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2 Suggestions for improving customer service in Shinhan bank – Bac Ninh branch

2 Suggestions for improving customer service in Shinhan bank – Bac Ninh branch

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Academy of finance


Graduation thesis

club…Credit, especially credit for investment and production is one

advantage of Shinhanbank. Thus, to comprehensively develop, the branch

can use credit as an intermediary and push other cross-selling services

up,etc…It means that when providing credit to their customers, the branch

encourages them to open an account, send revenue to the account, do

import-export payment through the bank with preferred policies, etc…

Morever, to develop the package services, the bank’s products should be

diversified and its services must be perfect, competitive in terms of quality

and cost.

The third is to simplify the procedures and automatic the operation

process to minimize the transaction time of the customers, ensure the

precision and timeliness of the transaction in order to create the belief of

customers and build business process consistent, transparent between

departments to shorten the waiting time of customers. The bank’s

departments should be well-equipped, the counters should be arranged

reasonably and the parking should be widened so that the customers will

feel satisfactory and convenient when going to the bank for their


Fourthly, it had better promote marketing new products and services to

the customers, organization seminars to introduce new products and services

to customers. To make the marketing activities effective, what the branch

needs is a professional marketing department which is responsible for

researching, forecasting the market segments and the analysis of

competitors. Then it should develop detailed strategies of approaching,

initiating, developing and maintaining the relationship with the customer.

The fifth is to set up hotlines to serve customers quickly anytime and

anywhere. The customers will be more satisfied when they are served over

the working hours. For automatic service via ATM, ensuring service provides

24/24 hours as committed to customers is a very important issue and has

great influence on customer satisfaction. Therefore, to manage ATM

machines, the branch must have a department which is responsible for

regularly checking the operation status of the machines.

The last but not least is to maintain a close and long-lasting relationship

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance


Graduation thesis

with the customers and expand the market to attract new customers as well

as potential customers. Shinhanbank should pay higher attention to its

customers care such as visiting the enterprises’ director and chief

accountant. To the customers who stop doing transactions at the bank or

switch to another bank, Shinhan bank – BacNinhbranch should find the

reasons to have suitable solutions aiming at maintaining the close

relationship with the customers. Improving the qualification of the staf

Staff is the factor that determines business performance and enhances

the competitiveness of the bank. This depends heavily on qualifications,

professional, creative dynamism, ethics, serving attitude of bank officials. It is

also the problem that customers usually complain and most wanted from the

bank. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of banking products and

create a good image in customers’ mind, improving the qualification of staff

and employees is a critical solution, which value in all periods of branch

development. Under this recommendation, Shinhanbank can focus on the

following aspects:

First, the bank should develop a scientific, accurate and fair recruitment

process to recruit the qualified staff and in accordance with job


Next, Shinhanbank had better periodically organize training courses on

professional skills for staff and employees about the ability to complete their

work with modern technology, the ability to behave when in contact with


Furthermore, it is required to hold contests on professional skills, sports

and other social issues. Through these contests, the branch on one hand can

reward to encourage individuals who have good results, on the other hand

can find out the current weaknesses in order to remedy promptly, and then

improve the quality of the service.

In addition, Shinhanbank should pay attention to the treatment

policies/benefits of employees so that they can be satisfied and make

customers satisfied with the services of the branch.

The last is to renew transaction style, reflect the civilization and

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance


Graduation thesis

courtesy of staff to customers strengthen the discipline of offices and

employees in the bank. Ensuring the competiveness of the price

In the competitive environment nowadays, with the appearance of

many local and foreign banks, customers have a lot of choice and they

become more sensitive with the price than before. Therefore, the bank

should ensure its competitiveness of the price to attract new customers and

maintain the current customers through recommendations such as:

It is suggested that Shinhanbank should conduct a research to have

efficient information about the service price and the interest rate at some

other banks in the same locality in order to review the service price and

interest rate policy of itself. The bank should update the developments of the

market as well as the transaction price to get the customers’ belief in the

competiveness of the price of the bank.

Moreover, Shinhanbank should promote the flexibility of the price

policy such as applying the preferential interest for customers who have a

large number of deposit money or having a discount on the transaction fees

for the loyal customers or those who have a huge balance. Creating a professional working environment

Working environment directly affects the psychology and attitude of

staff. To create a satisfactory psychology, an attentive attitude of serving

customers as well as a professional style of work, Shinhan bank – BacNinh

branch needs to build a professional working environment by building a

working culture “All for customer” and making efforts to become “a leading

retail bank in Vietnam” in the awareness of all staffs. Besides, it should be

fully equipped with the necessary facilities. Another important thing is to

enhance the cooperation and assistance between departments, increase the

capacity of customer management, focus on developing group of individual

customers which has stable income, gradually increasing VIP customer group. Improving the good image of the bank in the customers.

Shinhanbank is known as a leading foreign capital bank in Vietnam with

experienced staff. To strengthen the credibility of customers to the bank,

Shinhanbank needs maintaining and further developing some advantages.

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance


Graduation thesis

Firstly, it is required to respect the commitments with customers,

maintaining well the existing customer relationships and strengthen the

customer relationships with potential customers. In addition, it should

promote contributions for society and community, organize sports activities

for charity, build a good image in the customers with the high consistency in

the leaflet, logo, slogan, furniture and offices’ design as well as the service

quality and the working style. The advertisement should also be conducted

consistency in the overall system. It should be forefront of improving services

and meeting customers’ needs. Ensuring service quality is always supply

accurately and quickly.

3.2.2 Some recommendations to Shinhanbank Headquarter Office

In order to give customers the highest satisfaction, besides Bac Ninh

branch’s own efforts, The Headquarter Office (HO) and the overall system’s

support is very necessary. There are some recommendations for Shinhan

bank HO to help Shinhanbank implement comprehensively and sustainably

develop in the current integration environment: Strongly developing the service and exploit diferential advantage

products and services

The competition of the banks in the banking and financial market is now

more and more fierce. In order to further develop, Shinhanbank needs more

solutions offering new products and services. Continue promoting the

advantages of the traditional services which bring high service charge

revenue. Develop new services such as participating in issuing agency,

payment agency for bond businesses, the real estate payment brokerage

service, package service for securities companies… Developing the network

It is necessary to set up a nation-wide sales network, which is strong in

both quality and quantity, in order to expand the scope of operation and

attract more customers, develop actively the new distribution channels, for

example, ATM system, POS, direct banking, internet banking so that the

customers can get the banking services more conveniently. Developing the human resources

Shinhanbank needs to improve the management capacity and

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance


Graduation thesis

qualification of profession, language of staff and managers, continue training

and developing qualified human resources in order to meet the

requirements of integration. Improving the work of management

Banking activities contain many risks, so risk management in the work of

management is considered as the most important task. It needs to establish

the internal supervision teams to control the risks at branches, implement,

arrange the organization structure reasonably to ensure the safe in the risk

management and increase the overall system’s efficiency, focus on

management, development and risk control in activities of relevant branches

and increase the competitiveness to push all activities comprehensively up to

make them become a thoroughly banking service development channel.

3.3 Conclusions

With the position at top of leading commercial bank with foreign capital

in Viet Nam, Shinhan has shown its great efforts, reaching encouraging

achievements, and contributing greatly to the nation’s industrialization and

modernization as well as economic development.

The bank’s ambition is to attract potential customers, create a good

image of the faith and keep customers engaged in banking transactions. It is

imperative for the bank to evaluate its current customer service to improve

shortcomings in customer satisfaction. A study has been conducted and has

revealed both strengths and weaknesses of theShinhan bank. Customer

service helps Shinhan bank to have good quality images, building customer’s

trust. Customer service plays an important part to help Shinhan bank

VietNam developing strongly.

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance


Graduation thesis


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Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance

Graduation thesis




Dear Sir/ Madam,

Thank you for taking time to answer this questionnaire.

I am a student at the Academy of Finance. I am carrying out a study on the

customer service in Shinhanbank – Bac Ninh branch. I need some factual

statistics about the branch’s customer service. Therefore, your opinion will

be great help for my research paper.

1. What category of customers do you belong to?

[ ] Retail [ ] Private/ Executive [ ] Corporate

2. How long have you banked with Shinhan bank – Bac Ninh branch?

[ ] 0-1yr

[ ] 2-3yrs

[ ] above 3yrs.

3. Do you have a relationship manager?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

[ ] do not know

4. How often are you called from the bank or visited by your relationship


[ ] Very regularly [ ] regularly [ ] Seldom

[ ] Not at all

5. How will you rank the staff of Shinhan Bank- Bac Ninh branch?

[ ] Excellent

[ ] very good [ ] good

[ ] satisfactory [ ] poor

6. What do you like about Shinhan bank – Bac

Ninh branch?

[ ] Lack of information on



] staff attitude [ ] short turn around time


] others, specify

7. What do you dislike about Shinhan bank- Bac Ninh branch?

[ ] staff attitude [ ] long turn around time [ ] Lack of information on

products [ ] others, specify.

8. Have you recommended Shinhan bank to others?

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance

[ ] Yes


Graduation thesis

[ ] No

9. Do you intend to continue banking with Shinhan bank?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

[ ] cannot tell

10. What would you like the bank to do to meet your needs?

] provide more tellers [ ] provide more chairs for

[ waiting

regularly [ ] Extend banking

[ ] Visit or call you hours

11. Is there any other thing you think the bank can do to make you more


Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance

Graduation thesis






Strongly agree




Strongly disagree



Location of bank is convenient






Has state of the art banking hall

Service provided by staff is professional


Staff are friendly and courteous

Staff perceive customers as queens/kings


Staff will tell customers about new products

Promotions to reward customers are regular


Customers are given individual attention

Staff have your best interest at heart


Turn around time is swift

Source: By Gyasi (2010)

Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance

Graduation thesis


1. On the average, what number of customers do you serve in a day?

A [0-10]

B [11-20] C [21-30] D [31-40]

E [41 and above]

2. What is the average turn around time?

A [1-10mins] B [11- 20 mins] C [21-30mins]

D [31-40 mins]

E [above 40mins]

3. Which of the under listed best describes the customer service goal of your


A. meeting customer expectation

B. meeting organizational expectation

C. delighting the customer

4.I am always motivated to deliver on the bank’s service promise to


A. strongly disagree

B. disagree

C. agree

D. strongly agree

5.I am well equipped with the right resources to deliver

customer service. A. strongly disagree



C. agree

D. strongly agree

6.Some executive decisions affect customer service delivery in my


Doan ThiThuy


Academy of finance

Graduation thesis

A. strongly disagree

B. disagree

C. agree

D. strongly agree

7.Employee mood can affect the effective customer

service delivery A. strongly disagree



C. agree

D. strongly agree

8.We are always trained on new technologies before they are

rolled out. A. strongly disagree



C. agree

D. strongly agree

9.The organization has a definite customer service goal which is being

achieved. A. strongly disagree



C. agree

D strongly agree

10. What other factor within your set up can aid the bank to improve upon its

current service level?

Doan ThiThuy



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2 Suggestions for improving customer service in Shinhan bank – Bac Ninh branch

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