Tải bản đầy đủ - 96 (trang)
Pre “ writing: While “ writing: Post “ writing :

Pre “ writing: While “ writing: Post “ writing :

Tải bản đầy đủ - 96trang

Note: The words must be correctly spelled and related to the topic.

3.2. Pre “ writing:

- Explain the definition of an argumentative writing
“ In writing, there is a argumentative writing
which presents one s ideas, opinions and ’
make them persuasive to readers. At the same time, this kind of writing has to
successfully protect the opinions and refuse the opposite once. An argumentative writing
should basically consist of three parts: introduction, body and conclusion
” - Implicit the outline and the functions of
three main parts in an argumentative exposition through matching exercise. Ask Ss
to read the outline of an expression in column A. then put the paragraph in column B in
order to match the section in column A. T: Call on some Ss to read the answers
- Further explain the outline and give correct answers

3.3. While “ writing:

- Ask Ss to work in pairs and read the
Mercury Venus
Earth Mars
Jupiter Saturn
Uranus Neptune
Pluto Sun
Sun ……..
- Whole class and pair work.
- Read and match.
aMatching: Answers:
+ Introduction - ii + Body - iii
+ Conclusions - i a. Read the dialogue
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 82 -
dialogue between An and Ba about the sentence of UFOs. Make sure Ss understand
the dialogue especially Ba’s opinions about existence of UFOs.
- Tell Ss to use Ba s opinions in the dialogue
’ to write exposition independently
- Go around the class and pick up some typical writings to read aloud and have some
necessary corrections - Give suggested answers

3.4. Post “ writing :

- Ask Ss to work in pair and introduce cross
“ check” students correct for each other
- Comment and point out the most common mistakes that Ss make in their writing.
Suggest the ways what Ss can avoid those mistakes in their later writing practices
- Individual work. - Compare the answers with a partner.
Suggested answers:
I believe UFOs exit because articles and reports in newspapers talk a lot about their
appearance. Firstly, many people from different countries
reported that they once saw flying saucers. Secondly, there are many photos of flying
saucers and some photographers said they saw man like creatures get out of vehicles.
Moreover, people are discussing those mysterious circles on the fields in the
countryside of Great Britain So I think UFOs are not our imagination. They
are real, and we should be ready to see their visit.
- Pair work.

4. Drill: - Summarize main points.

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Pre “ writing: While “ writing: Post “ writing :

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