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Frederic Herzberg, Dual factors theory

Frederic Herzberg, Dual factors theory

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are: maintenance factors of external satisfactions and motivation factors - internal



Motivation factors: It is these factors that create satisfaction, such as:

recognition, achievements, work it self, responsibility, advancement, growth,

responsibilities and functions of the labor progress. They are the basic needs of the

workers participating in work. These characteristics of motivation factors, if they are

not fulfilled, they can lead to dissatisfaction, and in contrary, if they are satisfied,

they will have the effect of motivating human working.


Maintenance factors: It is external environment of satisfactions of working

force, such as: working regulations; salary; working conditions that lead to

satisfactions. These factors, whether they are well-organized to meet employee

efforts or they are not well-organized to be not satisfied with the work of the


Herzberg makes a job enrichment program as a method of applying the theory

of his motivating factors. This program includes making the work of intensively

challenging by allowing employees to participate in a more positive and have more

autonomy in their work. This will give them the feeling of complete and more


3. The links between two theories

From a theoretical basis beyond, we can find the relationships between the two

theories: the links between desire of Human need and the Motivation to get, which

decide human behaviors, in general. Maslow pointed out in every individual always

in need and it is divided into 5 levels from low to high. Herzberg stressed two

factors that motivation and maintenance.

When people have already satisfied this element, they will raise higher

demands the previous levels. However, to satisfy the demand is still a big question.

Their needs and motivations associated with goals that they set will constitute their

behavior. So if in a enterprises, policies that ensure good employees will stimulate


workers to work. Their behavior will have a positive impact on the operation of

enterprises. On the other hand, if the list's policy without any discussion in

enterprises to meet the demands, workers will not be able to stimulate their

enthusiasm to work.

Maslow's theory has been widely recognized, especially in management and

administration. It is accepted by the logic and the ease with which people can use

intuition to understand this theory. Maslow's hierarchy of needs system is used by

many managers as a guiding tool to motivate employees.

As for Frederic Herzberg theory study showed that besides the physical

benefits such as salaries, bonuses are also a variety of other factors motivate

employees as a promotion, work itself, achievement, shall all have a direct impact

on the labor force. When employees feel their job, their responsibility for the

organization and feel more respect they will be responsible for working with the

enthusiastic fervor and more efficient.


3. Hai Phong Finance Bureaus, Overview

Hai Phong Finance Department is a specialized agency of the People's

Committee of Hai Phong city with the mission to advise the City People's

Committee of state finance managements on the city in the areas of revenue and

expenditure books; management and asset prices; corporate financial management;

inspection financial control activities.

Organizational structure: consists of 01 general director, 03 deputy directors, 08

departments: the Budget Department, Office Administration, District Budget

Department, Inspection Price Department Bureaus, Investment Department,

General Administrative organization, Corporate Finance Department and 02

subordinate enterprises: financial and Lottery Investment Company, Pricing

Appraisal and Consultancy company. Organization number of employees 107

experts totally.

4. Working motivation problems


Identify the importance and the role as well as meaning of work motivation in

the work, the Party Committee and the General Directors direct to build the specific

functions of each department, facilitating department to ensure work with assigned

uniform system, fair and reasonable treatments and culture to avoid overlap between

the parts. Building Regulations work, recruitment Regulation, mechanisms to

encourage advanced learning qualification, Regulation reward and internal spending

regulations with the goal of creating a motivating employees engrossed in work,

effort and contribution to the collective minds together to fulfill the functions

assigned city. However, besides that also raises a number of negative issues in the

motor work, in particular:

Because of the qualification, limited working attitude on the part of officers,

such as: high age but remaining at work time: not be trained to the high quality of

the work is not. In addiction, payment terms of state owner based on working time

but achievements and working results as well as and the level of training. Otherwise,

several employees recruited by senior relationships, as family relationships so they

lack enthusiasm in work, trust, dependence, work quality are not high, even lack of

working motivation. These employees cause a bad effect to other one, so they can

not see the positive factors to commend as well as interesting working benefit to

overcome, but feel unfair, less motivated and upset. On the other hand,


psychology analysis, as young staff are inexperienced, so superficial conservative

leadership communication also leads to qualified young staff really do not have the

opportunity to contribute and express themselves to facilitate development.

Lack of having the regulations of human management flexible, which can lead

the unchanged position in work field, and then most likely they will be not

interested in and excited in improve productivity and efficiency needed. They work

with a sense of indifference, apathy is somewhat irresponsible. Proactive approach

and improve the qualifications to be active in the new work environment. This is

also called as common pacts in the workplace, but are not interested in performing

at the unit.


3. Recommendations to motivate working efforts

- Building working functions and describes the specific details of each job

position: functions, tasks and working descriptions created accurately in detail

plans, create the participation of the staff and leadership make conditions for each

location to determine the work to be done as the basis for evaluating the results

correctly. And should take the initiative to create more diversity and richness in the

work of employees by increasing the complexity of the task, expanded powers and

responsibilities to them.

- Change regularly working sense of creations

Rotating regularly working positions combined with guidance staff to work together

as well as a manager's efforts to help find a sense of inspiration, inspire learning of

employees and scheduled upgrade positions of resources dynamically when there

are changes in HRM.

- Supporting employee chances to develop

Employees always look forward to have a good working condition and interesting

environment to work, gain experience; upgraded position, as well as earn more

money for life. Besides, they also need love in work, relationship and belonging

organization, therefore, if managers who know to encourage them whether a master

or a lack experienced staffs, it will build a respect and trust from all organization.

- Developing organization culture:

Managers should care to their organization by building the collective and interested

in working. Build a typical culture of the organization to raise working inspiration as

well as the good recognitions of each individual to their corporation to organization,

which make employee more self confident, creative at work, ans solve problems.


Recognized working achievements:

Recognition individual achievements to award and motivate. To manage working

efficiency by achievement, benefits and individual responsibilities and assigned

tasks to control the damages as well as benefits that each individual gain for




In general, motivation art is same with Human Resources Management

efficiency. Motivation, itself managers the application it good or bad, suitable with

cases, any terms and for every people, depends on each organization techniques.

If there create an interesting environment for working, which can individual

character and exploit their abilities in working inspirations. People are always

influenced by life circumstances and work conditions. There has a sequence of

predictable behavior through changing circumstances, work, but there contain

unpredictable behaviors chain, which impact the deep and large influences on

performance. That is called organizational behavior. It is understood that the

behavioral aspects of governance, including behavioral studies, the attitude of man

to man, man in the group, and people, with organized groups. There the conclusion

that: good work always creates satisfactions and create good human behaviors.

In favorable conditions, everything will become sublimated and developed. But the

difficulties are creating many challenges and potential risks. People will express

negative behaviors. And administrators must also struggling hard to find the right

directions in the management of the crisises.

Im grateful to thank to lecturer, PGS. TS Tran Van Binh for his love in speading

knowledge and management experience to Vietnamese managers.





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Frederic Herzberg, Dual factors theory

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