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Figure 1. Data collected on the level of customer satisfaction with customer service at Agribank Ha Tinh Branch

Figure 1. Data collected on the level of customer satisfaction with customer service at Agribank Ha Tinh Branch

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following result in customer service. Firstly, Agribank brand’s name has been

confirmed in customer’s mind for many years because the bank always

provides high quality products with suitable price. Therefore, this bank has a

large number of customer’s loyalty. They are willingness to recommend this

bank to others. Secondly, majority of customers expressed their satisfaction

with the overall service they received from the bank, especially regarding to

Tangibility, Assurance and Reliability dimension. A third achievement is that

number of product’s bank is diverse which is able to meet customer’s needs.

In addition, the bank always effort to launch new products each years.

Another achievement is that the hotline of the bank is effective in providing

information primarily to customers but also employees. It helps customers to

access information about bank’s product, changes in interest rate, exchange

rate and et al. Finally, the bank has good reputation in Ha Tinh Province

because this bank usually enjoys various social welfare programs.

41 Limitations

Besides the achievements mentioned above in customer service,

Agribank Ha Tinh Branch still exists some limitations.

Firstly, the bank had not fulfill the customer satisfaction with regard to

Empathy, Responsiveness and some attributes in the other dimensions.

Responsiveness: this is the factor which gets the lowest mark for

customer satisfaction at customer views. Customers are not happy with some

attributes in Responsiveness dimension such as: the speed of dealing with

problem is lately, employees are lack of patient to listen customer’s complain.

Reliability: this is factor which gets the positive score gap. However, it

still exist one limitation: the bank does not provide service at the time they

promise to do so. Therefore, the time they have to wait the bank is longer than

that they are willing to spend.

Empathy: Although the Empathy dimension is appreciated, it has bad

sign: Customers usually complaint that some of staff do not understand how

the customers need and want.

Tangibility: customers are not satisfied with automatic bank machine. In

the survey, some customer expressed that ATMs are usually located in city

centre so when people in rural areas want to use it they have to go far.

Although all of ATMs at Agribank Ha Tinh Branch have security staff, some

ATMs have no doors, it still makes customer feel unsafe. Specially, in Tet

holiday and in the day which customers are paid salary, ATMs do not meet all

customer’s need.

Secondly, the bank has not a system for handing complains. Therefore,

when it makes a mistake and offer poor service, it can not deal quickly with

the problem.


Finally, some customers in focus group discussion had expressed that

they want to move their services to other bank because they are not happy

with customer service at this bank. Consequently, the bank will lose number

of customers in the future.

2.5.3. The major causes of customer dissatisfaction at Agribank Ha Tinh


There are two main causes for customer dissatisfaction at the bank:

subjective and objective cause. Subjective causes

First, the bank has a large number of customers who need to use service

in a day. With the number of staff limited, they do not meet all their demand

at the same time. Second, bank’s staff work under high pressure, they have to

answer too much questions in a day that make them stress. Therefore, they

sometime ignore customer’s complain. Third,new staffs lack of experience

and patience, so they can not respond quickly all customer’s questions.

Another cause is thatpeople want to have more ATMs at popular place for

them to use ATMs service continently. Thus, the cost of installing ATM is

very expensive. Finally, at Tet holiday and the day which customer paid

salary, there are a lot of people want to use ATM service. Therefore, ATMs

can not meet their demand for withdrawing money Objective causes

There are 4 factors leading objective cause. First of all, many customers

lack of knowledge about internet banking, bank’s service. Secondly,

customers do not take advantage benefits from hotline channel. Therefore,

they had asked too much question. That makes bank’s staff spend more time

to instruct for them. Finally, today, competition between banks growing all

time, other banks such as BIDV, Vietinbank launch new products and services

with lower price to attract customers.





Ingenerally, Agribank Ha Tinh Bracnh gives a good customer service to

customers, but customer’s need is unlimited. Therefore, the branch should

have a good plan to improve the service quality with the aim to enhance

customer satisfaction. Base on the analysis above, I give some

recommendations for helping Agribank Ha Tinh Branch fulfill their

satisfaction as well as give the customer the best customer service.


Developing a system for handling customer’s complain

In American, people seen a complaint as a gift. Customer complaints can

give bank a wake-up call when they are not achieving their fundamental

purpose-meeting customer need. They are a feedbacks mechanism that can

help the bank shift product, service and market focus. Therefore, the bank

should apply this way to get better service. Firstly, the bank needs to have a

system for handing complaints. Besides, the bank needs to train service staff

to deal politely with customers. LEARN routine should be applied when

receiving customer’s complaints:

Listen: when the customer explains the problem, listen carefully and

repeat to check that you have understood. If he does not demand any action,

you will have to suggest a solution.

Empathise: If a customer is very angry about mistake, stay calm. Do not

get angry yourself. Show that you understand how the customer is feeling.

Dealing with customer’s complains often means solving that aren’t your fault


Apologise: sincerely convey to the customer your apology for the way the

situation has made them feel. This is not the time for preachy reason,

justification or excuses, you must apologize.

React: sometime you can not do exactly what the customer would you like to

do. In this situation, you have to say what you can do. You will give the

customer more confidence if you say: “I will”; not “I might” or “I can”.

Notify: Tell management about the problem.


Improving Responsiveness dimension of customer service at Agribank Ha

Tinh Branch

According to survey results as well as data analysis in previous chapter,

Responsiveness dimension is the factor which gets the lowest mark for the

customer’s satisfaction with customer service at the bank. Majority of

customers were not satisfied the willingness of staff to answer question and

the speed with which problems are dealt with. Therefore, I suggest some

recommendations to improve this situation.

A first way is to respond to customer’s needs promptly. If a problem

arises with a customer, respond quickly and calmly to resolve the matter. In

case, customer is irate, the bank employee should work to defuse the situation

and maintain the relationship. Another way is to improve the quality of bank’s

staff. Bank’s staff play an important role in the customer’s satisfaction with

the bank, because they are people who work directly with customers.

Therefore, most staff are trained to deal politely with customer. They need to

extend a friendly welcome when a customer arrives, then follows up with a

sincere thank you after bank service had been rendered. . In addition, they

should have training course from basic to advanced level about dealing with

customer’s complaints. The bank needs to build an equal reasonable policy on

rewards and penalties in order to improve the strict discipline in customer

service area, and to fulfill customer satisfaction.




Establishing more suitable price for bank’s service

As presented in chapter 2, customers in focus group discussion had

expressed that they do not want to continue to use services at the bank

because other banks (such as: BIDV, TP Bank, Vietinbank) are launching

new products and services, they feel that the cost of using them is better in

this bank. Base on complaint’s customers, I suppose some solutions to help

Agribank Ha Tinh branch chose the right price strategy to keep and attract


Firstly, pricing is really difficult to get right and the bank has to think

carefully about different factor. For example, ask: Who are your target

customers? What kind of product and service the bank is providing and what

bank’s customer are ready to spend to that product. Then the bank sets the

price to match. Secondly, look at the competition, the bank sees what bank’s

competitors are asking for the same kind of product and the bank sets its price

at about the same, or lower if the bank want to be competitive. By comparing

the price and fee with others banks service, the branch should carefully

estimate cost to give customers the best price and fee, so that customers will

feel that they are getting mores profit and preferences when using service at

Ha Tinh branch. A third method is that customers do not have to pay fee for

withdrawing money at any ATM of Agribank when using credit card of

Agribank. Another method is that this branch can offer customers some

special discount of service’s fee such as transfer service or payment method

by credit card, loan with low interest and et al. The bank can link with other

service to gain mutual benefit for both side and give customer the best price

with huge discount for 2 services at the same time. Finally, to attract and keep

customers, the branch should give incentives or preferences to long–term


customers who use the bank customer service for a long time as well as big

customers. By the way, the customer who received discount will be more

loyal to the branch.


Improving the quality of bank’s services

The present era of competition has witnessed various large banks like:

BIDV, Vietcombank, TP Bank. Ocean Bank. Therefore, Agribank Ha Tinh has

to set to an extent for technology improvement with product innovations.

Firstly, the bank should improve existing products and services. For

example, deposit: in order to attractive the saving of the customer, the bank

should provide every sort of facility and inspiration to them and collects the

scattered savings of the society. The bank should give a favorable for those

people who deposit their saving for a long time. Loan: The bank should

support people with low income in Ha Tinh province by providing loans with

low interest rate. Internet banking: the bank should ensure the system of

internet banking working effectively so that customers can promote their

account anywhere, anytime, removing the restriction imposed by the

geography and time. Credit card: An electricity card issued by the bank which

can allow bank clients access to their account to withdraw cash or pay for

goods and service at any time and all ATMs with the lowest fee. Besides, the

bank should use customer’s complaints about the quality of products and

services to find the limitation of product.

Secondly, when the bank had existing products and services with high

quality, the bank should focus on expanding market by launching new

products and services with new features. I suggest some steps which help the

bank successfully introduce its new products and service to market. One step

is to study on bank’s competition: The bank has to start by taking a serious

look at your competitors. Check out trade journals, competitor websites and


any other source of information on the products and services that you find.

Use this information to orient bank’s introduction towards the way in which

products is different and better than competition. Second step is to identify

bank’s target customer: Try to pinpoint the age, gender, occupation and social

economic background of your target customer. This customer is the type of

person that the bank should focus on when preparing to launch a new product.

Third step is to create a unique value position byimproving existing features

and add new features in new products . Another step is to get customers to test

new services: Test it with focus groups to determine their response to bank’s

promotion. And final step is to perform marketing strategy before the launch:

Create a public relation program. Ideas include allowing the press to review

bank’s product, writing articles to send to public media, giving interview, and

holding a launch event. The more opportunities the bank has to present its

product to the target market, the more people will know the product and

becoming interested in purchasing it.


Improving auto bank machine at Agribank Ha Tinh branch.

Although the bank has good facilities, majority of customers are

dissatisfied with Auto Bank Machine at the bank. Base on customer’s

complaints, I give some recommendations. First, automatic bank machine

should be equipped doors with full systems of light, electricity, so that

customers will feel safe when they make transactions. Second, auto bank

machines should be located at the popular places where customers can find

parking areas easily, so they do not have to worry about their vehicle when

transacting. And finally, In Tet holiday, the bank should support customers by

customers can withdraw money at the bank.


Developing marketing activities for the bank.

Agribank Ha Tinh branch should regularly conduct survey and research

about customer satisfaction and behavior. They should promote market


research: improving the system of collecting and processing information,







competitors, capable of analyzing, evaluate and process information quickly

and accurately in order to fully exploit the information collected. In addition,

the current channel information need to expand information channels such as:

extract information from the marketing company, learn about competitors.

Banks had better to carry out market research of customer needs. The

collection of accurate information will help to give accurate predictions and

plan an effective strategy. As a result, they will know the change in

customer’s demand, the strengths and weaknesses of customer service from

customers’ view. The bank can deeply understand their customers, and then

they will have clear plan to improve customer satisfaction.



4.1. Major findings of the study

Five dimensions of service quality of the bank were tested in the

study. The majority of customers had expressed their satisfaction with the

overall service that they received from the bank, especially regarding








dissatisfaction with the service dimensions of Responsiveness and Empathy

of the bank services. However, there were few customers who had felt overall

dissatisfied with the bank services.The result of the study call attention to the

need of bankers in identifying effective ways of closing service quality gaps

in order to remain competitive and there are still improvements to be made. In

addition, they can prioritize which gap to focus on. However, satisfying

clients is not an easy task. One of the ways to improve service quality would

be to introduce a complaints handing system in terms speed of response, and

understanding the customer’s specific needs. Making frequent surveys to

know about the customer’s perceptions and expectations and analyze whether

their aims have been achieved or not or relaxing banks closure hours would

also be means to enhance on customer service level.

4.2. Limitations of the study and suggestions for further study

The research mainly focuses on the customer satisfaction with customer

service in banking sector which is a broad term. Agribank Ha Tinh branch is

selected among the other banks. Customer expectation and customer

perception are subjective and are in a state of constant flux and change. The

finding is generalized to a given period, a pre-defined market and economic.

Therefore, the study has a certain limitations. The research is done in the


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Figure 1. Data collected on the level of customer satisfaction with customer service at Agribank Ha Tinh Branch

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