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Checking up: New lesson Warm up Pre ’ reading T: Introduces new vocabulary While ’ reading Read

Checking up: New lesson Warm up Pre ’ reading T: Introduces new vocabulary While ’ reading Read

Tải bản đầy đủ - 96trang

Teaching date: Class 9A: 2007
9B: 2007 9C: 2007
Period 51
Unit 8:

I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to get to know about more one of the important celebrations in Australia and the USA: Fathers Day through the reading about opinions,
feelings and memories of children about their father

1. Language focus: Vocabulary: Lose heart, groom, hug, considerate,

priority, sense of humor, distinguish, terrific, proud of .

2. Language skills: Practice Reading skill II. Teaching aids

1. Teacher’s: textbook, Hand outs with further information about Fathers Day 2. Students’: Textbook, workbook.

III. Procedure 1. Organization

Class Total
Out 9A
…… ……
9B ……
…… 9C
…… ……

2. Checking up:

T: Call on some Ss to read the song Auld Lang Syne again.

3. New lesson

Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

1. Warm up

Table completion Divide Ss into small groups. Each group is given a piece of
card containing 10 important celebrations in Vietnam and their dates. The card is in two columns: Celebration and date.
Group with the complete table in the shortest time will be the winer
Celebration Date
1. 1.1
2. Valentine’s day 3.
8.3 4. April fool ’s day
5. 30.4
6. May day 7.
15.8 8.
- Have to complete the table by filling either the date or celebration
Celebration Date
1. Lunar New year 1.1
2. Valentine’s day 14.2
3. International Women’s day 8.3
4. April fool ’s day 1.4
5. Victory day 30.4
6. May day 1.5
7. Mid fall festival 15.8
8. Teachers day 20.11
Năm häc 2007 - 2008 - 43 -
9. People’s army founding anniversary 10.
24. 12

2. Pre ’ reading T: Introduces new vocabulary

T: Ask Ss to make sentences with the new words given

3. While ’ reading

T: Sets the scene Fathers Day in the time when the children show their feelings, respect, and
great love to their fathers. The followings are opinions, feelings and memories of children
about their fathers T: Divides class into three groups. Each group
read one passage answer questions about it. + Rita from Australia
Who do you think Rita sends this card to? What does that person teach her?
Does she love herhim? + Jane USA
Is Janes father alive or dead? How do you
know this? Has Jane got married? If yes, what did her
father do on her wedding day? + Bob Australia
Can you name some qualities that Bobs father
has? Which one makes him different from other?
Is Bob proud of his father? T: Call on representative from each group to read
the answers aloud - Make any necessary corrections
- Give correct answers T: Ask Ss one additional question
What image of a father can you draw from the 3 passages?”
T: Calls on some Ss to read the passages aloud 4. Post ’ Reading
9. People’s army founding anniversary 22.12
10. 24. 12

5. Read

New words
Lose heart v: mÊt tù tin can đảm Groom n: chú rể
Hug v: ôm, chào nhau Considerate a: ân cần, chu đáo hay quan
tâm đến ngời xung quang Priority n: sù yªu tiªn, qun u tiªn
Sense of humor n: khiếu hài hớc Distinguish v: phân biệt
Terrific a: Kinh khủng, đáng sợ Proud of a: Tự hào
- Write down new words and read after the teacher
- Listen and find the answers - Work in group and discus

+ Rita Australia a. To her father
- He teaches her how to love, cry and laugh + Jane USA
b. He is possibly dead. These ideas may tell about that:… how much you are
missed, ….. I now have children, Dad…? - Yes, she is married with some children on
her weeding day, her father stood and gave her a hug.
+ Bob Australia - He is considerate, generous and humorous
c. His scene of humor makes him different
from others Yes, he is
d. a father can be a teacher, a care taker
and a friend.
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 44 -
T: Tells Ss to work in groups of 3 to 4 and discuss about their fathers
Suggested question are: Can you tell me about your father?
How old is he? What does he do?
What does he look like? What do you like best about him?
What are your feelings and opinions aloud him? Which memories do you have about your father
that you remember until now? - Work in pair, practices asking
- Students’ answers

5. Drill - Asks Sts to read the poem again

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Checking up: New lesson Warm up Pre ’ reading T: Introduces new vocabulary While ’ reading Read

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