Tải bản đầy đủ - 152 (trang)
Matching. Reading the gialogue.

Matching. Reading the gialogue.

Tải bản đầy đủ - 152trang

- man - like creature n: sinh vËt gièng ngêi translation
- mysterious adj: bÝ hiÓm definition: difficult or impossible to explain
- flying saucer n: ®Üa bay synonym: UFO
Checking vocabulary: What and where
- Write the new words on the board, one word in each circle.
- Ask students to repeat the words chorally then rub out word by word but leave the circles.
- Go on until all the circles are empty. - Get students to go to the board and write the words
again in the correct circles.

II. Matching.

- Get students to do exercise 6a on page 88 - Have students read the outline of an exposition in
column A and put the paragraphs in column B in order to match the sections in A.
Pair work
Answer keys 1. Introduction: I dont believe there exist UFOs even
though many newspapers talk a lot about them. 2. Body: Firstly, flying saucers might be aircrafts,
balloons, clauds or tricks of light. Secondly, thre are not enough photos showing clearly the shapes of the UFOs.
Moreover, if ther are UFOs, there will certainly be traces of their landing on the ground.
Individual work
Pair work
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
107 imagination
mysterious trick
flying saucer
man-like creature
3. Conclusion: There fore, UFOs are just the imagination of some writers and they do exist only in
films for entertainment.

III. Reading the gialogue.

- Have students read the dialogue between An and Ba about the existence of UFOs.
- Give students some questions to make sure they understand the dialogue.
Comprehension questions. 1 Does An believe there are UFOs?
NO, he doesnt 2 Does Ba believe in UFOs?
Yes, he does 3 What does An think about UFOs?
He thinks that it might be peoples imagination
While writing
4. Why does Ba think UFOs exist? Because newspapers talk a lot about UFOs and many
people around the world say they have seen flying saucers Pair work
Indivual work
Pair work 5. What evidece makes Ba believe in UFOs?
There are are plenty of photos of them and the mysterious circles on the fields
- Call on some students to ans wer the questions. - Correct their ans wers.
- Ask dtudents to practice asking and answering inpairs.
Writing: - Get students to use Bas opinion to write an
exposition about the existence of UFOs. - Let students write the exposition individually then
share with their partners and correct mistakes by themselves.
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
Post writing Suggested writing:
I believe UFOs exist because articles and reports in
newspapers talked a lot about their appearance. T-whole class
First, many people from different countries reported that once saw flying saucers.
Second, there are many photos of flying saucers and some of the photographers said thay saw man - like
creatures get out of the saucers. Moreover, people are discussing the mysterious
circles on the fields in the countryside of Great Britain. So I think UFOs are not humans imagination.They
are real; and we should be ready to welcome their visits. Correction:
- Collect some writings to correct the mistake before the class.
- Call on some students to read aloud their writhings Individual
Homework - Get students to write an exposition, using Ans
unit 10 : life on other planets
Lesson 5: Section: - Listen
page 3
Period 67: - Language Focus 1-2
Listening for details to complete a table and further practice in modal verbs - may, might.
By the end of the lesson, SS will be able to know more about the moon by listening and relative pronouns who - which - that
Teaching aids
Text books, pictures.
Stage Steps Activities
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
Warm-up Sharks attack:
- Prepare a shark or a crocodile and a school girl boy on cards.
- Draw some steps on the board, then stick the girl boy on top of the steps, the shark is in the sea around the
steps. - Draw 4 gaps for the word: MOON.
- Get students into teams or ask them as a whole class. They have to try to guess the letter. If their guess is
right, they will get one mark The girl boy stands till. - The game continues until students find out all the
letters of the word MOON and the shark cant eat the girl boy.
T- whole class
Pre lestening - The game can go on with the words:
• temperature
• lake
• mountain

I. Pre - teach vocabulary

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Matching. Reading the gialogue.

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