Tải bản đầy đủ - 18 (trang)
Pre- teach vocabulary - spacecraft n: tàu vũ trụ picture

Pre- teach vocabulary - spacecraft n: tàu vũ trụ picture

Tải bản đầy đủ - 18trang

Lesson 1: Section
- Before you read page 83 Period 63:
- Listen and read page 83-84 I. AIM
Reading a text about UFOs for details to complete the notes.


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about UFOs.


Text books, pictures.
Steps Activities Work
arrangement Warm-up
Guessing words: - Have students guess three words.
- Give students the number of the letters of each word and give the definitions so that students can guess the words.
1 ---------------------------------------------------------------- This word has 12 letters. It is the opposite of identified.
2 -------------------------------------------------------------- This word has 6 letters. It means moving through the air as a
birth does. 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------
This word has 7 letters. It is in form. It means a thing that can be seen or touched.
Answer keys: 1. Unidentified
2. Flying  UFOs Vật thể bay không xác định 3. Objects
Chatting: - Show the picture on page 83 to the students and ask them some
questions about UFOs What can you see in the pictures?
What do we call them in Vietnamese? Do you know another word for UFOs?
flying saucer Do you thing they really exist?
Have you ever seen any films on UFOs? Do you want to see a UFO? What do you want to know about
UFOs? If you saw an UFOs, what would you do?

I. Pre- teach vocabulary - spacecraft n: tàu vũ trụ picture

- meteor n: sao băng visual, picture - evidence v: bằng chứng
definiton: anything that makes clear, shows or proves - alien n: người ở hành tinh khác
T-whole class
T-whole class
T-whole class
While reading
definition: person on other planets - capture v: bắt
synonym: catch by force arrest - device n: dụng cụ, thiết bị translation
- claim v: đòi quyền, nhận là translation Checking vocabulary: what and where
- Have students repeat the words chorally then rub out word by word but leave the circles. Remember to let students repeat
before and after rubbing out each word. - Go on until students can remember the words
- Get students to write the words again in the correct circles. II. Guessing the meaning of the words:
- Get students to read the text and find the words in the text that have the meanings given in 2 a on page 84:
- Ask students to work in pair. - Give feedback
Answer keys: 1. proof, support = evidence
2. falling star or shooting star = meteor 3. unknownstrange people or thing = aliments
4. bringing together or gathering = collecting 5. caught as a prisoner = captured
6. because impossible to see = disappeared III. Complete the notes
- Have students to do exercise 2b on page 84 - Get students to read the text again and complete the notes. They
have to work individually then compare with their partners. - Call on some students to read aloud their sentences.
Answer keys: UFO Sightings:
a An aircraft , a weather balloon or a meteor can be mistaken
for a alien spacecraft b In 1947, a pilot saw nine large round objects traveling at
about 2.800 meters an hours. c There were over 1.500 UFO sightings worldwide in 1952
d In 1954, a woman and her children saw a UFO above their house.
e A farmer saw an egg- shaped object in one of his fields and also aliens collecting soil samples in 1964.
f In 1971, two men claimed they were captured by aliens
Pair work
Group work
Individual work
Pair work
Spacecraft Spacecraft
Captur e
Alien Claim
Device Meteor
Post reading
Home work
and taken aboard a spacecraft. g A pilot and his plane disappeared after sighting an UFO in
1978. h In 1981, a Frenchman reported that he saw a plate – like
device at a treetop 30 meters away from his garden. Discussion:
- Have the whole class discuss the topic “UFOs” - Choose good students to be the leader.
- Get the leader to make a summary of the evidence of the existence of UFOs and then discuss with his her friends.
- Give the leader some questions for him her to ask his her friends.
Do you believe in Kenneth Arnold, or the woman who saw a UFO above her house?
Have you ever seen a picture of an alien? Can you imagine what the aliens are like? Are they small or big? Are they
intelligent? If yes Why do you think so?
- Have students write the notes on page 84 in their notebook.
Whole class
Lesson 2: Section
- Speaker page 85
Period 64: I. AIM
Practice speaking about Mars.


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Pre- teach vocabulary - spacecraft n: tàu vũ trụ picture

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