Tải bản đầy đủ - 30 (trang)
Post ’ writing: Homework: remark :

Post ’ writing: Homework: remark :

Tải bản đầy đủ - 30trang

Ss: raise the hand to do . T: comment and correct any necessary
mistakes. Then give suggested answer.
T: tell ss to choose one topic in the book to write a speech.
Ss: choose and write T: ask ss to compare the writing with a
friend inorder to comment and check their writing.
Ss: listen and do as the request.
Preparing and delivering a speech. Choose one of the topics in the book:
Reducing garbage, Reusing paper and Saving energy in the kitchen
and then prepare a speech for the class.

4. Post ’ writing:

Teacher’s and Students’ activities Content of the activities
T: call on some Ss to deliver their speech before the class
Ss: raise the hand to do. T: give comments and Ss’ performance
regarding pronunciation, body language eye contact
Ss: listen carefully. Suggested answer:
Reducing garbage:
Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming here today. I m
’ Proffessor Hung. President of Friends
of the Earth. I m going to tell you about ’
the ways of reducing ga bage. AS we know that reducing garb age is
necessary. We can reduce garbage by : •
Collecting plastic bags •
Not keeing solid waste with food waste.
• Putting different kinds of waste in
different places. I hope that you will be able to find the
most suitable way to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.
Reusing paper :
Good evening everybody. I m glad to b e ’
here this evening. My name is Nam. I come from grade 9A. I m going to tell
’ you about reusing paper.
There are three ways to reuse paper. Firstly, we should have separate
wastebasket for waste paper. Secondly, we should keep sheets with single
printed paper for drafting. If you follow these simple rules, not
TiÕng Anh 9 – 2008 – 2009
only wll you save money, but also the environment will be cleaner.
Saving energy in th kitchen : Hi every body. It s pleasure to be here
’ with you today. My name is Long. Our
topic today is ways of saving energy in the kitchen.
Saving energy is our responsibility. We can save energy in the kitchen by :
• Turning off the lights
• Preparing food carefully before
turning on stove. •
Keeping refrigerator door close. If you follow these simple rules, not only
will you save money, but also the natural resources will be preserved.
Chould use Ss speech ’

5. Homework:

T: ask ss to write a speech on smt at home. Prepare the next lesson “ Unit 7 : Language focus”
Ss: listen and note down .

D. remark :

Unit 7 : saving energy
Period 48 – language focus
Date of planning : B.
objective : 1. Knowledge: By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know how to know some
grammar points in this unit such as : + common connectives, phrasal verbs, and suggestion
2. Skill : Use grammatical points in communication and doing exercises B. teaching aids: chalks and book.

c. procedure:

1. Warm up :

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Post ’ writing: Homework: remark :

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