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Develop human resources to be able to meet the business development of the

automobile manufacturers and companies involved automobile industry of the


Thaco implements long-term human resource policies used by training programs and

reasonable working assignments, in order to create the best environment to develop

human resources to accompany the development of the company.

Focus on development of internal human resources and inherited team, and recruit

additional manpower from outside and foreign experts with the ability to train.

Human resources integrate company’s culture and ensure the integrity of core values

that the company has formed during development.


Human resources development policy in specialized sector:

Production sector:

Professional qualifications, technical qualifications meet current requirements and

keep pace with the development of science and technology in the future.

Thinking, creativity to make suggestions to improve application effectively in


Be responsible, conscious of organizing, working style in the modern industrial


Respect and apply innovative processes and regulations of the company.

Honest, upright, not afraid of hard work.

Takes responsibility and ethics towards quality of products made.

Sales sector:

Have a minimum experience related to the job position.

Good communication (presentation, negotiation, writing ...), sales skills, teamwork


Dynamic, workings independently, have progressive spirit, dedication; know to

share, sociable, quick, and vivacious.

There is passion and knowledge of the automotive sector.

All working position in the business sector (directly or indirectly) before taking over

the task of apprenticeship in the Business Department.

Frequent transfer human resources of sales consulatnts, services, the sales leader,

sales leaders between the branches in the system.

A healthy competitive environment among sales consultants in the same branch.

Opening a new branch needs human resources transfered from another brances.

Service sector:

Always care colleagues, customers.

Express desire to serve customers.

Professional passion, hard to learn and improve their professional skills.

Be whole-hearted to work and clients.

Ensure quality of assigned work.


Honestly, know to overcome the flaws.

Basic Construction and Real Estate Investment sector:

Professional qualifications meet the requirements to ensure the development of the


Honest and responsible for the projects, works.

Attitude to the organization of work, propose innovative solutions applied cost

effectively to ensure proper use cost.

Be responsible and self-confident, responsible for the progress and completion time

of the projects, works.

Solidarity, sharing and helping colleagues.

Financial and Accounting Investment sector:

Making good financial management: cost management, cash management, credit

management, price management

Knowing the work of accounting management to monitor, advise and support

business activities.

Must be dynamic, understand system and proactively operate under the system.

Basic knowledge related to the business activities of the company (investment,

production, sales and spare parts service-after-sales…).

There is a sense of self-education and training to meet the requirements of

professional, corporate strategy and new trends.

Strengthen the planning and control of the plan implementation

Warning unit, company's leaders when there are activities affected or will affect the

interests of the unit, the company.


Recruitment policy:

Unity and publicity throughout the system.

Recruit under the demand and criteria.

Preferred experience in the automotive industry and the local workforce.

Focus on strengthening human resources support for Chu Lai Complex.

Attracting high-level human resources and training experts from abroad.

5. Training policy:

As the most important task in building and developing human resources.

Apply various training programs: integration, professional skills, development, new

technologies ..., internal or external.

Focus training on the job: superiors train subornates, high level professionals /

skilled workers train lower level.

Transfer human resources to train through practical work.

Training production human resources from Vocational College of Chu Lai Truong

Hai Complex.


Human resource development and management policy:

Manage employees in accordance with law and the rules, regulations and policies of

the company.

Develop a healthy working relationship based on the development of unions in

accordance with corporate culture.

Manage human Resource from the nodal point, strict hierarchy and accountability.

Job description; define the responsibilities and rights to each title.

Promote, reward and remuneration based on assessment of individual's attitude and



Policy of salaries, bonuses, remuneration and benefits:

Ensure employees' income and compete commensurate with the job in the same

industry, the same area at each time.

Wage income includes basic salary and other allowances commensurate with the

effort, responsibility and working efficiency.

Consider adjusting wages 02 times/year.

The collective and individual with outstanding achievements will be honored and

deserved commendation timely, public and fair

Periodical reward oolicy at the middle year and the end of the year depending on the

results of operations.

Extraordinary bonus mode according to achievements of individuals and collectives.


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