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VII. Focusing maintain current IT system to meet the maximum requirements under existing capabilities:

VII. Focusing maintain current IT system to meet the maximum requirements under existing capabilities:

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interested staff remuneration.


Continue to rent for maintenance , technical support for this software


Extract from the report system gradually trading system to reduce the system load

at the end of the month / year . Accelerate the implementation of the project " VDB

reporting system " .


The solution proposed is specifically built data warehouse for reporting statistics

for HSC -based multidimensional BI technologies ( BI - Business Intelligence ) is the

processes and technologies that businesses / banks use to determine manage huge

volumes of data , exploring knowledge helps enterprises can make the decisions more

effectively in their business activities .


Try to limit big business changes , the new generation is simply handled

according to " detour " to match the unified process in VDB online program , to avoid

breaking system was stable after 3 years of operation .


If the need arises to new business complex is separated into specific software ,

such as satellite software QL Son La hydropower . Currently, software development

trends are shrinking core banking functions of the module . Core banking modernization

only include modules : Credit , deposit , customer management and internal account

management , other modules such as general requirements , branch management ,

reporting , billing , accounts trade , allocation and post-investment support , ... are

separated into independent software connection to exchange data with core - banking via

standard connections .


Ensure operational infrastructure systems smoothly and timely replacement /

additional equipment damage , fully depreciated . To enhance good relationships with

supply partners , hardware repair equipment necessary to support timely avoid

interrupting operations .


The business unit priorities exploit online data from the VDB , limited branch

established requirements and send reports . This requires both a challenge both in the

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process of deploying VDB online.


Integrated 2 e-mail system with new technology to manage and use unified whole

industry. This is the first step to professionalize and modernize IT.


VDB promulgate regulations to modify / standardization of statistical indicators,

disaggregated targets to increase the efficient use of existing IT systems


Overcoming the limitations of IT systems, through the implementation of

the following solutions:

- Develop and promulgate VDB internal processes to accelerate deployment of IT

projects Decree 102/2009/ND-CP .


Implement Data Center building ( Datacenter ) served as executive producer of

the banking business . The upgrade will be done easily without affecting existing systems

as well as applications and services are being exploited

- Implement projects Provision of IT systems VDB . In the future , the goal to build

redundant systems geographical distance is systematically than 30km .

- Hire consultants CORE choice for VDB . CORE software deployment overseas to

replace the VDB software online. Core banking system is a module of basic operations

such as bank deposits and loans , customers

- Along with the implementation of application software , training end users to use

the software has always been important to ensure that IT systems can operate effectively .

Deployment Project " VDB reporting system " to build data warehouses and standards

applicable reporting tool professional, thus :

- Implementing the AD (Active Directory) to manage the use of the computer

industry for the end user, thereby tightening IT security management from head office to

branches, the user has control informal work than in work time, to avoid data leakage out

of the system.

- Develop software satellites operating strategy of the VDB with modern technology

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platform, easy connection to CORE.

- Strengthen and regularly trained IT staff and end users. IT sector is growing at

high speed, the updated technological knowledge requires frequent and continuous.


The   solution   towards   becoming   a   professional   bank,   is   operated   on   a

modern IT platform:

Implementing successful transition CORE modern platform will be critical to the

process of modernization activities of the VDB. The soul of the IT systems of a credit

institution's core-banking, it not only reflects the level of banking technology

organizations but also the role of technology in professional activities of such

organizations . CORE will help VDB modern management operations more efficient,

more professional; reduce resources for the review and synthesis of data from which

investment resources to improve service quality, system administration skills

Hiring foreign consultants to develop a roadmap to assess IT strategy and

implementation plan to modernize IT standards / international level.


Implementing solutions / projects under the strategic roadmap. When all the

IT strategy, which indicate professional from the obvious steps, each step

consisting of the goals to be achieved, the projects need to be implemented to

achieve the goal.

Each year the project will evaluate and adjust strategies to fit the actual


In the above solutions, software solutions and solutions in information

processing priority because this is implemented, two urgent issues need to be

addressed and can be solved in the short term in service business needs



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The solutions are specified by the plan are expected to be deployed until 2019 based

on the current state of the current needs of the VDB (not to mention the modern services,

services in the same market ... hybrid). The beginning of this work may be adjusted

according to the development strategy of the IT VDB later.

Organization of implementation:

IT Center shall: implementation of the scheme

Department: Balanced plan, the Board of Finance and Accounting, Customer Center, the

Credit Committee: Chaired build the business requirement for IT applications, in

collaboration with the Centre for IT in implementing IT projects of the VDB.

- Training Center: Chaired organizing IT training for professional staff and IT staff with

the contents of the Scheme.

- Organization and Personnel Committee: chaired implementing recruitment solutions,

IT organizational structure

- Fundamental Building Committee: Coordinate with the construction of process units

deploying IT projects throughout the VDB system.

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VII. Focusing maintain current IT system to meet the maximum requirements under existing capabilities:

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