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Individual Assignment – Organizational Behaviors

At the bottom of pyramid are the physiological needs, for example: food,

water, sleep, shelters; breaths; sex; garment. All these needs are almost supported by

purchases and finance, however, expenses understand as the tool of satisfactions not

targets. In these first requirements of Human need hierarchy, the human needs are

measured and predicted and even accounted by money, thus, managers stimulate

working stability, welfare, benefits as targets of working motivation to support

living conditions and purchases.

2- Safety:

Other scientists and Maslow studies about this field and considered that this is

an ordinary human need hierarchy and out of working motivation. However, in the

fact is opposite. People need to feel protected and personally safe (ex: from crimes);

they need to feel secure their job; and they need to feel financially safe. Any

workers who took part in their working life, they almost care about their working

meanings and characters, as well as working targeted benefits and working

confirmed terms of safe in finance and health care safety. Working safety aspects

reasoned working conditions, welfare, retirements and social security; working

stability and supported finances;

3- Love and belonging:

Beyond physiological and safety needs is the need for Love and Belonging.

This includes close friendship and a supportive family. Human also need to feel that

they belong to a group. It could be a club, a team, a religious group or a group at

work. When people need to be recognized in any group, they desire to live and

corporate in peace and corporations, and be called as a social needs of human –

being. Because of the strong belonging needs in organization, in each company,

there arrange Unions and non – manufacturing organization that ensure the needs of

employees, in which by the operating techniques and motivating terms to promote

work force. It is proven that, if the managers apply a suitable to raise the power of

team force of satisfactions that will strongly improve working effectiveness. And in

contrary, managers focus out of employee’s need and desire that easily form the


Individual Assignment – Organizational Behaviors

dissatisfaction within working force, which can make the worst damages to

organization. The positive and negative behaviors of employees depend much on

decisions and visions of administrators.

4- Esteem and respected needs:

When people are satisfied, they will move up to the next levels, in contrary,

they will feel very difficult to be motivated to do anything. Esteem and respected

needs is the fourth level of Maslow hierarchy, in which “people need respect and

they need to respect others” People also feel motivation from achieving things,

either in their personal and professional lives. In administration, esteem realed with

being respected by individual power, social positions and individual prestige.

Individual prestige seems a not viewable aspect that recognized by society. As a

physiological techniques, respect or being respect always take a roles of motivation

forward to the better position in life. In organization, each individual is respected

and motivated or not that affected directly to people behaviors. And it is clear that

each people always make targets and try to be respect in organization by power,

prestige and position.

5- Self – actualization needs

According to Maslow, this is the highest form of motivation. In this level,

people seem to be satisfied all fields and they can accept themselves and other

people as they are; and they may have a deep sense of right or wrong. Self –

actualized people often wish to solve problems of society. It is difficult to clearly

recognize and understand about this self – actualization. Explaining in organization,

this need recognized as the demands of self – professional and individual decisions

in working responsibilities. And furthermore, it is understood as the need of making

decisions and making effects to other people as well as society. In this case, people

will work to release their characters, capacity in creations and experience their lives.

In this system of needs, Maslow arranged needs in upgraded order from low to high

with their importance and roles, however, in the specific social conditions, this order

can be reversed. And the demands satisfied will be cause no longer work motivation.


Individual Assignment – Organizational Behaviors

Personal individuals and organizational individuals usually take actions to live

up their demands. Due to satisfactions of their needs encourage them to take action

and obey demands and keep going. On the other hands, the satisfied demands and

maximum satisfaction is the purpose of human action. Furthermore, understanding

these needs is the key to understand human motivation that the leader or manager

can control the behaviors of employees of using tools or measures to influence their

needs or expectations makes them aggressive and harder to assigned work, more

elated when performing tasks and more dedicated to the tasks they perform.

In a business or organization, basic needs can be met through the good and fair

wage paying; lunch or free mid-shift meals providing or ensuring other benefits

such as bonuses, welfares, annual bonuses, holidays, vocations,reward initiatives...

To meet the safety needs, managers can ensure favorable working conditions,

maintained stable and equal treatment of job security for employees. To satisfy the

demand social relationship, the employee should be facilitated group work, given

the opportunity to expand exchanges between departments, being encouraged to join

their ideas for the business development of organization operation. Also to meet the

growing demand relationship, business or organization should have team work

activities, entertainment or other holiday celebration. To satisfy demand of respect

for workers should be respected personality, qualities. Besides being paid adequate

wages or income on the relationship market, they also want respect for human

values. The managers or leaders, therefore, there should be no regulations and

policies praise, honors the successes and popularity of personal achievement results

widely. And workers should be provided timely feedback, promotion of personnel in

the new job levels and greater sphere of influence. For self-improvement needs,

managers or owners need to provide the opportunity to develop personal strengths.

At the same time, employees need training and development, should be encouraged

to participate in the process of innovation in enterprises or organizations and create

conditions for their own professional development.


Individual Assignment – Organizational Behaviors

Administrators will create motivated employees work better, help them secure

more work by the research and find out the specific needs of their employees and

take effective measures to meet, which means that they need to know to meet the

needs of employees are reasonable and intended. But it is important for

administrators to implement the motto "feeding hungry, thirsty to drink", that is to

find out if your employees are at the demand, which come up with new solutions

motivate rational and effective.


The American of management psychologist, Frederick Herzberg separated

motivating factors into several parts that is resulted from other factors, including the

elements that make up the satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Each factors itself

consists of both sides of the satisfaction and dissatisfaction and it depends on how it

is implemented, and it is met how to live up human needs to clearly recognize the

nature of the each factors. This theory is divided into two factors of work motivation

are: maintenance factors of external satisfactions and motivation factors - internal


Maintenance factors: It is external environment of satisfactions of working

force, such as: working regulations; salary; working conditions that lead to

satisfactions.These factors, whelther they are well-organized to meet employee

efforts or they are not well-organized to be not satisfied with the work of the


Motivation factors: It is these factors that create satisfaction, such as:

recognizations, achievements, work it self, responsibility, advancement, growth,

responsibilities and functions of the labor progress. They are the basic needs of the

workers participating in work. These characteristics of motivation factors, if they are

not fulfilled, they can lead to dissatisfaction, and in contrary, if they are satisfied,

they will have the effect of motivating human working.

Herzberg makes a job enrichment program as a method of applying the theory

of his motivating factors. This program includes making the work of intensively


Individual Assignment – Organizational Behaviors

challenging by allowing employees to participate in a more positive and have more

autonomy in their work. This will give them the feeling of complete and more



From analyzing the theoretical basises of 2 theories, we can find the

relationships between the two theories (Theory of Human Motivation of Maslow

and Dual factors theory of Herzberg). Relationship can be expressed by the

combination of needs and motivations that determine the human behaviors

Maslow pointed out in every human - being their needs in living and it is

divided into five levels from low to high. Herzberg stressed on two factors that

promote and maintain human working attitudes.

When people have already satisfied this element, they will rise higher demands

the previous levels. However, to satisfy the demand is still a big question. Their

needs and motivations associated with goals that they set will constitute their

behavior. So if in a enterprises, policies that ensure good employees will stimulate

workers to work. Their behavior will have a positive impact on the operation of

enterprises. On the other hand, if the regime's policy without discussion enterprises

meet the demands, workers will not be able to stimulate their enthusiasm to work.


Currently, I work at the Bureau of Hai Phong Customs, supplied useful

knowledge of Dr. Binh was meaningful to me, especially, combining them with the

practical work of the working motivation theory. I precie that there contain several

negative problems on working motivation, following:

- The working mechanism problems that lead a lot of employees do not have

the motivation in the work process, but working steps by steps, lack of commitment

and enthusiasm, out of targets and responsibility.


Individual Assignment – Organizational Behaviors

- A leader is very devoted to his job, he always interjects all the work of each

employee, however, it will lose coherence of the individual, passive and lacking

creativity, which damages the individuality.

- The link between the members of the company not really close, not really

create a strong collective solidarity, and weak team work.

- Each individual is not actually responsible for the work under their charge

settlements, being push, avoidance and fear of responsibility.


- Under the state's current mechanism of State – owner Organizations, state

recruited employees will work 3 months of testing and then become the official

State Officers and be entitled to base salarywage coefficient; working full 8 hours,

getting salary stably. Thus, for state employees in general and especially those who

have no capacity to excel, not ambitious to uygrade their job, not violate labor laws,

rules and regulations of the agencies, units, does not bear the responsibility, do not

work hard,... but still not get fired or lose their jobs. It means that, every component,

living conditions are satisfied to maintain lives. Thus, the state offiers will have

chances to create themselves challenges, experience, and forward efforts and devote

capacity for work developing.

- The good experience senior leader of Organization who will devote to his

work hardly and not empower duty to each employee strategically, he will not

encrouge his staffs to motivate. Separating all the work to each individual or control

their work according by his way is a technique of management, which not only

reduce the productivities of work but also damage to employee life time of working,

specially, with a State –owner company. And staffs will loose their individuality

gruadually. They will not face challenge, not be self confident, not be motivated.

- Working under the management of such a leader and working under

mechanism of State – owner Organizations, employees lead to the intimate

connection between the members, almost no coordinationworking groups which are

according to the will of the leader. Do not have a clear division of duties and

enpowers specific to the individual should each individual dodge push for the hard


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