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Through site investigation, near the site there is a place supply water so we can contact with local administration unit to register for using water souses. Water will be lead to contain –tanks which are located next to mixing machine, or water can be tra

Through site investigation, near the site there is a place supply water so we can contact with local administration unit to register for using water souses. Water will be lead to contain –tanks which are located next to mixing machine, or water can be tra

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- If road is existing, Contractor will improve to use for

execution and after finished, we will restore original


- If site need to build a new temporary road,

Contractor shall cooperate with Owner, Maincontractor and Local authority to have a solution for

take space and compensation to farmer. then we

shall bank fishbone road for approaching canal to

serve moving and removing materials… After

finishing we will remove all to restore original status

- If at the place that has difficulties in taking space,

Contractor shall be still carry out execute but using

means which are able to operate in water-flood

status for transporting materials and equipment…

- All transported means must covered by canvas.

8. Wasted material yard.

- All wasted materials will be regrouped at the

specified place, which is outside site.

9. Form preparation

To ensure the quality and to lower prices of package, we will

use steel form, scaffolding, to prevent glue of form we



1/ Material

Through studying the designing and investigate current

market, We make a plan using materials as follow:

a. Models and sorts


Steel will be used in package is steel of Vietnam steel

corporation, ensure that is not rusty, greasy or dirty,

Contractor will carry out testing sample with steel package

which transported to site and fabricated standard must

according to TCVN 1651-85 and BS 4449, BS 4461. Must has

quality certificates, Trade-mark & supply schedule which is

suitable with execution schedule, Re-bar will be fabricated at

workshop by special machine

Stone, gravel, sand:


Stone, gravel, sand supply to C3 package are from exploited

enterprise located nearly site region, when they coming the

site it will be gathered on paltered floor or iron sheet

pavement, that is next to mixing concrete machine, ensuring

cleaning, size of seed in accordance with TCVN1770-86

required or other relevant standard.


Using Hoang Thach or Chinfon-HP cement, cement at site

will be maintained in private store, container, ensure that,

not wet… if Cements is not enough qualify, different type

shall be rejected and without permission to use in works to

build canal. Cement testing will be followed by TCVN or other

standard which are required by consultant.

Checking cement according to certification of packages and

must test to all cement package come into the site.

Reiforcement Concrete pile

The numbers of Reinforcement concrete pile using for intake

canal and intake bay will be precasted at site by Contractor,

aggregate and materials as above mention. Piles will be

mark order number on, Obey the process and norm of

transportation and stores, must enough intensity before


Ready-mixed concrete and concrete mixing at site

Cause of works are quite far from distance with each other,

so Contractor will has a plan to supply concrete as follow:

With large component that need a large quantity of

concrete will be supplied Ready-mixed concrete of near

mixing plan and transported to site by mixer truck as NISAN,


Beside that with each site group, Contractor will arrange at

least 1 mixer (450l) to provide and supplying for small


Each 40 – 50m3 volume of concrete, it will be taken one set

of sample depending on structure . One time is 6 samples by

cube sample 15x15x15, 3 samples will use for testing after 7

days and 3 left for 28 days. Sample is stored and take care

at the site.


Other materials

Contractor guarantee that supply materials according to

specification, In case there are any changes , Contractor will

submit by documentation to Owner or Main-contractor


(Refer to applicable criterion and technical properties in

Control quality of Building )

- Stone sack: Using the kind of steel net covered by PVC in

accordance with ASTM D 4/2, BS 1052/1980, AASHTO T65,

BS 443/1982

- Bitum: Supplied by PETROLIMEX- AASHTO M226

- Structrural steel is from Vietnam, JIS G316, SM 41, SM 50,

SM 50Y, SM 53. Standard.

- Concrete pile is in accordance with BS591.

b. Organization






In site management board, We establish a material,

equipment rooms, this one take charge to organize to

exploit, transport, store or hiding fabrication to meet project


Material imported to the site will be stored carefully with

covering, floor pavement or in private container.

Contractor sign contact with supplier to guarantee that

materials supplied to site by mean of supplier.

2. Mobilization equipments

Execution equipment are included: Crane, driver, excavator,

concrete mixer, generator and other equipment….We will

gather, install at the site according to execution schedule.

Depend on kind of machine, which will be decided stand on

bank or water.

All execution equipment have a registration, enough

capacity, safety and clean up to environment. (having a look

at equipments sheet attached)



1- Plan investigation

In same time with site preparation, equipment, material…

mobilization. We carry out examine, investigate all surface

of plan to make a reasonable execution method.


Additional, Contractor carry out investigate electric, water,

telecommunication cable underground and traffic road,

house…on the plan to make a method to remove,

dismantle or select a suitable execution method, ensure to

the most economize. and cooperate closely with supervise

consultant or sign a contact with water supply, electric

underground cable system, telecommunication company

to be early determine underground systems in site zone,

then giving a method to solve on time.

2. Treat to irresistible situation

In during excavation and execution process, although

investigate carefully but it will be happened some

irresistible situation as follow:

a. Natural disastrous ( rain, storm, flood, fire...)

Rainstorm, flood: Contractor make a plan to establish a

board specialize to prevent storm and flood with functions

are always observe weather and pre-training situations

which are able to occur. If raining heavy all works at site

will be stopped and finding urgent and on time method

treatments. All execution equipment must move to safety

place. Structures that are half-done has to braced,

covered to ensure safety.

Contractor also contact closely with Local storm-flood

preventing board to cooperate in actions as well as obey all

requirements of board in other level of flood and storm.

b. Bomb & mine

Checking bomb and mine is not in scope of work of C3, but if

in during construction process found out bomb or mine..., we

will inform to Owner, Main-Contractor and other functional

organization at one, to evacuate every people, equipment

away quickly, avoiding far from dangerous place. using hard

fence to close that place and marking by flag, warning

board, appoint people guarding 24/24h until hand over to

functional organization.

Only carry out execution when mine or bomb have been

treated absolutely safety.

c/ Sand in mud status:


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Through site investigation, near the site there is a place supply water so we can contact with local administration unit to register for using water souses. Water will be lead to contain –tanks which are located next to mixing machine, or water can be tra

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