Tải bản đầy đủ - 69 (trang)
Objectives: Teaching aids: Time: Teaching procedure: Steps

Objectives: Teaching aids: Time: Teaching procedure: Steps

Tải bản đầy đủ - 69trang

Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ

I. Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, Ss know how to - Ask for and give information about their home village
- Develop listening and speaking skills

II. Language contents: 1. Grammar:

- Simple Present - Simple Past

2. Vocabulary: III. Technique:

Question – answer

IV. Teaching aids:

Picture, cards.

V. Time:

45 minutes

VI. Teaching procedure: Steps

Warm-up Asking Ss some questions about the countryside:
+ Where is your home village? + What can you see on the way to your village?
+ How far is it from the city? + Are there any interesting places in your village?
- Having Ss read the questions in exercise a – page 24, work in pairs, ask and answer about their partner’s home
village, using information in the box. - Telling Ss to cover the role that they don’ts play.
Example: A: Where is your home village?
B: It’s to the west of the city.
Grade 9 30 Teacher:
Ngun ThÞ Thu Hun
Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
A: How far it is from the city? B: It’s about 15 kilometers from the city.
A: How can your get there? B: We can get there by bus.
A: How along does it take to get there? B: It takes an hour.
A: What do the people do for a living in your village? B: They plant rice and raise cattle.
A: Does you village have a river? B: There aren’t any rivers, but there is a big lake.
- Asking some opairs to perform their dialogue in front of the class.
- Giving remarks
- Teaching some new words: a route – a pond – parking lot = car park – to pick someone up
- Introducing the text: You will listen to the trip to Ba’s village
- Asking Ss to look at the map, guessing where the places on the map are and compare with their partners.
- Writing their guesses on the board.
While-listening - Having SS listening to the tape and check their
predictions. - Matching the places on the bus route with the letter on the
map is and compare with their partners. - Giving feedback:
Answer: A banyan tree
B airport C highway No 1
D Dragon bridge E Gas station
F store G pont
H bamboo forest I parking lot
- Asking Ss to show each other the bus route they have just
Grade 9 31 Teacher:
NguyÔn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn Lễ
listened to.
Homework: - Learn by heart new words.
- Prepare next lesson: Unit 3 Lesson 3 Read
Grade 9 32 Teacher:
Ngun ThÞ Thu Hun
Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
Date of planning: 241008 Period 18
Lesson 4: READ + L. F 4

A. aim

By the end of the lesson, Ss will able to understand the text in details.and develop reading skill.
Teaching aids: Textbooks

B. Procedure. I.Warmup.: Brainstorm

• possible answers: - raise cattle
feed the chicken
grow maize
collect the eggs
II.Pre-reading 1. vocabulary
Maizen bap translation Completev hoan thanh synonym finish
Hamburgersn banh mi tron kep thit explanation Hot dogs n xuc xich translation
2. Set the scence Van is an exchange student. He is from HCM city. He is now studying in the USA. He is
living with the Parker family on a farm outside Columbus, Ohio. - Having Ss tell the class what they know about life in the country, on the farm – what do the
people do? How do they relax? pair word
III.While-reading - Asking Ss to read the text to answer the questions:
Grade 9 33 Teacher:
Ngun ThÞ Thu Hun
33 Things are on the
Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
1. How long will Van stay there? 2. What do Mr. and Mrs. Paker do?
3. How many children do they have? 4. What does Van do after finishing his homework?
5. How does the Parker family spend their weekend?
- Giving feedback: 1. He will stay there till the beginning of October.
2. Mr. Parker is a farmer and Mrs. Parker works part time at a grocery store. 3. Two girls.
4. He feeds the chicken and collects their eggs. 5. They eat hamburger or hot dog while they watch Peter play.
- Asking Ss to work in pairs read the text and match the words in column A with the explanation in column B.
- Giving feedback. Answer: maize corn
Feed give food to eat Grocery store where people buy food and small things
Part-time shorter or less than standard time Collect bring things together.
- Asking Ss to read the summary and then the text, complete the summary, using the information from the passage pair work
- Asking one student to read the complete summary in front of the class. Answer:
a. Ohio 2. Farmer 3. works part-time at a grocery store 4. Petter 5. Sam 6. After 7. farm
8. They watch 9. Baseball 10. member - Correcting their mistakes.
IV. Post-reading L. F 4
Give the form, use and meanings of “so” Form: A clause , so + a clause of results
Use: express the result of the statement before Meaning: do do
Have ss match the half - sentences
Give feedback
Let ss to copy down
 Write the summary into the notebook.
 Prepare next lesson: Unit 3Lesson 5 Write
Grade 9 34 Teacher:
Nguyễn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn Lễ
Date of planning: 271008 Period 19
Lesson 5:WRITE

A. aim By the end of the lesson, Ss can write a paragraph describing a story

happened in the past – a picnic in the countryside and develop writing skill Teaching aids: Textbooks, poster
- Ask Ss to answer some questions about going on a picnic + Have you ever gone a picnic?
+ When did you go? + How did you get there?
+ What did you come back? + Did you enjoy it?
1. Pre-teach vocabulary: Blanket n cai chan,
-to play out v trai –to gather v gom
-site n noi , cho 2. Set the scence
- Ask Ss to look at the picture and read the cues. - Have Ss to describe the picture to their partners.
- Ask SS to tell what they can see in each picture.
- Ask Ss to write a passage entitled “A country picnic” - Ask Ss to use the picture and cues to write the passage:
It was a beautiful day, my friends and I decided to go on a picnic. We took a bus to the countryside and then walked about 20 minutes to the picnic site next to the
river. We put down the blanket and laid out the food. After meal we played the
Grade 9 35 Teacher:
Ngun ThÞ Thu Hun
Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
games “What song is it?” and blind man’s buff. Late in the afternoon we went fishing. We enjoyed our picnic. When we looked at the time, it was nearly 6.30pm.
We hurriedly gathered our things and ran to the bus stop. We were lucky to catch the last bus and we arrived home very late in the evening.
IV.Post writing - Ask Ss to compare with their partner and correct if they can.
- Choose some writings to correct in front of the class.
- Write their passage in the notebook - Prepare next lesson: Unit 3Lesson 6: Language Focus.
Grade 9 36 Teacher:
Nguyễn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn LÔ

I. Objectives:

Tài liệu bạn tìm kiếm đã sẵn sàng tải về

Objectives: Teaching aids: Time: Teaching procedure: Steps

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