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Aim Language focus Vocabulary Verbs: Unit Allocation

Aim Language focus Vocabulary Verbs: Unit Allocation

Tải bản đầy đủ - 152trang

unit 7 : saving energy

I. Aim

Helping students: - to give and response to suggestions.
- to write a speech - to discuss the solution to saving energy.

II. Language focus

1. Connectives: and, but, because, or, so, therefore, however. 2. Phrasal verbs: turn off, turn on, look for, look after...
3. Structures for making suggestions.

III. Vocabulary Verbs:

Adjectives: Nouns:
to account for efficient
bill pipe
to conserve effectively
bulb plumber
to drip energy saving
car pool quarter
to install nuclear
category resource
to label ordinary
chopstick source
to receive profitable
crack to replace
recent faucet
to suggest regular regularly household
adv separate
infrastructure solar
innovation solid

V. Unit Allocation

Lesson 1 1 Before you read
2 Listen and Read Reading a dialogue for details about saving
water. Lesson 2
3 Speak Praticing making and responding to suggestions.
Lesson 3 5 Read
Reading a text about saving energy Lesson 4
6 Write Writing a speech about saving energy
Lesson 5 Language Focus 3
4 Listen Listening to a text for details and further practice
on making suggestions. Lesson 6
Language Focus 1-2 Further Practice on connectives and phrasal verbs.
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
unit 7: saving energy
Lesson 1: Section: - Before you read page 57
Period 43: - Listen and read page 57, 58
Reading a dialogue for details about saving water.
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the dialogue and about the ways to save energy
Teaching aids
Text books, posters, pictures.
Stage Steps Activities
Work arrangement
Warm-up Chatting:
- Have students look at the picture on page 57 or show the picture on the board and ask some questions so
that they can understand the picture. Is the TV on?
Who is watching TV? Is the light still burning?
What happens to the faucets? Should we turn the TV off?
Must we pay for water and electricity we use in our home?
What should we do to save energy? T-whole class
Pre-reading 1. Pre-teach vocabulary
- water bill n: hoá đơn tiền n realia
- enormous adj: khỉng lå, to lín synonym
- reduce v: gi¶m T-whole class
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
- plumber n: thợ sửa chữa đờng nớc picture
- crack n: vết nứt, gẫy visual
- dripping faucet n: vòi nớc bị rỉ nhá giät picture visual
Checking vocabulary: Rub out and Remember
- Get students to copy the words in their books. - Ask students to repeat the words chorally.
T-whole class
Rub out the words one a time. Each time you rub out an English word but leave the Vietnamese translation.
- When all the English words are rubbed out, go through the Vietnamese list and get students to call out the
English equivalent.
- Get students to come to the board and write the English words again.
- Check and focus on the spelling. 2. TF statements prediction.
Set the scene: Mr. Ha is talking to his neighbor, Mrs. Ha, and Mr. Ha looks very worried.
Now, work in pairs and guess about the conservation between them.
-Hang the poster of statements on the board and ask students to guess which statements are true and which are
false. a. Mrs. Ha is worried about his water bill.
Pair work b. Mrs. Mi gives Mr. Ha advice on how to save water.
c. Mrs. Ha has checked the pipes in her house and found no cracks.
d. A plumber is a person who repairs electric appliances.
e. Mr. Robinson suggests taking showers because they can save water.
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que – Thanh Luong Secondary School
While reading

I. Reading and checking prediction.

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Aim Language focus Vocabulary Verbs: Unit Allocation

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