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I. Basic motivation to promote employee.

I. Basic motivation to promote employee.

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be motivated and the impact on the individual needs will change human behavior.

Here is the expression corresponding to the level of needs of employees::

Type of Need



Thirst, sex, hunger


Security, stability, protection

Love and Belongingness

To escape loneliness, love and be loved, and gain a

sense of belonging


Self-respect, the respect others


To fulfill one's potentialities

We can interpret the basic needs of workers as follows:

- Basic physiological needs: through good salary, paid for lunch or mid-shift

meal free and secure other benefits, such as sickness, birth, birthday …

- Demand for social relations: expressed through activities such as exchanges,

team activities outside working hours, the exchange between the departments in the

company. These activities will enhance the spirit of team work, team coordination and

sense of community.

- Self-actualization: workers need to be trained and have the opportunity to

improve themselves, should be encouraged to contribute to the development of

businesses and organizations. In addition, managers should also provide an

opportunity to develop the personal strengths of employees.

Example: Chairman of the company is always dressed to the vest, shirt and tie

and leather shoes fit. External form expresses its respect for the staff. Also he is

always grateful to the staff for his work and dedication to the company and this

makes all employees feel they own equal respect regardless of rank and salary.

Maslow's theory helps managers assess the needs of each employee, in each

situation can choose an appropriate solution to create motivation.

Example: The new employees are in need of basic employment and income, a

reasonable salary is the top concern. But for the period range staff have worked with

the mature and have more work experience, in addition to the demand for high wages

paid also the need for the position, desired position. In addition, we also have staff


was young but ambitious career development with high salaries and important

position in the company. This team always should be made by the responsible

capacity challenging task, which demonstrate the capacity and improve.

2. Two-factor theory of Hezberg.

Frederick Herzberg - an American management theorists have divided the

factors that motivate employees into two categories: maintenance factors - the

external satisfaction and motivating factors correspond to the natureinside.

Leading to satisfaction

Two-factor theory

The motivating factor

(scope of work)

(job content)

Salaries and fringe benefits

Meaningful work

The monitoring

Sense of completion

Working conditions

Opportunities for promotion

The management policy

The recognition of the completion of the work

The first group only works to maintain normal working state. All employees

are expected to receive wages commensurate with their strength, the company is

managed properly and their working conditions are comfortable. When these factors

are met, they sometimes consider it of course. But without them, they will become

dissatisfied and performance decline.

The second set of factors are those factors that promote real effects, related to

the nature of the work. In the absence of motivating factors, workers will express

their dissatisfaction, laziness and lack of interest in work. This causes emotional


So, Herzberg, instead of trying to improve the maintenance factor, managers

should increase the motivating factor if you want to have a positive response of the


Example: a familiar style of work in the company system is shared with

another great example of superior customer service of the members of the company.

This will not only strengthen the skills needed for customer service, but also gives


employees a "pride" when evaluated and praised openly before their superiors and


II. The negative motivations.

According to a recent survey by the Jobsite, a labor and employment sites of

the UK, performed, 70% of employees say that they receive the encouragement of

leaders than in the past, 80% believe that, if they want, they can do a lot better and

50% of employees admit that they work just enough to not get fired. Welfare regimes,

even measures to increase wages, nor are the factors that motivate effective work for

employees. All of these things (benefits, vacation, salary, etc.) just chain to retain staff

rather than motivating them to work better (companies often use these benefits to

attract talented employees, so the employees as important to the company, the welfare

regime for they become generous). Even the measures to "recharge the spirit of" little

Bottom of Form

Allowing employees free use of company vehicles on weekends or treat

employees pizza every Friday afternoon can not create motivation for employees.

These measures can only work to make employees feel somewhat satisfied with

where they work alone.

The above manner does not increase the motivation of employees, because

they are not directly associated with increased performance. An employee with good

sense is not necessarily a good employee motivation. For example, an employee for

one or two hours a day for social work can have very good spirit, but with the lowest

productivity compared to any employee in the same department.

Motivated employees generally work in a natural way. This engine is derived

from the fact that everyone would like to assert themselves, to be successful,

competent and autonomy for his work, as well as income to ensure fish life affluence.

All what leaders need to do is exploit their innate ability, something that can be done

easily without spending a penny. The first thing to do is to identify the negative


1. Company Overview.




• Office: No. 69, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi.

• Phone: (84-4) 36404899;

Fax: (84-4) 36649990

• Email: thanhtung@tt.vn

Website: www.thanhtung.vn

• Business Registration: Business License: 0103016970 issued by Hanoi

Department of Planning and Investment on 08 January 09, 1998;

Representative: Tran Thanh Tung Position: General Manager

• Type of business: Corporation.

• Scope of work: Agribusiness; beers and raw materials; Business, real estate,

urban construction, resort, industrial, civil, traffic, infrastructure; business in

Banking and Finance; investment consulting, financial advisory, consulting

technology transfer; survey, exploration, exploitation, processing and trading,

import and export of minerals; production and in all kinds of petroleum

products, gas;

• Capital (as of 30/06/20012): 24,090,133,691 VND (four billion, hundred

ninety million, one hundred and thirty three thousand, six hundred and ninety).

• Resources: Staff of TTG and members: 100 employees.

• TTG organization structure.



Vice – General



Take as an example to analyze here is two parts Business investment and

Business Office of





the Company students

are working.Finance



resouse Dep



2. Fully stretched working in company.


Stress is inevitable in the workplace. It can be caused by pressure from the

objectives of the work to be completed, from the relationships in the workplace and

can be from the top. In the current work the problems encountered is the pressure to

complete the work set by the superiors. Due to the nature of the work related to the

company's portfolio with the requirements of rapidly rotating flows enormous

pressure. Atmosphere to work in the investment business, and very stressful.

According to Frederick Herzberg's theory is a key factor to maintain working

conditions. The two parts of the most volatile, new employees initially very interested

in the work due to the nature of work is always refreshing and challenging. But after a

period of work due to the challenging nature, some not maintain and have resigned or

moved positions. When analyzed according to the Maslow scale is Safe - The

guaranteed. The nature of the safety of the two parts is not high due to frequent

personnel changes and new people. This also increases the pressure and create more

tension. This directly affect the income desired to ensure prosperous life, the desire to

succeed and desire to do meaningful work.

3. Criticism rather than constructive feedback.

Each individual is unique individuals with different values and concerns. As a

manager needs to know as much as possible the factors that motivate employees. Due

to the blizzard-related financial investment large items, the manager of the two rooms

on the act criticize employees in front of other employees while what employees want

that contribute to the better ideas to work away. Or the completion of the assigned

work but the manager is not public record. According to Frederick Herzberg's theory

is the motivating factor - the recognition of the completion of the work. This is a very

large impact on the psychology of staff, lack of recognition factor will reduce the

enthusiasm of their work. When analyzed according to the Maslow scale is

Recognized - recorded achievements with rewards, status, opportunities for

promotion. Recognized needs of the staff simply was honored in front of other

colleagues. For errors is not too large if not necessary brought before the council

meeting company can own and direct feedback to the employee.

3. Issue too many unnecessary regulations require that employees make.


When the era of information technology boom, with powerful application tool

is e-mail, text documents have been minimized to save costs and make a small

contribution to environmental protection. But now, in the company of the students

there are too many regulations on text documents. All the desired needs of the

employee to request report with the opinion of the head of the relevant department

before submission to the Director General for approval causing a lot of lost time and

easy . It affects opinion about the psychological needs for employees.

Example: you want to buy office products, paper, toner, staples, pins ... also

have to report to the General Director for approval for quotation of 3 units to compare

annoying and time consuming, while there was a the long-term supply with good


According to Frederick Herzberg's theory is a key factor to maintain

administrative policies. When analyzed according to the Maslow scale is selfimprovement - Developing talent, the career prospects. These problems simply can to

HR Manager in charge.

III. The solutions improve the shortcomings in the organization.

There are many factors that affect the motivation of the employees. The

problem here is to find solutions to improve the inadequacies towards a friendly work

environment so that employees can maximize their capabilities.

1. Solution to Fully stretched working within the company.

Sometimes not explicitly make decisions quickly that want advise then

definitely decided.

- If your employees to do the work monotonous and boring, you will find how

to add them a little humor and diversity.

- Allow employees the freedom to choose how to do their job.

- Encourage personal responsibility, at the same time creating opportunities for

promotion within the company.

- Promote the exchange and team work.

- Allow employees to take initiative at work.

- Set goals and challenging tasks for all employees.

- Develop evaluation criteria reflect the increase in performance.


2. Solution to criticism rather than constructive feedback.

Everyone needs to be respected. The operators skillfully will help boost work

efficiency so:

- Avoid harsh personal criticism in front of other employees.

- Use the maximum of the closed meeting and private.

- Feedback building nature.

- Promote team work and exchange to have an understanding between

management and subordinates.

3. Solution to Issue too many unnecessary regulations require that

employees make.

Professionalism and minimalist rules will help companies better develop the

cumbersome and unnecessary regulations.

- Review the rules and repeal unnecessary.

- Use maximum working email.

- Decentralization clearly specific to avoid using more paper documents

submitted to the leaders.

In conclusion, the Administration is a high-level, complex tasks. Many thanks

to Prof. Dr. Tran Van Binh has helped students with more knowledge about

organizational behavior management. The content helps students with new look and

expanded the understanding as well as apply to current job.


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I. Basic motivation to promote employee.

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