Tải bản đầy đủ - 96 (trang)
Drill T: Call on some Ss to read their own story Presentation T: Introduce some new words Practice 1:

Drill T: Call on some Ss to read their own story Presentation T: Introduce some new words Practice 1:

Tải bản đầy đủ - 96trang

T: Have Ss work in pairs to ask and answer about the pictures 1 to 6.
• Picture 1:
- What do you see in the first picture? - Who is she? Whats she doing?
- Whats the weather like?
• Picture 2:
- whats wrong with the dog? - Is he behave strangely
- What do you think is going to happen?
• Picture 3:
- who is in the picture with Lan? - What does she say?
• Picture 4:
- what is happening? - Where are Lans family members?
• Picture 5:
- is the wind strong? - What is the weather like?
• Picture 6:
- what do you see in the picture? - What are Lan and her parents doing now?
- Does the weather become good again?
T: Ask Ss to turn back on page 79 and study the outline of the story with the guided words

3. While - writing T: Have Ss write the story individually. Note that Ss

can make changes and add more details to the story to make it more interesting.
- Ask Ss to compare their story with a friend - Give suggested writing
Circle n: vòng tròn Shelter n: chỗ ẩn nấp
Scare a: sợ Behave v: có c sử, hành động c sử
It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the
weather was perfect. Lan was outside playing with her dog, Skippy. All of a
sudden, the dog began behaving strangely. She kept running around in
circle. Lan ran home with her dog to tell her mother what Skippy was doing. Lans
mother, Mrs. Quyen told Lan that she heard on TV that there was a typhoon
coming. Mrs Quyen gathered her family and told them to find shelter in the
house. Suddenly, the sky because very dark.
The storm came with strong winds and heavy rain. Mrs. Quyen and her family
were scared, but soon the storm finished and everyone was glad. What a clever
dog skippy is. She saved Lan from being caught in the typhoon.

4. Drill T: Call on some Ss to read their own story

T: Correct the mistakes 5. Homework
- Review the lesson - Write your own story
- Prepare Language focus
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 63 -
Teaching date: Class 9A: 2008
9B: 2008 9C: 2008
Period 58
Unit 9: Natural disasters

I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to further practice with pronouns who, that, which and clearly defining and non – defining clauses
1. Language focus: Vocabulary: horn, snout, rhinoceros, logo, swallow, chew, extensive, tail.
Grammar: + Relative pronouns who, what, which
+ Relative clauses

2. Language skills: Practice writing skill II. Teaching aids

1. Teacher’s: textbook, teaching plant, sub-board pictures, textbook, sub- board 2. Students’: Textbook, workbook.

III. Procedure 1. Organization

Class Total
Out 9A
…… ……
9B ……
…… 9C
…… ……

2. Checking up:

T: Call on 2 Ss to combine the 2 sentences by using relative clause S1: I bought a new type writer. It cost me a lot of money.
- …….. S2: Tom is one of my closest friends. He is very intelligent.
- …….

3. New lesson

Teacher’s activities Students’ activities
1. Warm up - Let Ss play the game Knowledge Game-
short answers.
- Tell Ss to work with another partner to answer the following questions about
general understanding. Pair work.
- The pair with the most correct answers will be the winner.
Questions Answers
1. Which city in Japan was struck by a huge earthquake?
2. Which country won the 1998 Tiger
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 64 -

2. Presentation T: Introduce some new words

T: Help Ss to review relative clauses and pronouns definition of relative pronouns
and asks them to give some examples to make sure
that they understand the use of relative clauses

3. Practice 1:

T: Asks Ss to use relative pronouns who, which, that to answer the questions. Start
with the words given like the example Cup?
3. Which animal has one or two horns on its snout?
4. Which explorer discovered America?
5. Which planet is the closest to the earth?
6. Which animal in Viet Nam was chosen to be the logo of SEA Games
2003? 7. Which ASEAN country is divided
into two regions by the sea? 8. Which food you can chew but you
can not swallow and which one you can swallow but you can not chew?
1. Kobe 2. Singapore
3. rhinoceros 4. Christopher Columbus
5. Venus 6. buffalo
7. Malaysia 8. water

New words
Horn n: song Snout n: mòi, mâm
Rhinoceros n: con tê giác Logo n: biểu tợng
Swallow v: nuốt chew v: nhai
Extensive a: nhiều, đa dạng Tail n: đuôi
The city which was struck by a huge earthquake in 1995 in Japan is Kobe.
Ss: Do exercise, then compare the answers with a partner
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 65 -
T: Call on some Ss to read their whole sentences
- Feedback and give correct answers

4. Practice 2: T: Keep Ss in pairs but with another

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Drill T: Call on some Ss to read their own story Presentation T: Introduce some new words Practice 1:

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