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Appendix VI: 1M Hepes–NaOH pH 7.5 buffer

Appendix VI: 1M Hepes–NaOH pH 7.5 buffer

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Stocks Full Strength, mL/L

Stock Solutions


Ca(NO3)2. 4H2O



NaNO3 (M.W:85.0)



MgCl2 6H2O


Na2SO4 (M.W.142.05)

CaCl2 (M.W.110.99)

KCl (M.W.74.55)



NH4Cl (M.W:53.46)




































































1 (-Zn)







1 (-Mn)







1 (-B)







1 (-Cu)































*355 ppm of Cl; **46 ppm of Na; ***71 ppm of Cl; @ 35 ppm of Cl; $ 23 ppm of Na






Sr. No.

Growth Regulator














2,4 D




Maleic hydrazide


1 N NaOH

1 N NaOH


Ethyl alcohol/1 N NaOH

Ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol/1 N NaOH

1 N NaOH

1 N NaOH

1 N NaOH


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