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6Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 7

6Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 7

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Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs

Be a Source of Inspiration

2. What is the main benefit of encouraging others to ask questions?

a) Doing so creates a two-way dialogue and enhances others’ understanding of our


b) There is no benefit to being interrupted with questions

c) Questions always bring clear answers

d) Credibility is enhanced when others are permitted to question our communications

3. In the business world, building this quality in ourselves may be the best way for others to

notice us.





4. What is empathy?

a) The opposite of deceitfulness

b) A quality that helps us better appreciate and understand others

c) A positive emotion that relieves workplace conflict

d) An expression of helpfulness


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Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs

Be a Source of Inspiration

5. What can result from a lack of empathy?

a) Billy might ask Paul a personal question about his salary.

b) Margaret may chalk Sara’s lack of confidence up to pure ineptitude.

c) Tony may avoid Kate instead of simply telling her what’s on his mind.

d) Diane’s boss may hand her a list of things she must do before she can get a raise.

6. What is a simple but effective way to help our co-workers through a rough patch?

a) Validate their feelings

b) Point out the silver lining

c) Share your problems with them so they feel comfortable doing the same

d) Express your support through body language

7. How can it benefit you to be part of someone else’s solution?

a) They’ll owe you one

b) The act of helping establishes rapport and strengthens a relationship

c) Contributing to a solution is good practice for communicating assertively

d) You’ll learn something about yourself


Answers to Quiz from Chapter 7

1. Answer: b. More than just words, we must pay attention to the pace, emotion, tone,

inflection, and meaning delivered along with those words. If we begin to form our response

before we’ve heard an entire message, we risk missing the true meaning of that message.

Body language is part of a speaker’s non-verbal communication.

2. Answer: a. When people are permitted to ask questions, we can better ensure that

understand our message. When others feel comfortable asking us questions, they won’t be

afraid to ask for clarification – another good reason to build rapport with our associates.

3. Answer: d. Integrity shows others that we honor our agreements – that we can be trusted.

A sense of trust greatly enhances our relationships, and our overall integrity strengthens our

grasp of assertive communication tactics.

4. Answer: b. Empathy is the ability to appreciate, understand, accept, and share the feelings of

others. Empathy enhances relationships, creating an environment in which people feel safe

and supported.

5. Answer: b. When we lack empathy, we may fail to appreciate the problems of those

around us. Instead of understanding their struggles, we may be too quick to judge poor

performance as inadequacy, laziness or indifference.


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Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs

Be a Source of Inspiration

6. Answer: a. Validating others’ emotions shows them that their problems matter. Being heard

in this matter can help troubled souls eliminate some of the emotional baggage they may

not have even realized they were carrying around.

7. Answer: b. You establish rapport and strengthen relationships when you help others

through their troubles. You also gain the satisfaction of knowing you had a positive

influence on someone who greatly benefited from it.


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Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs



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6Quiz – Reviewing Concepts From Chapter 7

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