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Appendix III. List of invariant fee-forms

Appendix III. List of invariant fee-forms

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List of invariant bt-forms



An' if yo' wanta upset people in dey homes - yo' jes' want 'em

upset an' fight lak dat ... an' make yore wish, an' see if dey don't

be fussin" an' fightin' dere till dey git somebody tuh stop it. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1454; tennwo3)


(Do women still wear them as much as they used to?) Well, now,

when yo' find one dat's be 'customed to things lak dat. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1458; tennwo3)


Now, ah don't know whether this be so or not, ah don't. Well, ah

learned this - yo' uses common sense with most anything that yo'

undertake tuh do. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1115; tennwo4)


... an' as dat pitchure molts an' fade away, yo' begin tuh lose flesh

and power, yo'll come tuh be - yo' don't be yo'self an' yo'

completely go down tuh rot, yo' will decay wit dat pitchure. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1116; tennwo4)


Dey tells me tuh take nine needles an' make a bag an' turn each end

diffrent ways and diff'rent directions. It will destroy the mind of a

person. Those needles have a tendency to ... Well, ah dunno

whether that be true or not. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1122; tennwo4)


A whole lotta mens don't be takin' much of women - dey let 'em do

all dryin' off or somepin lak dat. (Hyatt 1973, 3: 2023; tennwo5)


If yo' give me five dollahs, maybe yo'll give me five one's, but in

behin' be five ones maybe put two halves, but yo' bound tuh lay

down de last piece of money dat chew got. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1797;



De judge is ovah heah in a big room - de big co'troom. An' heah's

de grand jury room - dey's be in heah. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1052;



Take de tomatoes an' cook 'em. An' jes' lak dis periods be on 'er,

take some of dat, about two teaspoons fulla dat, an' put it in de

tomatoes. (Hyatt 1973, 3: 2534; scarma2)


Why if yo' kin git somebody to git some of de hair out his haid jes' de hair out his fo'head - right in de front of his head, jes' lak it

be out de comb. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1027; scarma3)


Den if a hawk worryin' yo' at chure house, yo' kin kill one. If a

hawk be worryin' yore chickens, see. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1030;



Appendix III


If yo' don't give her no money - yo' be spending de money an'

don't give her none - yo' goin' give it to her. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1033;



Do it dataway fo' five days, an' in de sixth day she'll be dere.

She'll wanta tuh come. If she don't be in dere five days, she'll be

dere den [in seven?]. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1039; scarma3)


(They will always be friendly with you and peaceful). Zactly.

Always be de best of fren's. Don't care how yo' be down wit 'em,

yo' be up dere. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1040; scarma3)


Don't care how yo' be down wit 'em, yo' be up dere. (Hyatt 1970,

2: 1040; scarma3)


... - jes' lak dey nail Jesus Christ - nail him tuh de cross, nail him

wit ten-penny nails. Dey don't be no wire nails now, dey be's

fo'corner [square] nail ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1043; scarma3)


... dey be's fo'corner [square] nail but dey be' wire nails. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1043; scarma3)


... an' take - she takes a han'cheff - it doesn't be a towel - she use a

han'cheff, a large han'cheff on ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1832; scarma5)


An' ah declare ah m fixed - be jes' lak dat chair be's dere. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1832; scarma5)


If dat judge don't be favorable wit yo', den yo've nevah seen a dead

boy in yore life. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1841; scarma5)


An' ah tell yo' whut's a fact. Dere's three bones in a cat. Ah'm be

able tuh tell yo' cause ah have did it twice. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1843;



Yo' must shet chure eye an' hoi' yore Bible, an' yo' read de first

verse dat chure right-hand thumb be on when yo' open dat Bible.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1110; scarma6)


(You said that womb heaves. Where does it heave?) Every time

befo' her monthly period, it heaves itself into de digestive organ an'

be fresh fo' dat de next time. Dat's why a woman is so quick to git

ketched right after her period - . . . (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1112; scarma6)


So dat's de idea when yo' be messsed up. If yo' don't study fo'

'em, dey always have yo' fo' a good thing. (Hyatt 1973, 3: 2506;


List of invariant bt-forms


Fo' de truth, ain't mithin' kin come ag'inst me de day dat ah don'

know it. It be a nachal fac' - ah tell yo' wha' ah done done. (Hyatt

1973, 3: 2243; scarwo8)

Right den he was in Orangeburg, S. Car., jest four miles outa town.

... De rootwork dat be done now we gits it from New Orleans.

Anybody git it. Dere's so many people gwine round now

pretending. (Hyatt 1970, 1: 896; georma2)

Den, if dere be any watah dat nevah runs dry - ah m talkin' about

such as [a] rivah, ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1811; georma3)

Now ah have tuh speak some words dat chew don't understand, but

ah know ah be teilin' de truth. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1332; georma4)

Lak if ah got a evil spirit an' mean an' yo'd pick out all dem girls

an' de one dat have de best heart an' be de calmest, dat's de one

yo'd put it on. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1540; georwo7)

An' if yo'd wear it in yore clothes all de time ..., jes' take dat an'

wear it in yore pocket wit yo' an' have yore han' on it all de time,

an' when yo' be talkin' to de people, be rubbin' it, see. Dat will be

good luck fo' yo'. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1540; georwo7)

If yo' goin' tuh go gamblin' an' yo' got some money ... But don't

nevah tech de quaitah dat be on de right side of yo'. (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1542; georwo7)

Don't chew know dese ole crocus sacks? It's made outa cloth, but

it's somepin lak, yo' know whut guano be in - dem ole brown thin's

dat guano be in. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1545; georwo7)

... guano be in - dem ole brown thin's dat guano be in. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1545; georwo7)

(What do they usually put in those sacks?) De' put - chicken feed

be inside of it. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1545; georwo7)

If somebody come to yore house an' yo' want 'em to stay away, yo'

be in de kitchen an' yo' git de table salt, an' as dey ... (Hyatt 1970,

2: 1545; georwo7)

... an' as dey walk 'long - but jes' don't throw it hard enough where

dey kin hear yo' - jes' walk along an' as dey walkin' an' be talkin',

yo' jes' let dat salt be hittin' 'em all in de back ... (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1545; georwo7)


Appendix 111


... an' after hit burn, yo' bury it wit de brick right on top of dat.

An' if de brick be hot right on it, it won't mattah - an' let it burn

dere right on. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1546; georwo7)


Lak if a man come tuh stay wit her, or she's in a room wit a man ...

an' she wanta clip him, she'll take de left cornah of dat sheet an' tie

a knot in it, an' right wherevah her an' dat man be in de room

togethah, she kin git all of his money an' have enough tuh leave

heah an' go 'way somewheres else befo' dat man will wake up.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1546; georwo7)


... dat man will wake up. If dey be in dey own house - if dey don't,

dis man will nevah be woke, until whosoevah stay in' in de house

come an' find him sleepin' so long ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1546;



An' yo' strain dose tomatoes an' git all de seeds out of it an' yo'

bathe where it's tied up - dey say it be swole-like. (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1547; georwo7)


An' den ah heard of a woman usin' her monthlies, givin' it to a

man. Take it if she wanta an' jes' take it if she wanta cook

tomatoes - yo' know dat's red. Yo' take an' scrape dis stuff off wit

a spoon, sometime - yo' know how it be on dere. ... An' if not dat,

yo' jes' let de rag where de blood's on it lay in a cup, ... (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1548; georwo7)


Yo' know, dem little shots dat be in dere wit de gunpowdah, yo'

take dat out an' if yo' wanta fix it ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1548;



... if he go tuh sleep in de nighttime or she know when he be

sleepin' - he be drunk or anythin' - ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1549;



... or she know when he be sleepin' - he be drunk or anythin' - jes'

bathe him down wit dat bluestone an' jes' wheresoevah she got it.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1549; georwo7)


(You put a thread in this needle? And then you wrap that thread

around the needle?) Aroun' de needle, yes sir, where hit can't git

out dis little bag it be in. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1549; georwo7)


Let dis man be talkin' to her, if she be asleep or not - yo' know

some people talk when dey sleep. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1551; georwo7)

List of invariant be-forms



..., dey always have bad luck. If it fall on de groun', jes' since it be

dere all de time, dey'll nevah have good luck. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1554;



You can put it in your bed underneath your pillow or anywhere in

the room. And when - something like you be going to bed - and

she'll come and knock, she'll be coming home. (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1086; louiswol)


Don't pour the syrup till it be lickrish [liquid] - a few drops into the

lye. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1654; louiswo2)


You go on through with your business. Well, just like you be

successful in going on through with your business without stopping

and chatting and talking and this one stopping you. That's where

your success will come in. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1656; louiswo2)


When you put it on there it be wet but then it will dry out and it

will never come out, unless ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1659; louiswo2)


And that onion, it only be the one layer around the hull, then the

thread will hold the heat, hold the heat until it dries inside and it

come to a perfect shaving - ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1659; louiswo2)


The hoodoo dance, if they wants to join. If they be initiated the full

degree and full approval, well now, they pay from ... (Hyatt 1970,

2: 1667; louiswo2)


You kin take de judge name an' yo' write his name nine times with

blue ink, ... It be blue fo' good. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1068; louiswo5)


Now, yo' take an' git chew a box dat be shape lak a little coffin.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1070; louiswo5)


No, dey's a gang dat sells dereself to de devil an' dey kin do

anythin', an' dey all gits togethah whenevah dey wanta pass a

person out. ... An' de parties [victims] don' be heah long. (Hyatt

1973, 3: 1909; louiswo6)


Well, den yo' parch this up slow, don't burn it up. Jis' parch it till

it be jis' a light brown, jis' a brown - not, don't make it a black

brown. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1278; louiswo7)


If yo' workin' on anybody, possibly yo' got five candles or maybe

seven, an' ah don' know how many be in de room, but now yo' see

dat's fo' a case dat's extremely hard, because everyone of them

people is gotta use they mind. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1279; louiswo7)


Appendix III


Den yo', whatsomevah yo' want done, yo' roll de coconut an' yo'

cross it in yore place - anywhere yo' be at, in yore room, all roun'

in each cornah of de house. (Hyatt 1973, 3: 2232; louiswo8)


People ketch onto things whut be done. (Hyatt 1973, 3: 2233;



Dey say dey comes outa dere skin and den comes in through de

keyhole an' comes in only whilst yo' sleep an' rides yo' - usually

be a ole woman - be a witch - turns to a witch - she be's a witch.

(Hyatt 1970, 1: 154; florma3)


... an' rides yo' - usually be a ole woman - be a witch - turns to a

witch - she be's a witch. (Hyatt 1970, 1: 154; florma3)


When dat egg runs outa dat shell, dat man won't be dere. Dey run

mah husban' away lak dat. (Well, do they bury these any place in

the yard or coming into the house or what?) ... Jes' plant lak yo' be

plantin' corn [maize]. (Hyatt 1974, 4: 3728; florwo4)

II. bei', bees (present) 1


Dere bees [is] about a gang of 'em doin' dis hoodoo dance, an' all

kinda funny dancin', ... (Hyatt 1973, 3: 1908; louiswo6)

III. be2' be{y}

(present) 5


An' ah told him, undahstan', wherevah he be, undahstan', wear dat

all de time, undahstan' ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1574; tennmal)


Yo' write de name an' in writin' it, yo' says, "Ah call yo' dis

day" - day or night whensomevah it be. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1835;



An' when yo' say dat, dat very minute wherevah he be - Chicago,

Philadelphia or New Orleans ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1105; scarma6)


... Philadelphia or New Orleans or wherevah he be, he become

right den affective lak dat, an' from dat day on he'll lean toward

home. First thing yo' know he's back in de same town where yo' is.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1105; scarma6)

List of invariant be-forms



De snail - yes, he's a wonderful thing, too. Now, yo' use him tuh

kill a mortgage. ... - when dat fellah goes tuh co't he take dat snail

grease an' grease his hand, an' de case will go slow an' dey put it

out - throw it out every time. ... he may not nevah fo'close on yo'.

Dat whut dey used tuh do wit de ole time mortgage - wit de snail

grease. De same as dat thing [snail] is - it slow, crawlin' - dat's

whut de ole time mortgage be, slow 'bout fo'closin'. (Hyatt 1970,

2: 1111; scarma6)

IV. be2'. be's (present) 21

(76) But it's so many diff'rent herbs that be's, say combinationed

together. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1388; virgma3)


She only wears this - be's nine devil's-shoestring. (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1400; virgma3)


... "don't you empty your bucket or slop jar." She say, "Let your

husband empty it because it be's about him." (Hyatt 1978, 5: 4183;


(79) But ah'll write it nine times. Ah takes de candle - it be's at night an'

Kress' is closed an' ah cain't, yo' know, a black candle, dat's de

kind ah want. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1573; tennmal)

(80) He stays at dat woman's home any time be's dere - any time. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1050; ncarmal)

(81) Dey don't be no wire nails now, dey be's fo'corner [square] nail

but dey be wire nails. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1043; scarma3)

(82) Yo' say, "Well, ah jes' keep 'im undah mah feet fo' a length of

time. Long as ah keep yo' dere, while mah remembrance be's wit

me, ah'll always have yo'." (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1527; scarma4)

(83) Git de tongue of a shoe. Yo' know whut a tongue is. ... In de front

of dat tongue dere's a soft place dere. Some of 'em have a pad

[insole], some of 'em be's leather. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1531; scarma4)

(84) Why co'se she got yo' den. Goes tuh work when she be's wit yo' if yo' goes an' be's wit 'er, havin' a good time wit 'er, why she go

tuh work ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1832; scarma5)


... when she be's wit yo' - if yo' goes an' be's wit 'er, havin' a

good time wit 'er, why she go tuh work. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1832;



Appendix III


An' ah declare a h ' m fixed - be jes' lak dat chair be's dere. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1832; scarma5)


Dat be's true - hit all is true - de whole earth is de Word of God.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1326; georma4)


Because on certain days de federal men be's heah searchin' an'

goin' on, an' de police is ridin' yo'. (Hyatt 1970, 1: 585; georma5)


Yo' jes' take an' put it to dat gopher hole right where he work

down in dere, an' dat always keeps de luck down - keep dis man's

luck down. But be shore he be's puttin' his hand on it - jes' lays de

print of his han' right lak dat. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1544; georwo7)


Well, yo' know if anybody's watah or dey urinate is down in a

hole, an' stay fo' six months-like - well de wintah be's six months,

an' den come out in de spring, yo' know dey'11 be dead by den.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1552; georwo7)


And every time those nine days you be's on: you lights a candle at

six o'clock in the morning, you lights a candle at twelve, ... (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1652; louiswo2)


Yeah. It's nine days [months] to the date that a baby be's born.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1658; louiswo2)


That red onion, you load it with bluestone, cayenne pepper, dirt

dauber [three ingredients] - that's a wasp - makes a daub on a wall

or a fence or board. It [the nest] be's like a beehive - well that's

dirt. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1659; louiswo2)


(How can a woman bring a man back who's left her?) ... then you

puts that piece of sole inside. It's a white piece [of paper or

cardboard] or either it be's a piece of leather or oil [oil cloth] or

something like that. Sometimes in a cheap shoe it's cotton. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1660; louiswo2)


Take graveyard dirt an' put it in yore pocket - graveyard dirt ...

Yo' measure it de length of yore finger, de blacksnake root. (Which

finger?) It either be's [these] two or dese two - this or the other one

[demonstrates]. Ah don't know, don't want be positive. (Hyatt

1970, 1: 567; florma2)


... usually be a ole woman be a witch - turns to a witch - she be's a

witch. (Hyatt 1970, 1: 154; florma3)

List of invariant bc-forms

V. bei'. be's{y}





An' as long as yo' keep it anywhere in de ground aroun' a place

where yo' be's, why she'll lean tuh yo'. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1098;



"Ah wish, ah wish, ah wish, tuh God, if dis lettah reach 'er, an'

will tear 'er from wheresomevah she be's." Dat will bring 'em.

(Hyatt 1974, 4: 3604; alabwol)


Then, wheresomever this party be's or crosses, maybe it might be a

step or stairway, they puts that rope cross there ... (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1658; louiswo2)

VI. bei (past)


(100) Ah wus livin' in town but ah be keepin' roun' de stable an' haul de

wood into de town. An' ah come in dere [to town] dat night. (Hyatt

1970, 1: 43; scarma2)

VII. be (will)


(101) I'm dat kin'a blood dat gon'a love a woman, you understan', I'm

gon'a git de right kin'a one. You got'a git de right kin'a one, den

you be right. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1623; virgma2)

(102) ... an' it'll be a confusion in dat house 'long as dey be dere, fightin'

an' squabblin' all de time. Dey nevah will have no mo' peace till

dey move outa dere, 'cause of dat dog ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1571;


(103) He goin' give yo' money spite of anythin' an' he goin' sweet 'bout

chew, always be where yo' is, roun' yo', lookin' [at] yo', set ...

(Hyatt 1973, 3: 2023; tennwo5)

(104) ... though by an' by de things will be comin'. All kinds of things be

comin' up dere; ... (Hyatt 1978, 5: 3943; scarma2)

(105) An' when yo' go dere fo' nine mawnin's wit chure guitar, yo' be

standin' in de fo'k of de road tryin' tuh be pickin' on it, an' dere

will be a man come up an' pick on yore box, axe yo', ... (Hyatt

1978, 5: 4011; scarma2)


Appendix III

(106) Yo' know, dey nailed Jesus Christ tuh de cross wit a ten-penny nail.

Nail him de same way an' he'll stay dere. An' he comin' - he be

dere. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1031; scarma3)

(107) (They will always be friendly with you and peaceful.) Zactly.

Always be de best of fren's. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1040; scarma3)

(108) ... an' yo' find dis [first] one heah will bleed, yo'll find little

upon dat chip like beads on good whiskey, an' yo' look at de

one an' dat 'un jes' be grease , dat's de he. But dis she pine

dat chip will be fiilla oil right quick, ... (Hyatt 1970, 2:






(109) It be about dat high but dey'11 go down, but dey'11 go down. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1842; scarma5)

(110) Dat bone will be turnin' ovah jes' lak a worm. ... Be like a worm,

jes' be turnin' ovah. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1843; scarma5)

(111) Be like a worm, jes' be turnin' ovah. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1843;


(112) All right, ole lady, git straight, ah be dere directly. (Hyatt 1973, 3:

2506; scarma7)

(113) An' yo' goes tuh a bull lot. Yo' goes in dere an' aftah yo' goes in

de bull lot - make it dere befo' sunrise an' de bull be layin' down

yo' know. Yo' stir 'im, make him git up, yo' see. (Hyatt 1974, 4:

2869; scarma7)

(114) Ball de clothes up in it an' he be mad all de time. No satisfaction no

way atall. Mad all de time an' den he'll jest naturally go crazy.

(Hyatt 1978, 5: 4189; georma2)

(115) (Do you know what a person does to do that?) ... An' goes to de

cemetery an' be dere at two a'clock dat night, an' put de rod against

his breast an' go right on till dey strike de box [coffin]. An' if he's

on time - ... - dere will be a voice heard, ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1812;


(116) Now, ah'm near to conclusion of whut wisdom will do an' be

learned, an' let yo' learn dat wisdom in dat dirt. (Hyatt 1970, 2:

1332; georma4)

(117) Well, take his right shoe an' shev 'is hair up ... it up in yore shoe

an' wear it, an' yo' always be togethah de balance part chure days.

(Hyatt 1974, 4: 3005; georma5)

List of invariant b t - f o r m s


(118) Yo' make yo' somepin lak a - it be jes' lak a mattress de shape of

de bottom of yore shoe, an' yo' wear dis in yore shoe evah'time yo'

go to dis job - ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1543; georwo7)

(119) If she kin kill a dog, ... eat, well, de next time he go to dis woman

an' be wit her or anythin' lak dat, dey'll git tied up lak two dogs.

(Hyatt 1970, 2: 1547; georwo7)

(120) Well, it's mud from de side of a hole or anything, but it be luck fo'

yo'. Yo'll always have good luck, an' if yo' go into a gamblin'

game, yo'll have luck. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1552; georwo7)

(121) Well, dat will be de witch an' it be crawlin' all ovah dat sifter still

tryin' tuh count dem holes. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1555; georwo7)

(122) And that's just the way the people be wandering away, eyen drying

up and will never know what's the matter with 'em. And finally it'll

be nuthin but a carcass. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1659; louiswo2)

(123) An' den yo' take dat - honey, see lak tomorrow be de nine days,

yo' take dat today an' yo' carry it on up to de cemetery. (Hyatt

1970, 2: 1070; louiswo5)

(124) Well, then yo' puts a little sugar in it ... yo' sprinkle a little

anywhere an' everything will break nice so you be guided by a

good spirit. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1418; flormal)

(125) ... but chew ain't goin' be no good out. Yo' jes' be out dere, it ain't

a thing yo' kin do out dere. (Hyatt 1978, 5: 3976; florma3)

VIII. /ίί- (would)


(126) He would either wait till the moon be in full expanse of the earth,

then he would give ... (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1390; virgma3)

(127) ... - the law was looking for him and he would get on dat horseback

- muleback and the law be close to him as here to the corner. (Hyatt

1970, 1: 293; virgwo5)

(128) An' dere's a young fellah roun' dere an' he wanted tuh spo't wit

mah woman - spo't. Well, ever' time she be roun', go tuh church

an' so on. (Hyatt 1970, 2: 1056; ncarmal)

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Appendix III. List of invariant fee-forms

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