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2. occupy (v): chiếm, chiếm lĩnh, chiếm cứ

3. situate (v): nằm, xây dựng ở

4. paddy field (n): ruộng lúa, cánh đồng, nương lúa

Bài dịch

Dù chỉ là một quốc gia nhỏ bé nhưng trên khắp đất nước tơi có rất nhiều thắng cảnh.

Ở vùng cực nam của đất nước, nơi có tiểu bang Johore, có rất nhiều cảnh sắc đẹp đẽ

và thú vị. Ở Kota Tinggi chẳng hạn có những thác nước tuyệt vời mà hằng ngày có rất

nhiều du khách đến chiêm ngưỡng. Sau đó là Johore Lama, một thắng cánh lịch sử nổi

tiếng. Ở Johore Bahru có một bãi biển đẹp mà nhiều người yêu biển thường ghé đến

mỗi ngày. Ở Batu Pahat, một thị trấn khác của Johore, có Minyak Buku, một phong

cảnh lý thú vùng duyên hải.

Về phía bắc chúng ta đến Malacca, thị trấn cổ xưa nhất mà người châu Âu đã chiếm

đóng tại Malaya trước đây. Có thể thấy trên các tồ nhà ở đây dấu ấn sâu đậm của

người Bồ Đào Nha và Hà Lan.

Xa hơn về phía bắc là cảng Dickson nổi tiếng với những bãi biển đẹp.

Ở Kuala Lumpur thủ đô Malayxia có nhiều thắng cảnh như hang động Batu, vườn thú

và viện bảo tàng. Ngay chính thành phố này cũng là một nơi thú vị cho du khách tham


Một thị trấn xinh đẹp khác là Penang, toạ lạc trên một hòn đảo. Vùng biển quanh đảo

giúp cho Penang trở thành thành phố đẹp nhất của đất nước.

Cuối cùng là những cánh đồng lúa ở vùng cực bắc của đất nước, tạo nên cảnh quan

đẹp mắt và hấp dẫn. Tại vùng biển phía đơng của đất nước cũng có một vài thị trấn

xinh đẹp như Kuantan và Kuala Trengalu. Tất cả những thắng cánh này thật sự làm cho

đất nước chúng tôi trở thành một vùng đất tuyệt vời để sinh sống.

Exercise 1: I went to the concert last night with my


Dear Oanh,

Thank you very much for your letter which arrived a few days ago. It was lovely to

hear from you. I am sorry, I haven’t written for you such along time because I studied

hard to pass the final exam. However, I had agreat weekend more than every when I

went to live concerts last night with my friends. Now, I am writing to tell you how the

wonderful concert is.

It is the beautiful concert I have ever taken part in with many people and the miracle

of sound of piano. As you know, my pianist is Yiruma and in last concert I couldn’t

believe that he appeared in my eyes and gave me a big hug after his performance. I

also listen a soothing music which is played by him and other professional musicians.

Only when I heard his song from the stage I feel anythings around me seem to

disappear and I can fly with many stars on the sky to forget all my fears which I

suffered before.

That is amazing.


Let’s come back to my live concert. It is so cool and until now I can’t forget my feeling

about it. Do you often to go live concerts? What kind of music do you like listening to?

Who is your favourite singer?

I am glad if you tell me about it in the next letter

I look forward to your reply

Your sincerely

Exercise 2: We had dinner at a new restaurant


Dear Oanh,

Thank you very much for your letter which arrived a few days ago. It was lovely to

hear from you.

I think the restaurant which you told me in the letter is very interesting. I also like to

eat out and I usually go to a restaurant for dinner with my family tiwce a month. Our

favourite restaurant is a traditional restaurant in Hang Bong street. It is not big but it

is always busy. There are only afew tables in the restaurant and on each table is a

vase with lovely flowers. There are plants in the room corners. I usually order the

traditional dishes and eat them with rice. For example, fish cooked with sauce, spring

roll,…and vegetable and so on. The food is deliciuous so we enjoy it very much. The

service is also quick and frienfdly . My family always have pleasant evening at our

favourite restaurant.

Shall we go there when you come to visit my family next time?

See you next time.


Exercise 3: Tell me about a teacher from your past

Thank you for our class’ photo you sent me afew days ago. I was so glad to write for

you and tell you about my feeling after I receive it.

That photograph made me remember my old teacher who taught us high school. She

is slim with along hair and blue eyes. Do you remember her? Our enghlish teacher, her

name is Sara. I can’t forget that days when she played game with us in each class and

we sang ‘ Anilmal song’ together. I also remember that She was very sad when our

class didn’t do homework and we felt so guilty with her. Then we studied Enghlish hard

to fix our mistakes and she was so happy. But now she doesn’t still teach Enghlish in

Viet Nam. Ha - our classmates said she came back England with her husband. I hope

she would come to Viet nam, I will meet her because I miss her so much. What about

you? What do you think about her? Have you ever had the old teacher who made you


Please tell me in next letter. I look forward to your reply.



Exercise 4: You went to a party last week, didn't

you? Did you have a good time there? Tell me

about that party.

Dear Linh,

How are you? I hear that you are going to travel with your family next week . I wish

you will have a good time. Last weekend I went to the party arranged to congratulate

Lan. She won competition in her office. That night we had a good time. The party was

arranged at Lan's house. Her mother and sister helped to us to prepare interesting

dinner. We want to make her surprised. There were many people to join this party and

maybe you know some of them. After good meal, we talked and listened romantic

songs and danced together. We had interesting and unforgetable night with friends.

Ahh, Are you going to next Friday? Don't forget to send me some postcards from

places where you will come.

Goodbye and see you after you com back.

Exercise 5: Can you describle the weather in your

country? What's the weather like at the monent?

What outdoor activities are you able to do at this

time of year?

Dear Oanh,

It is so wet here. I am writing to tell you about the weather in my country. In my

country, it is in spring with high humidity. My country is a tropical monsoon climate.

Broadly speaking, the weather in Viet Nam is dicated by two monsoon seasons the

southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October

t late March or early April. Moreover the northeast monsoon effects bring lower

temperatures to my city, Ha noi and all days in Ha noi is in rain. In fact, I am fed up

with rainy day because I can't go out to shopping with my friend. Only thing I can do in

these days is writing letter for you and tell you about the terrible weather here. All my

clothes can't be dry and the way I go to school every day is daubed with mud



Exerise 6: I'm glad you like your job. Tell me about

Dear Oanh,

How are you? Thanks for your letter. I am so happy because you always miss and think

of me. Now, I am working as a teacher in the milytary academy logistics . I start my

working day at 7 pm every morning and finish it at 5 pm. You know I love this job,

right? It has been my dream to become a good teacher for such a long time. I like my

job because I can use my ability and knowledge to finish my work the best. Morever, I


can study valuable experience from colleagues not only about work but also about life.

Now every day is wonderful day with me. And you, your job is very interesting, isn't it?

Let you tell me about it in the next letter

I look forward to hearing from you



Exerise 7: Could you give me some advice? I'm going to spend

my next summer holiday in your country? Where should I go?

What should I see?

Dear Oanh,

How are you? I hope you are fine. I have received your letter asking for my advice for

your next summer holiday in Viet Nam. I am glad to give you some. As you are living

in temperature climate It's a great ideal to have a holiday in tropical country like Viet

Nam. You can experience sunny and windy days here. So, why do you go to Nha trang

beach? It is one of our most beautiful beachs and is in recognition of the world as the

most attactive destination in Viet Nam. I am sure you enjoy bathing in the sunshine

and swimming in freshwater and surfing. If you like, I can help you book a tour for you

to know mre about other interesting places in Nha trang such as temples,

pogodas,...Nha trang is also famous for saefood. Therefore, It is a paradise of food for

you to enjoy. I think this place is good one for you to relax and enjoy yourself and get

rid of worries as well as stress.

Let me know your decision. I hope to see you in Viet Nam as soon as possible




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