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Day 29. Vocabulary test (Лексический тест)

Day 29. Vocabulary test (Лексический тест)

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6) I like ___________ carrots, beets, cabbage. (fruit/vegetable/vegetables)

7) Could we _________ the bill? (take/have)

8) I’ll pay by ____________. I have no cash. (cash/banknotes/card)

9) I feel tired. I have a _______________. (head pain/headache)

10)I like _______________, cakes, chocolate and ice cream. (desert/desserts)

11)What _________ you like to order? (will/would)

12)If you want to lose weight, you should __________ sugar and sweets. (enjoy/avoid/eat)

13)Health is the greatest ____________. (rich/fortune/wealth)

14)Take these pills and you’ll ____________ soon. (retire/recover/redeem)


My grammar is getting better. It is ___________. (strong/improve/improving)

1) The lesson was easy. It wasn’t __________ at all. (interesting/tough/difficult)

2) The teacher has a good figure. He’s _______________. (built/fit/well-built)

3) The teacher is good-looking. It means he is ______________. (pretty/handsome/beautiful)

4) Women like him. It means he is _______________. (beautiful/attractive/smart)

5) Her legs are long. She’s ___________. (long legs/long-legged)

6) She is plump. It means she’s ___________. (slim/fat/full-bodied)

7) Mary is 1.70 cm tall and Ann is 1.55 cm tall. Mary is ________ taller than Ann. (more/less/much)

8) The aliens are ________ smarter and ________ advanced than the humans. (far more/more/much)

9) The ________ Russian is Abramovich. (rich/healthiest/richest)

10)This skirt is very cheap. It’s ________ sale. (in/on/for)

11)Can I try it _________? (on/in/at)

12)How _________ does it cost? (much/many)

13)I need a ___________ to wash my pants. (shop/drugstore/laundry)

14)I need a __________ of milk and a _________ of juice. (box/bottle/carton)

15)It’s simple! ____________ can answer this question! (somebody/nobody/anybody)

16)__________ knows how unhappy I am! I’m so lonely! (somebody/anybody/nobody)

17)If you need some pills, go to the __________. (laundry/post office/drugstore)

18)Where is the ____________ room? (fitting/fitness)


What have you _________? (eat/eaten/ate)

1) Be serious! Stop ___________ me! (crying/kidding)

2) Let’s change the ___________. (subject/object)

3) I have __________ many souvenirs. (buy/buyed/bought)

4) My test results are very good. They are __________. (cool/excellent/fantastic)

5) I have _________ a lovely song. (sing/sung/sang)

6) We have made friends and _________ a lot. (experienced/experience)

7) I’ve never _________ foreign food or __________ in a foreign bar. (ate/eaten/eat, drunk/drink/drank)

8) I’ve never ________ a foreign girl or __________ a foreign car. (kiss/kissed, drove/drive/driven)

9) I’ve always _________ where I am! (knew/known/know)

10)I’ve been as busy as a __________. (bear/beer/bee)

11)I haven’t ____________ TV today. (watch/watched)

12)I have __________ 5 meetings today. (arrange/arranged)

13)I have __________ a video conference. (visited/gone/attended)

14)I have ____________ an important decision. (had/taken/made)

15)I have __________ 2 presentations. (taken/had/given)

16)I have __________ part in an important discussion. (had/given/taken)


17)I have never __________ about it before! (think/thinking/thought)

18)I’ll give you a __________ tomorrow. (calling/ring)

19)I miss you! I _______ you ten times! (hugged/hug)

What have you ________ doing? (been/being)


1) What’s ________? (at/up/in)

2) I _______ to class and _______ on the pavement on some broken glass. (run/ran/run, fall/fallen/fell)

3) I _________ in the corridor and got a ________ eye. (fall/stumbled/stuttered, blue/black)

4) I couldn’t ________ the bus. (go/have/catch)

5) What was her ___________? Lilibet. (first name/last name/nickname)

6) At sixteen we ____________ the army. (went/started/joined)

7) She fell ______ love _______ Prince Philip of Greece. (on/in/out, to/with)

8) Soon after that he _________ the Navy. (lived/left/lost)

9) The marriage was ruined by a divorce. Who was ___________? (blame/to blame/blamed)

10)Both were ______________. (blame/guilty)

11)He _________ lectures on medicine. (use to give/used to give)

12)Biography is about ____________. Geography is about _________. (chaps/maps/taps)

13)He ________ at 65. (retired/was retired)

The food was very good. It was _______________. (delicate/delicious)

1) Have you ever ____________ in the street? (robbed/been robbed)

2) Get ________ the bus and we’ll ______ the sights! (in/at/on, see/do)

3) St. Paul’s Cathedral ______________ in the XI century. (founded/was founded)

4) It ____________ in war times. (damaged/were damaged/was damaged)

5) It _________ by the Great London Fire. (was restored/was destroyed)

6) I’ll go to the _____________. I need a stamp. (laundry/drugstore/post office)

7) Let’s _______ this bridge when we come to it. (go/across/cross)

8) The bus stop is in front of us and you can _______ there by any bus. (go/get/come)

9) What _________ of room do you need? Just a single room. (view/kind)

10)Is breakfast ___________? (include/included)

11)The tap is ____________. (dropping/dripping)

12)The toilet is out of order. It’s ______________. (block/blocked)


Terminator is a ______________. (comedy/soap opera/blockbuster)


1) ______________ sometimes are really scary. (westerns/documentaries/horror films)

2) The actors were brilliant. Their ___________ was very convincing. (play/playing/acting)

3) ____________ tell about great mysteries, discoveries and science. (melodramas/documentaries/commercials)

4) ______________ tell us about new goods and services. (melodramas/documentaries/commercials)

5) I’ve _______ many new words. (learn/learned/learnt)

6) If I find a ___________, I shoot a film. (star/sponsor/manager)

7) If I _______ time, I would learn to skate. (have/had)

8) If I could fly, I _____________ to the sea. (fly/would fly/will fly)

9) I wish I ___________ a movie star! (am/was/were)

10)Your bag is too heavy. It’s ______________. (too heavy/overweight/big weight)

11)Where is our _________ boarding? (plane/flight)

12)Your flight is _________ by 20 minutes. (late/delayed/cancelled)

13)Your flight is boarding at ____________ 25. (door/window/gate)

14)Would you like to _________ this suitcase? No? Then take this _________. (pass/check, bag/receipt/tag)

15)I don’t want an ________ seat. Give me a seat by the window. (passage/side/aisle)


Final test

Day 30. Grammar test (Грамматический тест)

1. Tenses

1. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужном времени.

1) I (travel) to the US every year.

2) I (travel) to the US now for a conference.

3) I (travel) to the US next year.

4) I already (travel) to the US.

5) I (travel) to the US last year.

2. Заполните пропуски нужной формой глагола.

1) He never ____________ to work on Sunday. He always ____________ at home. (go/goes/is going, stay/stays/is


2) ___________ to London? Yes, I (to be) there last year. (were you ever/have you ever been, have been/was)

3) I __________ already many countries and _________ many presents. (visited/have visited/has visited, have bought/

has bought/bought)

4) Look! She ____________. (is dancing/dancing/dances)

5) What ____________ for a living? (do you/are you doing/do you do)

6) Where is she now? What ______________? (does she do/is she doing/she doing)

7) Yesterday he __________ for a walk at 5 p.m. And he ______________ back yet! (has gone out/went out/going out,

didn’t come/hasn’t come/not came)

8) When ________________ school? Last year. (has he finished/did he finish)

9) __________________ to visit you? No, never? (do she ever come/does she ever comes/does she ever come)

10)This year we ___________ 1000 new words and last year we __________ only 500. (learnt/have learnt/had learnt/


11)______ you go to the party with me tomorrow? Maybe I will, maybe I __________. (shall/will, shan’t/won’t)

12)Look! This guy __________ to steal our car! Call the police! (tries/trying/is trying)

13)Mary, I love you so much! _________ marry me? (shall/will)

14)What ___________ I do to make you smile again. (shall/will)

15)They are late again! __________ we go or __________ we wait for them? (shall/will)

16)I know the answer but I __________ going to tell it to you! (don’t/am not)

17)Nobody _________ the answer. (know/knows)

18)There ________ a table, a sofa, a TV and a chair in the room. (is/are)

3. Задайте общий вопрос.

He is a teacher. — Is he a teacher?

1) There is a book on the table.

2) We can do this test ourselves.

3) They can finish this work on time.

4) He should study every day to learn English.

5) They always start work at 8 o’clock.

6) He sometimes goes to work by bus.

7) She has a new car.

8) She is sleeping now.

9) At the moment they are doing a test.


10)He finished school last year.

11)She wrote this letter yesterday.

12)They have already graduated from university.

13)He has just bought a new flat.

14)She has been living here since school.

15)We have been traveling for a month.

16)They will arrive tomorrow.

4. Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1) If you (give) me money tomorrow, I will buy you this book.

2) If you (give) me some money, I would pay it back in May.

3) I wish I (know) him better.

4) I wish I (have) a million dollars.

5) If I had a lot of money, I (give) it all to you.

6) If the weather (be) sunny tomorrow, we will go for a walk.

7) If you (ask) me, I would always help you.

8) I you married me, I (make) you happy.

9) I wish I (be) a bird! If I (be) a bird, I (fly) away from here.

10)If you told me your secret, I (keep) it forever.

2. Conditionals

5. Перепишите предложения в страдательном залоге.

1) Rastrelly built this house for Elisabeth I. 

2) Mary wrote this article yesterday.

3) We will build 5 new houses next year.

4) He told me to go out.

5) He sent her a love letter.

6) She baked this cake yesterday.

7) The teacher told me to go home.

8) Somebody invited me to the party yesterday.

9) She has just published a new book.

10)The shops have already sold all these new books.

3. The Passive Voice

6. Закончите предложения.

1) I haven’t got _____ money but I have ____ friends. (much/many)

2) I don’t know what to say. I have _____ information about this problem. (few/


3) There isn’t _____ milk left. We need to buy more. (much/many)

4) I don’t have _____ furniture in my room but I have _____ books. (much/many)

5) I’m tired. I have too _____ work. (much/many)

6) I’m tired. I study so _____ but I know so _____! (much/many/few/little)

7) Let’s go shopping. There’s __________ food left in the fridge. (much/few/little)

8) Is there any water left in the bottle? Yes, _________. (few/a few/a little)

9) There isn’t _______ coffee in the box. (little/much/many)

10)There aren’t ________ cars in the street today. (much/many/a few)

11)There weren’t _______ children at school yesterday. (many/much/a little)

12)There isn’t _______ time left to get ready for the show. (few/many/much)

13)Give me ______ pencils, please. (few/a little/a few)

14)I don’t have ______ free time. (many/much/little)

15)Is there any water left in the bottle? Yes, ________. (a few/a little)

16)Are there any apples left in the fridge? Yes, ________. (a few/a little)

4. Much or many?

F ew or little? A few

or   a little ?


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Day 29. Vocabulary test (Лексический тест)

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