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2 Tribes Hyoscyameae, Lycieae, and Solaneae

2 Tribes Hyoscyameae, Lycieae, and Solaneae

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R.I. Misico et al.

Plate 3. Solanaceae species of Tribe Datureae: (a) Datura ferox, plant; (b) D. ferox, fruit

(photograph: F. Chiarini); (c) D. inoxia, plant (photograph: M.T. Cosa). Species of Tribe Lycieae:

(d) Lycium chinense, flower; (e) L. chinense, fruits (photograph: B. Liu); (f) L. barbarum, branches

with fruits (photograph: M. Li). Species of Tribe Solaneae: (g) Solanum sisymbriifolium, fruits;

(h) S. sisymbriifolium, flowers (photographs: M.T. Cosa). Species of Tribe Hyoscyameae:

(i) Hyoscyamus niger, flowering branch (photograph: B. Liu). Species not assigned to a tribe:

(j) Deprea sp., Flower (photograph: S. Leiva); (k) Exodeconus maritimus, plant (photograph: E.

Rodrı´guez R.); (l) Salpichroa origanifolia, flowering branch (photograph: G. Barboza)

Withanolides and Related Steroids


Plate 4. Jaborosa spp.: (a) J. rotacea, plant; (b) J. rotacea, flower (photographs: F. Chiarini); (c)

J. leucotricha, plant; (d) J. leucotricha, flowers (photographs: G. Barboza). (e) J. sativa, flowering

branch (photograph: F. Chiarini); (f) J. laciniata, plant and flowers in detail; (g) J. odonelliana,

flower (photographs: G. Barboza); (h) J. caulescens, flower (photograph: A.A. Cocucci);

(i) J. kurtzii, flowers (photograph: G. Barboza); (j) J. reflexa, plant; (k) J. reflexa, flowers

(photographs: G. Barboza); (l) J. bergii, fruits; (m) J. bergii, flower (photographs: A.A. Cocucci);

(n) J. magellanica, plant (photograph: G. Barboza)


R.I. Misico et al.

withanolides appear repeatedly in different species, such as the sativolides, trechonolides, spiranoid withanolides at C-22, and spiranoid-g-lactones (Figs. 2 and 3).

The trechonolides, sativolides, and spiranoid withanolides at C-22 are exclusive

to species in Jaborosa section Lonchestigma. The trechonolides are the most

widespread in the genus, being present in nine species (J. araucana, J. caulescens,

J. laciniata, J. lanigera, J. leucotricha, J. magellanica, J. parviflora, J. rotacea, and

J. sativa); sativolides appear in J. caulescens, J. rotacea, and J. sativa, while the

spiranoid withanolides at C-22 are only present in J. kurtzii and J. rotacea.

Spiranoid-g-lactones have been isolated from J. odonelliana, J. runcinata and

J.integrifolia (unpublished data), all belonging to Jaborosa sect. Jaborosa. Only

one spiranoid-g-lactone, jaborosalactone 2, was obtained from J. araucana (section

Lonchestigma). As was stated in Sect. 5.4.3., the structural similarity of jaborosalactone 2 with trechonolide A, both present in J. araucana, suggests that

these compounds may have a common biosynthetic precursor, and probably this

species could be a link between section Jaborosa and section Lonchestigma.

Other distinctive variations with modified skeletons are the withanolides and

related steroids with an aromatic ring D, the nicandrenoids isolated from Nicandra,

and the salpichrolides from Salpichroa (Plate 3, l). Moreover, both genera exhibit

the same d-lactol side chain at C-17. In spite of this chemical similarity, Nicandra

and Salpichroa are not phylogenetically close (10).

Nicandra has been suggested as being close to Exodeconus (10) (Plate 3, k).

Although the withanolides isolated from Exodeconus have an unmodified skeleton

and the major components of Nicandra have an aromatic ring D, all the withanolides found in both genera share the same 1-oxo-2-ene-5a-hydroxy-6a,7a-epoxy

substitution pattern in rings A and B. In this case, the phytochemical evidence

coincides with the phylogenetic proposal. Salpichroa and Jaborosa have traditionally been placed in tribe Jaboroseae (9). However, the phylogenetic evidence

proposes Salpichroa in a clade informally named “Salpichroina”, from which

Jaborosa is excluded. Again, chemical information supports this proposal.

Despite the fragmentary chemical contribution described in this section of the

chapter, it is evident that a large and species-rich study in Solanaceae in both

molecular and phytochemical aspects would provide a better comprehension of

the relationships among the species contained therein.

Acknowledgments We thank CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad de

Co´rdoba for financial support.


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Withanolides and Related Steroids


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