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Chapter 8. Frontend SPOF in Beijing

Chapter 8. Frontend SPOF in Beijing

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Figure 8-1. The dreaded “blank white screen” due to a blocking Twitter script

If anywhere.js had been loaded asynchronously (http://www.stevesouders.com/blog/

2009/04/27/loading-scripts-without-blocking/) this wouldn’t happen. Instead, since any

where.js is loaded the old way with

CNET | 41


Figure 8-3. CNET rendering is blocked by ads from eyewonder.com

O’Reilly Radar

Everyday, I visit O’Reilly Radar to read Nat Torkington’s (http://radar.oreilly.com/nat/

index.html) Four Short Links. Normally Nat’s is one of many stories on the Radar front

page, but going there from Beijing shows a page with only one story (Figure 8-4).

At the bottom of this first story there’s supposed to be a Tweet button. This button is

added by the widgets.js script fetched from platform.twitter.com which is blocked by

the Great Firewall. This wouldn’t be an issue if widgets.js was fetched asynchronously,

but sadly a peek at the HTML shows that’s not the case:



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Chapter 8. Frontend SPOF in Beijing

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