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Chapter 11. Environmental Science: Modern and Effective Teacher

Chapter 11. Environmental Science: Modern and Effective Teacher

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1. Sir John Adam

“In case the teacher wants to be a man-maker then it is essential that he should possess

specific qualities of character, intellect, and personality.”

2. Dr. Radha Krishnan

“The teacher’s place in society is of vital importance. He acts as the pivot for the

transmission of intellectual traditions and technical skill, from generation to generation he

helps to keep the lamp of civilization burning.”

3. Binning and Binning

“Teaching is a progressive occupation and the teacher must ever be a student.”

4. Henry Adams

“A parent gives life, but a parent gives no more. A murderer takes life and his deeds

stop there. A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.”

5. Prof. Humanyun Kabir

“Teachers are literally the arbiters of a nation’s destiny.” The above mentioned definitions

show that a teacher of commerce or other subject cannot do justice to his teaching profession

unless he is also efficient and experienced in inculcating the interest of subject in the



A.S. Barr (1958), mentioned the following characteristics of successful teacher (as

quoted by N.R. Saxena):

1. Good cultural background.

2. Substantial knowledge of the subject taught.

3. Substantial knowledge of professional practices and techniques.

4. Substantial knowledge of human development and learning.

5. Skill in the use of language-spoken and written.

6. Skill in human relationships.

7. Skill in research and educational problem solving.

8. Effective work habits.

9. Interest in professional growth.

10. Interest in school and community.

11. Interest in professional cooperation.

12. Interest in teaching.

13. Interest in the subject.

14. Interest in the pupils.

In America, Dr. F.L. Clapp (1913) suggested 10 qualities for being a good teacher such




1. Address

2. Personal Appearance

3. Optimism

4. Reserve

5. Enthusiasm

6. Fairness of mind

7. Sincerity

8. Sympathy

9. Vitality

10. Scholarship

Bagle and Keith (U.S.A.) suggested 3 more traits along with above mentioned ten

traits of a good teacher.

1. Tact

2. Capacity for leadership

3. Good Voice

The 15th Annual Gallup Pool of the Public Attitude towards the Public Schools in the

U.S.A. in 1983 mentioned the following qualities of a teacher (as quoted by M.H. Siddiqui):

1. Ability to communicate, to be firm and fair

2. Patience

3. Ability to discipline-to be firm and fair

4. High Moral character

5. Friendliness

6. Good Personality

7. Sense of Humor

8. Dedicated to teaching profession

9. Enthusiasm

10. Ability to inspire and motivate students

11. Intelligence and

12. Caring about students.

In New York, Education Department mentioned the following traits of a teacher:




O—Open mindedness

A—Abilities in Leadership







A—Ability to do creditable college work







S—Sense of Humor



From above mentioned traits of teacher, we can show the significance of each letter of

the word ‘Environment teacher’ in the following way:

C—Champion of Commerce subject


M—Manner, Mastery over the subject

M—Marks-man in child psychology




E—Euphony in Language use

T—Tact, thoughtful



C—Co-operativeness with students

H—Health (Physical and Mental)


R—Reliability, Resourcefulness


The quality and effectiveness is very necessary for a subject teacher. The effectiveness

is defined in different manners by so many educationists. In my option the quality and

effectiveness of subject teachers is also effected by their background and providing of teaching

aids as well as the environment of teaching and learning situation. But after all we should

not forget that there are some common skills for teaching and it is required for any subject

teacher what ever their background. Some important are given below:



1. Individual Qualities

2. Interest in Commerce

3. Patience and Self Confidence

4. Good Health

5. Resourcefulness

6. Pleasing Personality of Teacher

7. Humorous Temperament

8. Professional Qualities

9. Educational Qualification

10. Knowledge of Subject

11. Knowledge of Psychology

12. Ability of Self-Expression

13. Knowledge of different Teaching Methods

14. Studious and Scientific Attitude

15. Knowledge of different Teaching Aids

16. Interest in the Research Work

17. Social Qualities

18. Quality of leadership

19. Democratic Attitude

20. Justice Loving

21. Faith in the World Citizenship

22. Honesty and Impartiality

23. Friendly and Sympathetic

24. Individual Qualities

1. Interest in Commerce

A Environment teacher must have zeal and zest in his teaching subject commerce and

should have full mastery over subject matter. Otherwise he would feel that he has been

assigned a very boring job.

2. Patience and Self-Confidence

As we know that commerce is not an easy subject, so a Environment teacher should

have full confidence and patience while teaching Book-keeping, Income Tax or Accountancy

etc. These both traits of Environment teacher help him to a large extent in solving the

problems of students effectively.

3. Good Health

As a proverb says ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.’ It suits up to a great extent

with Environment teacher can teach efficiently with long hours. Here Good health denotes

both mental and physical health.



4. Resourcefulness

‘Teacher of Commerce’ should be creative and imaginative in arranging the different

available teaching means according to needs of the class. If there is no availability of any

teaching mean in the school, he can borrow the teaching means, such as Typewriter,

Duplicator, Xerox machine etc. from the community or the guardian of the students.

5. Pleasing Personality of Teacher

The Environment teacher should have a pleasing personality. Healthy physique, proper

clothes and impressive way of talking with others, are included in the pleasing personality.

6. Humorous Temperament

Jolly mood of the teacher keeps the students active and his humorous temperament

creates the suitable environment in the classroom.

Professional Qualities

1. Educational Qualifications

An Environment teacher must have some basic essential academic qualification for

teaching commerce to a particular class. Along with some basic academic qualifications, he

should have some professional qualifications for teaching purposes, i.e., B.Ed, or M.Ed. etc.

A teacher who wants to teach commerce at +2 level, should possess the B.Ed. Degree.

2. Knowledge of Subject

Environment teacher should have thorough knowledge of commerce and should have

good mastery so well that his students may get convinced of his teacher’s mastery over

subject easily. It is necessary for being a successful teacher.

3. Knowledge of Psychology

Environment teacher should have the knowledge of psychology because it helps the

teacher in understanding the child psychology, individual differences, stages of mental and

physical growth etc.

4. Ability of Self Expression

For being a good teacher, the teacher should have the ability of self-expression according

to the class standard and mental level of the students. He should express his views in lucid

language. He should not be too slow, nor unnecessarily high and shrill while teaching the

students. In between his teaching, he should take the help of blackboard to elucidate the

content/topic. The teacher should use following methods:

1. Laboratory method

2. Project method

3. Problem method

4. Analytic and Synthetic method

5. Socialized Recitation method

6. Discussion method

7. Supervised study method

8. Unit method



He should have mastery even the techniques usually used in teaching commerce:

1. Questioning Techniques

2. Assignment Techniques

3. Narration Techniques

4. Illustration Techniques

5. Examination Techniques

6. Drill techniques

7. Demonstration Techniques

6. Students and Scientific Attitude

Not one can become a good teacher unless he is studious and endeavors to acquire the

mastery over the subject. An Environment teacher should be studious and should devote his

sufficient time in increasing the subject knowledge. R.N. Tagore has rightly said, “A lamp

cannot light another lamp unless it continues its own flame burning.”

7. Knowledge of Different Teaching Aids

The teacher should have the full knowledge of different teaching aids. i.e., how to

operate them, and when to use them in the classroom for making of his teaching effective.

8. Interest in the Research Work

For being a good teacher of commerce, one must be good at research work. The

Environment teacher can use discovery methods, for the solution of different managerial

problems and high cost of the product problem.

Social Qualities

1. Quality of Leadership

Environment teacher’s leadership is totally based upon his personality and character.

A teacher having sound character and personality can motivate the student to do the task

in the group collectively. This quality of the teacher makes him active and famous in the


2. Democratic Attitude

“Teacher can foster the qualities of ideal citizenship.” –Bining

The teacher should provide freedom, fairness, equality and brotherhood to the students

while dealing with them. This attitude denotes the democratic attitude of the teacher.

3. Justice Loving

The Environment teacher should have the quality of justice loving and should not be

biased while he is in the chair of judge. This quality of the teacher will convert him as an

ideal for the students.

4. Honesty and Impartiality

Environment teacher should behave all the pupils impartially. Teacher’s working and

his deeds both should be same. Those teachers, who have something in minds/hearts and

something else on their tongues, do not get any respect from others.



5. Friendly and Sympathetic

Environment teacher’s behaviour with his students should be like a friend. He should

try to trace the problems of the children and try to tackle with their problems effectively

as far as possible.


As we know that education is dynamic process. It changes with advent of every new

research in the field of education. Commerce is a practical subject, which plays a significant

role in the development of commercial sector. So, now it is the duty of an Environment

teacher to avoid the old and outdated information’s for this very purpose. He must continue

to grow professionally, abreast of up to date scholarly contributions in the field of commerce.

R.N Tagore rightly remarked in this context “A lamp cannot light another lamp unless it

continues its own flame burning.”

An Environment teacher can avail of the following programs to grow professionally.

They are such as:

1. Professional Refresher Course

2. Professional Orientation Course

3. Extension Lecture

4. Professional Seminar

5. Professional Workshop

6. Professional Conference

7. Professional Writing

8. Professional Study Group

9. Professional Indirect Training

10. Professional Research

11. Membership and professional Councils.

1. Professional Refresher Course

Environment teacher should go to attend the refresher course on new techniques in

commerce teaching on order to be him up to date. Actually, refresher course if concerned

with in-service training and such type of courses are designed to revise and underline

existing skills and knowledge.

2. Professional Orientation Course

Such type of courses is organized in summer vacations by NCERT (Education department)

to make the professional knowledge of the teachers up to date. The main motto of organizing

such types of programmes is:

1. To make familiar with mental health of the students.

2. To make familiar with construction of objective type test, and evaluation techniques.

3. To reform the old system of education

4. To impart the latest educational researches in commerce.



3. Extension Lectures

It means that teaching or instructional work carried out by college, university or other

educational establishment for extending the normal range of a subject or allowing for the

pursuit of related interest. It helps the Environment teachers to keep themselves up to date.

4. Professional Seminars

Professional seminars refer to an occasion when a teacher or a group of expert people

meet to study and discuss something. It is also called small group discussion session. Such

type of seminars is organized to think and analyses the existing problems in the society. At

the end of seminar, some important decisions are usually made.

5. Professional Workshop

As we know that the area of commerce is very wide and related with several professions

and subjects. So only individual study is not enough for the Environment teacher. It is

compulsory to know that what is occurring in commerce related subjects. Upto a large

extent, it is like a seminar.

6. Professional Conference

The Environment teacher should attend the conferences over his subject, because several

teachers come from different places and gather at a particular place to discuss the emerging

practical problems. Eventually, this will broaden the knowledge of Environment teachers.

7. Professional Writing

Environment teacher should contribute his research findings through his papers in

journals of repute. This way, he can help the other Environment teachers to benefit from

his research findings.

8. Professional Study Group

In commerce education, several teachers of commerce subject may organize their own

group to discuss the emerging practical and theoretical problems of the commerce subject.

Generally, teacher’s training college lecturers or H.O.D. shoulders the responsibility of

organizing such type of groups.

9. Professional Indirect Training

Environment teachers can avail of these to grow professionally.

1. Studying the published magazines and journals by NCERT.

2. To listen Radio and to watch T.V.

3. To participate in commercial organization.

4. To visit the bank, market and business centers etc.

10. Professional Research

The keen research of commerce subject should be provided special facilities such as

computer typing, free postage facility, free entry to all university central libraries to consult

the journals, book and encyclopedia etc. This will add the merits to the professional growth

of Environment teachers.



11. Membership of Professional Councils

The Environment teacher should enjoy the membership of any professional council. The

main functions of these professional councils are:

1. To organize the commercial fairs in the schools to demonstrate the commercial

activities before the students.

2. To get the magazines or journals published timely with high standard. Teacher of

commerce can know about his extent of success in teaching profession and styles

with the help of self-evaluation by teacher. For this very purpose, he may take the

help of supervisor who evaluates the teacher through rating scales.

Rating Scales To Evaluate the Performance of Environment teacher


Qualities of



Personality Aspect



(i) Outer Appearance

(ii) Health

(iii) Language

(iv) Voice



(i) Sympathy

(ii) Objective

(iii) Impartiality

(iv) Tolerance

(v) Self-control

(vi) Social

(vii) Liberal

(viii) Regularity

(ix) Dutiful



(i) Self-confidence

(ii) Resourceful

(iii) Organizer

(iv) Director

2. Educational Aspect


Mastery over subject









Knowledge of the current affairs


Knowledge of commercial geography


Knowledge of teaching of commerce


Practical knowledge and outlook of subject.


3. Professional Aspect




Attitude towards teaching profession


Knowledge of latest methods of teaching


Scientific and broad outlook towards educational problems.

4. Teaching




Application of teaching methods


Use of blackboard




Use of A.V. Aids


Class discipline


The teacher is the guide of the society and nation; it is the statement of the Father Of

Nation Bapu (Mahatma Gandhijee). In the light of above statement we have to justify the

role of the teacher in the society in the development of the nation and it is true not from

today but from the Vedic periods. The society and nation has given so many examples for

us. The coming generation and new teacher should understand that their role as a teacher

is very important in the development of society and nation and it depends upon the economic

of nation and it will be guided by the Environment teachers of the nation. So they should

maintain a character and should present a role teacher in their subject because the teacher

is the model for their students.


1. How can an environment teacher keep pace with the latest development in education?

2. What are the essential qualities that a teacher of commerce should have in order to create

impact on children?

3. What qualities and qualifications should good environment teacher have? Discuss.

4. Teacher is the maker of man. In the light of this statement, discuss the essential qualities

of a environment teacher.

(a) Individual qualities

(b) Professional qualities

(c) Social qualities

(d) None of these.

Ans. (c)



5. Who stated, “Teacher can foster the qualities of ideal citizenship?”

(a) John Adam

(b) Kothari Education Commission

(c) Bining

(d) Henry Adams

6. Which quality does not come under social qualities?

(a) Justice Loving

(b) Interest in the research work

(c) Honesty and impartiality

(d) Quality of leadership.

Ans. (b)

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Chapter 11. Environmental Science: Modern and Effective Teacher

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