Tải bản đầy đủ - 69 (trang)
Teaching aids: Teaching steps:

Teaching aids: Teaching steps:

Tải bản đầy đủ - 69trang

Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
- Explaining the way how to do the exercises.
Lesson 3: Listen 45 min

I. Objectives: 1. Competencies:

- Developing reading skills. - Listening for realistic information about some event.

2. Language focus:

a. Grammar: Passive construction of past simple.
b. Vocabulary: Attention; special; announce; entrance; wear; long-sleeved blouse;
information desk. II. Techniques:
Brainstorming; Questions – answers; guessing.

III. Teaching aids:

Cassette; Cassette recorder; illustrating pictures; OHP; Pictures; Laptop; Flash cards; colored chalk.

IV. Teaching steps:

Steps Teacher’s activities
Student’s activities
Warm – Up Presentation
Pre-speaking - Introducing the pictures divided into
three groups of different clothes. - Asking them some questions to
remind them the vocabulary questions: 1. What do you call these clothes in
English? 2. Have you ever worn them?
- Introducing the situation of the - Looking at the pictures and
discuss their names on groups. - Answering the questions.
- VOC: trousers; shorts; skirt; blouse; sandals; shoes; boots
- Yes, we have - Listening to the situation.
Grade 9 17 Teacher:
Ngun ThÞ Thu Hun
Trêng THCS S¬n LƠ
coming announcement. “Mary, a three-year-old girl is
reported missing at the Car Fair” - Asking them to listen and catch up
with the information “What is Mary wearing?”
- Listening, and then catching up with the necessary information.
While- listening
- Playing cassette twice without pause. - Letting them guess in pairs “What is
Mary wearing?”, then compare with the pictures.
- Marking the correct pictures. - Play cassette again.
- Letting them make a good choice. - Listening to the cassette.
- Doing pair work. - Marking the pictures.
- Listening again. - Making a good choice.
Tape script: Attention please. Here is a special
announcement. A little girl is reported missing. She was last
seen 20 minutes ago near the main entrance to the Car Fair. Her
name’s Mary and she are 3 year old. She has short dark hair. She is
wearing shorts-blue shorts and a long-sleeved white blouse. She’s
wearing a pair of shoes – brown shoes. She may be carrying a
large doll. If you see Mary, please bring
her to the information desk. Her father’s waiting for her there.
Thank you.
Post- listening
- Asking the students to compare their choices with partner.
- Calling some students to give the answer.
- Giving them the key - Comparing their choice with
partner. - Saying the choices before class.
- Listening to the key and correct. KEY:
1. She’s wearing blue shorts. 2. She’s wearing a long-sleeved
white blouse. 3. She’s wearing brown shoes.
Consolidatio n
- Repeating the words referred to clothes by looking at the pictures.
- Reminding them the passive
Grade 9 18 Teacher:
Nguyễn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn Lễ
structure. Homework
- Doing exercise 5, 6 workbook page 16,17
- Explaining the way how to do the exercises.
Grade 9 19 Teacher:
NguyÔn Thị Thu Huyền
Trờng THCS Sơn Lễ
Lesson 4: Read 45 min

I. Objectives: 1. Competencies:

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Teaching aids: Teaching steps:

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