.edu.vn

built in 2000, posting 51/51 administrative procedures at level 1, time information,

communicate from the Department directive documents to departments, units support

data reporting for the whole industry a way to be effective, especially in the entrance

exam, graduation, 17% of units have built schools and maintain their own electronic

information placed on the website address of this sector.

Disadvantges: The layout of the website is not very convenient to read or

search, as well as to be more difficult to collaborate when posting information or

News. The posted information introducing one way accessable gate does not ensure

the information provided, based on the IT No.28 Regulations of Information &


Communication Law system. Management System of one door administrative of the

department has not been finalized. The above disadvantage appearances requiring

websites Haiphong Department of Education and Training and Educational sectors

need to upgrade immediately.

4. IT applications abilities

Currently, 100% of educational experts and civil servants of Department of

Education and Training, in which there have 75.6% managers and 80% of teachers in

the total sector who actually certificated ability to exploit information on the Web, use

email applications, office applications. In particular, 11.3% of managers, 5.2%

Haiphong educational teachers certificated skills of IT intermediate or upper ho can

proficiently use of management supported softwares of teaching. Annual average,

there is estimated about 3,000 managers, teachers and employees of schools, 6,000

teachers from kindergatens to secondary school is upgraged the updated IT skills in

teaching by the Department of Education and Training organized. In addition, many

schools self organized courses for administrative staffs, teachers, employees to

upgrade IT application skills.








Department of Education & Training. They are not samely upgraded, strategic

consults for Leaders of IT developing Strategies; the rate of teachers who applied IT

for teaching is estimated at significantly low rates. No payrolled regulation for

employees working at IT lab equipment in each school, therefore, organization must

arrange a private teacher or school worker devices to concurrently manage computer


5. 2008 IT supported Expenses

Since 2008, IT investing budget is limited. Project "Applying information

technologies on the all school grades in 2008-2009" has a total budget of 2.627

billions VND to improve infrastructure facilities for the Department of Education and

Training in Hanoi and a schools under management of the Haiphong Department of

Education and Training (Includes 5 primary schools, five secondary schools, 10 high

schools - in Hai Phong).




1. Overviewd Targets

IT Applications in Education and Training sector to:

- Promote innovative methods of teaching and learning, innovation management

practices, executive education system, improve the quality, efficiency education and

training to meet the training requirements of human resources for the industrialization

modernization of Hai Phong city and country.

- Innovative ways to provide information and services to the people.

2. Detailed Targets

2.1 Upgrading and Ensuring IT for whole city Educational Organizations

- 100% of educational institutions have computers for ICT teachers in

professional services. Armed with the computer to each subject in the school unit;

- Ensure 100% of kindergaden schools have computers, projectors versatile

service management and innovation of teaching methods to be effective;

- Ensure 100% of high schools, Educational Centers, continuation education

centers, vocational schools, secondary school (preferably grade 8 and 9) have the

computer lab networked computing service training;

- Estimated 100% of BoET are connected WAN with Hai Phong Education and

Training sector, ensure stability, safety and security;

- Estimated 100% of public staffs and officials of the education authorities

equipped computer work;

- 100% of the Department of Education and Training is to ensure internal IT

infrastructure, technical conditions for online briefings with the Department of

Education and Training;

- Complete electronic data repository storage database mainly of education and

training branch managers for state education.

2.2. IT application into Teaching methods and Educational Developments


- 100% education agencies, educational institutions use management software

for data extraction from data electronics date centre of Educational Department

- 30% of organizations briefings between management units in the form of

education online;

- 100% operating documents, plans, reports, announcements, invitations,

documents sent through the network, public records management, employees digitized

and centralized management of the network environment;

- 100% of school students in 3rd grades

or more graded of Hai Phong

information learned in the program of the Ministry of Education and Training of

Computer Training;

- 100% educational organizations use e-learning shared materials softwares,

database extraction from electronic data storage industry to support new methods of

teaching and learning the subject for teachers in the levels of education;

- 100% leading managers of bureaus, department and educational agancies are

fostering knowledge of IT applications in directing operations and administration;

- 100% staff, teachers from Kindergarten level upwards are fostering ICT

skills, teaching basic software education and training sector.

2.3. IT application serving Committee

- Upgrade, improve electronic information portal of Hai Phong city DoET;

-100% các phòng GD&ĐT quận, huyện, thị xã có trang (hoặc cổng) thơng tin

điện tử; 100% of the educational rooms and agencies of Haiphong city DoET with

districts, towns system are equipped of electronic information applications

- Ensure to provide public services at 3rd levels (Edit content recorded on the

Diploma, supply a copy of a diploma, settle complaints and denunciations) and 100%

of administrative procedures on the port level 2 electronic information Hai Phong City


2.4. IT Human Resource

- Ensure 100% of educational organizations have 1 contracted staffs or

specialized IT;


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Ordinations & Managements from Local Authorities:

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