Tải bản đầy đủ - 96 (trang)
Checking up: New lesson Warm up Write

Checking up: New lesson Warm up Write

Tải bản đầy đủ - 96trang

Teaching date: Class 9A: 2007
9B: 2007 9C: 2007
Period 52
Unit 8:

I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a letter to a friend to share their ideas about particular issue there should be a day for mother or father in Vietnam

1. Language focus: Vocabulary: essential, enhance, tradition, support, outdoor, national wide

2. Language skills: Practice writing skill II. Teaching aids

1. Teacher’s: textbook, teaching plant 2. Students’: Textbook, workbook.

III. Procedure 1. Organization

Class Total
Out 9A
…… ……
9B ……
…… 9C
…… ……

2. Checking up:

Exercise book and write new words

3. New lesson

Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

1. Warm up

Classification Provide a number of words and ask Ss
to work in groups to classify them under three headings: who, which and
when. New year’s Eve, gift, song, people,
friend, Australian, tourist, mother’s day. National day, season, cake,
keyboard, mid – autumn festival ... 2. Pre - reading
T: Introduce the new words Who
Which When
People Friend
Australian Tourist
Gift Songs
Cake keyboard
New year’s eve Mother’s day
National day Mid-autumn festival

6. Write

New words
Essential a: cần thiết Enhance v: Tôn lên, làm tăng thêm
Tradition n: truyền thống
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 46 -
T: Set the scene In Vietnam people do not celebrate mothers day or fathers
Day. You think It is necessary to have a day to celebrate for your mom and
another for your dad. Write to a friend to share this idea. Now work with a
friend to brainstorm the seasons for celebrating, when and how to celebrate
these days. T: Gather some ideas and tell Ss to
open the book 3. While ’ Writing
T: Ask Ss to follow the outline and work independently to write a letter to a
friend as instructed
- Ask Ss to compare their writing with a friend
- Call on some Ss to read their writing aloud
- Comment and give suggested answers if necessary.

4. Post ’ writing Peer correction

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Checking up: New lesson Warm up Write

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