Tải bản đầy đủ - 69 (trang)
Teaching aids: Teaching steps:

Teaching aids: Teaching steps:

Tải bản đầy đủ - 69trang

Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
Lesson 2: Speak 45 min

I. Objectives: 1. Competencies:

- Develop speaking skill. - Ask answer about the hobby and the habits of dressing.

2. Language focus: a. Grammar:

- The Simple Present Tense - The Simple Past Tense

b. Vocabulary: - A colorful T-shirt; a plaid skirt; a plain suit; a short-sleeved; blouse; a

sleeveless sweater; a striped shirt; baggy pants; faded jeans; blue shorts. II. Techniques:
Brainstorming; questions – answers; guessing

III. Teaching aids:

Cassette; cassette recorder; illustrating pictures; ohp; pictures; visual aids; laptop; flashcards; colored chalk.

IV. Teaching steps:

Steps Teacher’s activities
Student’s activities Warm – Up
Pre-speaking - Asking students to answer some
questions about clothes: 1. What type of clothing do you
wear at school? 2. What’s this? It’s a skirt a blouse

- Introducing some new words referred to kinds of clothiers.
- Asking some questions: 1. What do you usually wear on the
weekends? 2. Why are you wearing these clothes?
- Listening to the teacher’s questions and answer.
- Looking at the new words and repeats after the teacher.
- Learning the new vocabularies. - Answering the questions in pairs.
Grade 9 15 Teacher:
NguyÔn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn Lễ
3. What is your favorite type of clothing? Why?
4. School uniform: is it comfortable? 5. What color is it?
- Asking them to match the pictures the given words.
- Matching thru picture with the words.
Key: a. A sleeveless sweater 5
b. A striped shirt 6 c. A plain suit 3
d. Faded jeans 8 e. A short-sleeved
f. A blouse g. Baggy pants 7
h. A plaid skirt 2 i. Blue shorts 9
Practice While-
speaking Controlled
practice - Letting the students to ask each other
in groups about their habit of dressings.
- Correcting their mistakes in spelling. - Calling some groups to present their
interview before class. - SS ask the members of the other
group about the clothes they wear on the weekend.
- Presetting their interview before class.
Reproduction Post-
speaking - Asking the students to answer the
questions : 1. What type of clothing do you wear
on tet holiday? 2. What would you wear to a party?
- Asking them to summarize what kind of clothes they usually wear at school,
at the party or on Tet holidays. - Answering the questions.
- Summarizing the habit of dressing on special occasion.
Consolidatio n
- Making up another conversation between you and your friend referred
to the habits of dressing on special occasion.
- Reminding them the questions “What is your favorite type of clothing?”
Homework - Doing exercise 3, 4 workbook
page 14.15
Grade 9 16 Teacher:
NguyÔn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn Lễ
- Explaining the way how to do the exercises.
Lesson 3: Listen 45 min

I. Objectives: 1. Competencies:

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Teaching aids: Teaching steps:

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