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- The Steering Committee have set up a process of supporting, visiting and

encouraging employees and families of employees working at the bank. They give

Policy of visiting the sick in the families of officials and employees, maternity

allowance, fire allowance, reward policy for cadres’ children. Particularly, they

themselves are very interested in the spiritual life of the employees:specifically,

directors always have the interest and encouragement to each person, consider

each person in the bank his sisters and brothers in the house, always praise when

each individual achieves good results in their work.

- Build the process of assessing done work level in order to formulate regulations

on paying salary, bonus and commending and rewarding at the end of the year.

- Organize concentrative training sessions for staffs to raise their professional.

2.Limitations in promoting motivation


Although the bank has had the processes of

rewarding and encouraging

employees to achieve better efficiency and contribute ideas for the bank, but in

fact, it still exists conflicts between operational department and customer

relationship department on the distribution of rights of managing and caring

current customers; During the process of

working, it also happens

disagreement on ideas for assigning customer code for experts of the customer

relationship department to manage.


It has still rigidly stereotyped in accordance with the old process,which has

caused inconvenience for the care and time consuming for customers to make

procedures at the bank.


The bank has also organized many concentrative training sessions at the clubhouse ,but travelling expenses and mission expenses have still kept in the old

regulations,which is not suitable for conditions of rising prices in the present

time, causing many inhibitors for staffs when going on vacation.


The disagreement on the opinion of managing staffs of the two leaders.

Director manages personnel in accordance with the time, is close in work and


in compliance with working regulations, maximum cost savings. Deputy

Director has the style of a businessman, so the time as well as regulations can

simple, but what is important and is the end result, staffs under him have to

complete criteria assigned by their superiors . Therefore, a few arguments

about the employee's work hours have happened many times, which has made

the employees not have a clear working mechanism, always have to look at the

attitude of the managers to work.


The quantity of employees in a branch of the bank is not much, but because the

current socio-economic situation has been facing many difficulties, the work

arrangement for employees has not really suited , so a number of employees

that have not done properly qualified , have felt tired of their jobs. That has

caused bad mentality good for their employees and they themselves has felt

there is no motivation for them to work and no opportunity to develop in the


3.Solutions to boost motivation


Unify a clear working mechanism of each department for its staffs to have the

mechanism , which creates for them a motivation, morale to work, raises

efficiency in work.


Cadre managing directly in his/her department should closely monitor the

working process of the employees in his/her department, offer guidance and

suggestions to help your employees improve and develop their own capacity.


The steering committee should organize the operational staffs to go together,

there should be no separation because the coordination of group work has

increased the power of unity in the bank and has increased efficiency when

contacting with customers.


The country has still been difficult, requiring that each organization needs to

save properly, avoid waste, however, this is not the maximum tightening ,

causing a opposed psychology to employees, therefore, there should be a

regulation on internal expenses of the North Asia bank branches in Haiphong.




Through the organizational behavior Management subject, I realize that this is

really necessary for those who are working in the organization, for individuals

and for the company's leadership. Organizational behavior management helps

us recognize the shortcomings in promoting motivation for employees, creating

a comfortable work environment, mentally encourage and improve efficiency.

Besides, the businesses recognize the importance of teamwork, communication

and media, the developing corporate culture for the organization, the role of

leaders in orienting employees in the company. I hope that with the knowledge

learned along with the contributions and giving opinions of the instructors,this

will help my organization increasingly develop.

I would like to thank again Associate Professor Dr. Tran Van Binh for your

useful lectures.


1.Slide about lectures on the organizational behavior management of Associate

Professor Dr. Tran Van Binh

1. Website http://baca-bank.vn

2. Internal documents issued by the North Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank


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