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Defining and non defining Relative clauses: Matching.

Defining and non defining Relative clauses: Matching.

Tải bản đầy đủ - 152trang

Warm-up Pelmaism:
- Prepare twelve cards with number on one side and
the words on the other. -Stick the cards on the board so that the students can
only see the numbers, make sure the words are mixed up in pairs.
- Divide the class into two teams. Each team choose two numbers.
- Turn over 2 cards at a time. If they match that team gets one mark. If not, turn the cards over again and ask the
next team. - Continue until all the cards are turned over.
Kangaroos Tokyo
Lang Son Sacramento Pompeli
Italy Neil
Armstrong Japan
Australia The USA
Ky Cung California
Presentation I. Pre-teach vocabulary
- sweep - swept - swept: quét, cuốn đi, tràn quan. mime
- destroy v: ph¸ hủ define: pull down or break to pieces
- extensive adj: lín, réng lín synonym: wirde, large
- border v: tiÕp gi¸p víi visual
T-whole class
Checking vocabulary: Rub out and rubber. - Rub out the words one at a time. Each time you rub
out the word in English, point to the Vietnamese, ask students to repeat in English. When all the English words
are rubbed out, go through the Vietnamese list and get
students to call out the English words.

II. Defining and non defining Relative clauses:

- Give students two pairs of sentences and ask them to use Relative pronoun who or which to combine them.
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
1. The Novel has been lost. You gave me the novel on my birthday.
= The novel which you gave me on my birthday has been lost.
2.Vietnam exports rice. Vienam is in the Southeast Asia.
= Vietnam, which is in the Southeast Asia, exports rice.
- Help students distinguish between defining and non - defining Relative clauses.
-Defining Relative clauses identify nouns, these clauses tell us which person or thing the speaker means.
- Non - defining Relative clauses give more information about a person or thing already identified.
When we write these clauses, we put commas at the beginning of the clausw and often at the end of the
clause We cannot use
that in a non - defining Relative clause.
In a non - defining Relative clause we cannot leave out who or which.
Practice Recognizing non- defining Relative clauses
- Have students to do the exercise in Language Focus 3 on page 82.
- Ask students to underline the Relative clause in each sentence, then add commas to separate the non
defining Relative clause from the rest of the sentence. - Get students to work in pairs, then ask some
students to write the sentences on the board. Pair work
Answer keys: b. Kangoroos, which come from Australia, have long
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
c. Ba, who lives in Trang Tien Street, likes playing the guitar.
d. The novel that you gave me on my birthday has been lost.
e. Neil Armstrong, who first walked on the moon, lives in the USA.
f. The chair that I bought yesterday is broken defining Relative clause.
g. Mrs. Lien, who sings very well, is my English teacher.

III. Matching.

- Have students do the exercise in Language Focus 2 on page 81-82.
Individual work
- Ask students to match each of the sentences in column A with a related sentence in column B, then use a
suitable relative pronoun to join them. - Get students to work individually, then share with
their partners. Pair work
Answer keys: 1-e: Andrew is flying to Sacramento, which is the
capital city of California. 2-g: It snowed in Lang Son, which is on the Ky Cung
River, in the Winter of 2002. 3-f: Pompeii, which is an ancient city of Italy, was
completely destroyed in AD 79 by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
4-a: Hurricane Andrew, which swept through southen Folirida in August 1992, killed 41 people and made more
than 200,000 homeless.
5-c: The cyclone of November 1970 in Bangladesh, which is bordered by the Bay of Bengal on the south, was
one of the worst natural disasters of the 20
century. 6-d. The most disastrous earthquake in Japanese
history, which occured in 1923, damaged Tokyo and
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
Yokohama and killed about 150,000 people. 7-b: The October 1989 Loma Pieta earthquake, which
measured 7.1 on the Rich ter scale, caused extensive damage to oldr builings in San Francisco Bay area.
Production Writing:
- Have students rewrite the sentences in Language
Focus 3 exercise on page 82. - Ask students to replace each underlined clause with
their own clause. - Let students use facts or their imagination.
Ex: a. Vietnam, which is a small country, exports rice.
b. Kangaroos, which are called Chuot tui in
Vietnamese, have long tails. c. Ba, who is my best friend, likes palying the guitar
d. defining e. Neil Armstrong, who is a famous astronaut, lived in
the USA. f. defining
g. Miss. Lien, who teaches us English, is a beautiful
Homework - Have students write some more about 5 sentences
with non - defining relative clauses
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
unit 10 : life on other planets

I. Aim

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Defining and non defining Relative clauses: Matching.

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