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How to attract, develop and keep your talent employees

How to attract, develop and keep your talent employees

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answer that way, you will not be able to judge their personal capacity. So, make it

clear to your needs and remind candidates when they start digress. In case the

candidate can not fully describe the details of his personal achievements, you have

reason to suspect that their achievements are mentioned and they were the only

team to play a modest role in it.

3.1.3. Take interest candidates honestly

In the interview, you do not rush to "show off" the achievements your company

achieved or mention financial issues that take time to learn about the needs, goals

and aspirations of the member. Then you listen very attentively to their answers,

sometimes repeat their ideas in your own words to show that you understand

thoroughly what they say, or ask them a few questions to make clearly more

attention. These things may seem simple, but employers are not always respected

them. So, if you do that, your application will remember forever. The sincerity of

your interest will not only help you recruit talent but also retain them for later.


Create initial good relationship with the candidate

This thing would make it harder for employers: employee salaries and benefits

they provide as much as you can right from the first day. The aim is to reduce the

rate of quitting and retain talent. So if you lower initial wages down 15%, whether

he has enough savings to pay for the good if retained another company to pay them

higher wages? Certainly not. Make a good first impression and to know that your

employees have to pay them at the highest level you can be in their position. As

each individual advancement, their salaries are adjusted accordingly. Get to know

the value of each job and soon pay they deserve.


Building an ideal working environment

3.3.1. Building a mutual- respected working environment

The work environment includes both hard environment and soft environment.

Soft environment is the relationship between people in the business, including the

spirit of respect, trust and support each other to solve problems and to stick

together. In other words, to show the soft environment of mutual respect of all

members of an organization.

Hard environment includes facilities, offices, vehicles, furniture, equipment ...

this environment depends very much on the financial situation of enterprises.

Soft environment is more important than hard environment so much can not

solve all problems with money. That want to improve the financial situation of

enterprises have good soft environment. One of the main reasons that Vietnam

businesses often do not find the good or for the loss of the foreign business

environment software is not so good.

The applicants now want the opportunity to develop themselves and continue

to hone skills, abilities and experience. Invest heavily in training, staff

development and encouraging employees and the company will benefit from that.

For all who are involved in the training snack will help them improve their skills,

increase self-worth and self-esteem comforted them. Prove to your employees that

they have no reason to go to have the opportunity to grow and reproduce from

within the organization.

3.3.2. Grant the actual power to subordinates

The leader make sure to have the vision and the ability to identify

opportunities, ability to plan and implement. But one thing leaders can not ignore

is the awareness of the importance of looking for the good and the trustee of

certain powers so that they can work well. Once you have decided to entrust

responsibility for, the leader must trust them and let them do their job and not

"spying" or harass them.

3.3.3. Building the culture of the recognition

Responding the fair compensation and worthy of personnel capacity is

essential to retain talent but income is not all. Income includes wages, social

benefits, allowances, bonuses and profits. Income will affirm the value and

satisfaction and employee status. However, businesses do not have financial

conditions to implement the above, managers can fully retain talent by focusing on

the demand higher in Maslow's needs pyramid as demand recognized.

Giving managers responsible for finding out what employees can make

further progress. Giving rewards for outstanding manifestations, this gives people a

chance to shine as a good job. Some examples of employee recognition is: thank

you, employee of the month awards, certificates, ... positive recognition will help

create a work environment productive


Human-oriented and explicit management style.

Human- oriented management would like to help staff the ability to optimize the

management if the manager spend reward for employee’s creativity and their

willingness of daring to take risks (calculated). This management style focuses on

psychological staff, understanding their needs, considering the construction of a

staff development so that their needs consistent with the needs of the business.

Manage a transparent means to share leadership with the staff about development,

the actual situation as well as the challenges and opportunities facing businesses.

By communicating openly, the decision will now be the consensus and support of

staff. Employees need to understand the responsibilities, their rights and know that

your goals must be achieved along with the business. Enterprises must develop and

publish criteria for evaluating an obvious way to reassuring people develop

creativity without fear of war or repression. Promoting creativity of employees will

help businesses improve their competitiveness.

5. Developing capable leaders

5.1. Recruitment and Development focus on capable leaders

The leader should have the ability to excite and retain talent? The training and

development of leaders such as how to help them get this power? First, the

interaction between people is the most important factor in creating work inspired

the talented people and keep them organized. The leader must understand what can

motivate employees. Generally employees often appreciate honesty, openness,

honesty and integrity in the leaders. Research shows that, to be able to do a good

job of keeping talent, leaders need to be in power, leading qualities below:

Identify potential employees and develop the most capable staff in the


Helping employees overcome the limited capacity that they themselves or those

around myths, ie help them overcome psychological barriers "only my ability to

get there."

Set clear goals and honest feedback and objective for the staff.

Demonstrate passion for the job, enthusiasm for the relationship.

Develop a work environment promoting trust.

But in fact there are many leaders do not attract and retain talent even if they meet

the five elements. In this case, the cause may be that they were not fully aware of

the importance of this work, or it may be because the company has not made

sufficient efforts to develop, train leaders adjacent.

Talent is what businesses need. So, what makes the most financial concerns not

find a job, which is to find a business and an employer really wanted to help them

develop personal power and career peaked or No. In other words, talent is always

longing for the good bosses, who they can respect and trust. So, want to retain

good employees, then you must first retain the talent management.

5.2. Evaluate managers regularly

Please measure the number of retired employees through their managers, this is the

crux of the problem. The poor managers will delay efforts by employers to attract

and retain the best people. Once you have identified the problem of the manager,

please help them! Using the method of evaluation and assessment tools to find out

why the manager becomes that element off staff, then train them to help them

better leaders. Good management is the decisive factor for employee retention.


Thank you for your reading!

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How to attract, develop and keep your talent employees

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