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attached showroom system in the area. Research, test apparatus to set up the domain branch

directly under regional branch to improve capacity management in the future.

- Production and sales of commercial vehicles (trucks and buses): Focus on developing

additional products with specifications, in accordance with the changing requirements of the

market according to the characteristics of each area, each region in order to increase market

share over the years.

- Production and sales of tourism car: Increase brand value and market share for Kia car

line. Increase sales and market share for Mazda achieved 5th place in the market, ensuring

business Mazda cars profitably. Introduce and put into production Peugeot car line for car

tourism business being full of segments: South Korea, Japan and Europe in 2013.

- Chu Lai Truong Hai Complex and Auto Manufacturing Industrial Park : Restrict to

expand investment in infrastructure, investment in-depth focus on human resources and

equipment to suit changing technology , in order to improve quality, reduce production

costs. Develop new products according to changing requirements of the market through the

development of research and product development (R & D), and increase cooperation with

other ministries and partners to develop manufacturing and automotive assembly

technology to keep up with the region. Support and participate in managing SMT

manufacturing specialized vehicles Company, forming nodal raw materials and spare parts

to provide in Korea, through developing production technology of specialist vehicles in


- Delivery and transport: Continue project specialize in delivery and transport business,

further reduction in the cost of delivery and internal warehouse, enhancing external business

to increase efficiency for Chu Lai - Truong Hai port.

- Investment and basic construction: Continue to invest in building new showrooms more

suitable plan for cars in the key areas, extension of the construction of supermarkets cars

combined commercial center. Participate in infrastructure, urban development projects and

consider this as a new business line of the company in the future.

- Marketing: There are overall and specific orientations, as well as strategic marketing

plan for Thaco brand and specialize for each business line, every vehicle, every market area;

being always flexible dynamic to response with the change of market and operating

decentralized control in a scientific way, closely to improve market share, increase revenue

and reduce costs in tough, narrow market conditions.

- Financial Accounting Management: Implement program "parallel accounting

management" strong to manage budgets and expenses rigorously, ensuring effective way

under thinking change, way to do. Accounting personnel involves in the management,

parallel in all business activities.

- Human Resources: Implement program "Parallel Human Resources" strongly to manage

and develop staff towards training positive attitude, learning to improve professional skills

and administration. Leadership Development and evaluation of the effectiveness of human

resources as well as the performance of each component unit, thereby fulfilling reward

program exceeded delivery quarterly, first applied to parts sales and service in the attached

showrooms. Improve HR profession through adjustment of policies; rules and regulations

based on a philosophy of proactive, strategic perspective and human resource development,

and in accordance with the laws and new development trends of economy and society in the


- Corporate cultural management: Develop and implement corporate cultural

management based on conclusions during the formation and development as well as

philosophy, vision, mission to preserve and core value of Thaco, considering this as a

prerequisite to ensure the long term sustainable development. First, establish the sense of

discipline, mental discipline and culture disciplines in each of departments, and units

throughout Thaco.

- The operation of the main office in Ho Chi Minh City and offices in Hanoi, Da Nang,

Chu Lai, Bien Hoa: Implement programs to improve the operational capacity of the

operational units such as Planning, Culture and Communications, Human Resources,

Operations Secretarial, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, marketing

Technology, Legislation aimed at administrators and professional support for business

activities. Develop a routine and effective work for the offices, especially the general

management office in Ho Chi Minh City, worthy being Thaco advisory body of corporate

activity management effectively , properly oriented, and under plan and being Thaco

representative image for partners, customers and society.



Overall, Vietnam is considered as the advantages because of large population, it is in

the period of "golden population", workforce at the age of labor is abundant. This is really

important resources to make our country successfully economic development strategy for

phase 2011-2020 issued by Congress Socialist Party XI on 16/2/2011. However, the quality

of human resources in Vietnam is still low and needs to be improved as soon as possible.

According to the census of May 12/2010, Vietnam has nearly 87 million people. This

reflects Vietnam's workforce growing abundantly. Vietnamese manpower is composed

mostly of farmers, workers, intellectuals, businessmen, and manpower of many sectors. In

which, human resources who are farmers are nearly 62 million people, accounting for over

70% of the population, human resources who are workers are 9.5 million people (nearly

10% of the population); intellectual manpower, graduated from colleges, universities are

more than 2.5 million people, representing about 2.15% of the population, human resources

from the business are about 2 million people, of which the central sector has nearly 1

million people .... The appearance of the young entrepreneurs is seen as a new factor in

human resources, if known to exploit, foster, use effectively, it will solve many important

problems in economic – social development.

Currently, Vietnam is forming two human resource types: universal human resources

and high quality human resources. Universal human resources now remain majority, while

the proportion of high-quality human resources account for a very low rate. The current lack

of Vietnam is not universal human resources but high quality manpower. According to 2010

statistics, out of 20.1 million workers have been trained on a total of 48.8 million workers

working, only 8.4 million people with diplomas and certificates issued by the training

centers at home and abroad. The number of people aged 15 years or older trained technical

expertise is very low, accounting for about 40%. Training structure is irrational showing by

the ratio: University and higher University is 1, secondary vocational schools is 1.3 and

technical workers is 0.92, while in the world, this ratio is 1-4-10. According to the World

Bank (WB), Vietnam is a shortage of qualified skilled, high technical workers and

workforce quality of Vietnam is lower than many other countries. If taking a point scale of

10, the human quality of Vietnam is only 3.79 points (placed 11/12 among Asian countries

ranked by the World Bank) while South Korea is 6.91, India is 5, 76; Malaysia is 5.59,

Thailand 4.94 ...

Labor allocation structure by the industry is imbalance. Engineering - technology,

agriculture - forestry - fishery are weighted lower, while the law social industry, economics,

foreign languages ...are too high. Many industries and sectors have both redundant and

insufficient manpower. The fields are currently lacking labor such as: financical Business,

banking, auditing, information technology, electronics, telecommunications, mechanical

engineering ...

For the Auto industry today, the current review, the manpower needs of the industry in

Vietnam is ranked 8th after the other industries, as follows: (1) Textile - Garment Footwear skin – Crafts; (2) Food Processing technology; (3) Information Technology Electrical - Electronics – Telecommunications; (4) Construction - Architecture - transport;

(5) Services - Serving - Travel - Recreation - Restaurants - Hotels; (6) Management Administration office; (7) Finance - Banking - Accounting - Insurance; (8) Mechanical

Engineering - Metallurgy - motorcycle automotive Technology; (same 9th ranking)

Markerting sector - Economy - Business - Sales and Chemistry - Chemical industries Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics.

Status of human resources in auto industry in general, and Truong Hai in particular

has the following characteristics:

Human resources are plentiful, but without the proper care, not planning, not to be

exploited, not be upgraded, and training is not good, many people have not been trained.

The quality of human resources is not high, leading to conflict between quantity and quality.

The combination, complement, mix of human resources from farmers, workers,

intellectuals, ... are not good, divided, lack of synergies to jointly implement the

industrialization, modernization of the country.

In short, the situation in human Truong Hai Company is low-skilled, without industrial

style, no really good general construction engineers, engineers, scientists, no good experts;

consultants, advisers, no presenters, no leaders, good managers.






COMPANY (2013-2018)

1. Overall objectives

- The overall objective is to develop human resources in Truong Hai company

period (2013-2018) to become the foundation and the most important advantages

to develop and compete. This is a period of deep integration in the WTO,

especially tariffs are gradually removed. Truong Hai will face very stiff

competition with countries with a advanced car industry in the world and the



Develop human resources to be able to meet the business development of the auto


manufacturers and companies involved auto industry of the country.

Truong Hai implements long-term workforce policies used by training programs

and training assignments appropriately, in order to create the best environment to


develop human resources to accompany the development of company.

Focus on development of human resources and internal teams inherited, and

recruit additional manpower from outside and foreign experts with the ability to



Human resources integrate corporate culture and ensure the integrity of core

values that the company has formed during development.

2. Specific Objectives

The specific objectives need achieving is:

a) For a management, leadership workforce

- Build a team of professional managers with strategic vision and bravery to meet

the changing requirements, strong integration.

- Ability to plan, develop goals for the responsible units

- Ability to mentor, promote and motivate for subordinate staff.

b) For a workforce of expertise sector

 Production sector:

- Professional qualifications, technical qualifications meet current requirements


and keep pace with the development of science and technology in the future.

Thinking, creativity to make suggestions to improve application ffectively in



Be responsible, conscious of organizing, working style in the modern industrial


- Respect and apply innovative processes and regulations of the company.

- Honest, upright, not afraid of hard work.

- Takes responsibility and ethics towards quality of products made.

 Sales sector:

- Have a minimum experience related to the job position.

- Good communication (presentation, negotiation, writing ...), sales skills,


teamwork skills.

Dynamic, working independently, have progressive spirit, dedication; know to


share, sociable, quick and vivacious.

There is passion and knowledge of the automotive sector.

All working positions in the business sector (directly or indirectly) before taking


over the task of apprenticeship in the Business Department.

Frequent transfer human resources of sales consulatnts, services, the sales leader,

sales leaders between the branches in the system.

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