Tải bản đầy đủ - 96 (trang)
Listen Things done on new year’s Eve Homework

Listen Things done on new year’s Eve Homework

Tải bản đầy đủ - 96trang

T: Introduce the structure to give and respond to a compliment
T: Demonstrate by the first situation in the book “Trang has just won the first prize in the English
speaking contest” 3. While ’ speaking
T: Ask Ss to work in pairs. Read the situations in the book and then give and respond to appropriate
T: Call on some pairs to practice the dialogue before class.

4. Post ’ speaking

T: Tell Ss to work with another partner: think of the situations in which you can compliments your
friends and respond from hisher or them, then make up dialogues with your partner.
T: May give suggestions such as: + Passing the final entrance exam
+ Graduating from university
+ Winning the first prize in a singing contest + Having finished making a birthday card
T: Call on some pairs to practice the dialogue in front of class
- Feedback and give suggested answers. 5. Pre ’ listening
T: Ask Ss to work in group and make the list of thing people in western countries do on new years
Eve - Gather ideas by calling on some Ss to say about
that T: Set the scene “On new year’s Eve, many
Give a compliment Respond a compliment
Well done Thanks
That’s a greatan excellent…..
It is nice if you to say so Let me congratulate
you on That’s very kind if you

Mai: well done, Trang Trang: Thanks
Ss: Work in pairs and give responds •
Suggested answers:
b, Mother: well done, Huyen Huyen: Thanks, Mom
c, Friends: congratulations on your nomination, Tuan.
Tuan: It’s nice of you to say so d, You: That’s excellent drawing, Hoa
Hoa: That’s very nice of you to say so. Ss: Practice the dialogue in pairs
- Feedback and give suggested answers

Suggested answers:
1. Trang: Well done, Bao Bao: Thank you a lot
2. Hung: Let me congratulation on your graduation
Huong: That’s very kind of you.

4. Listen Things done on new year’s Eve

Holding parties Dancing
Drinking Exchanging best wishes
Giving present Sing
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 41 -
people in western countries hold parties which last until late into the night. It’s traditional to
greet the new year at midnight and celebrate the first minutes of the year in the company of
friends and family people may dance, sing and drink a toast to the year ahead. After the
celebrations, it is time to make new year resolutions and these are a list of decisions about
how to live in the coming year. Horns are blown at midnight, and people hug and kiss to begin the
new year with much love and happiness. Auld Lang Syne, with words by Robert Burns, is often
sung at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Auld lang syne is one of the best known song in English
speaking countries. Auld lang syne means the times gone past; the good old days. In scot Auld
= old; lang = long; syne = since. 6. While ’ listening
T: Ask Ss to read the song and guess the missing words
T: Play the tape several times if necessary T: Tell Ss to compare the answers with a friend
- Call on some Ss to readsing the song aloud in front of class
- Give feedback and give correct answers - To make if clear, Ts are suggested to give the
translation of the original Scots version into standard English. see supplements for English
version 7. Post ’ listening
T: Ask Ss to work in group and discuss: “What do you and your family usually does on
New Year’s Eve lunar New Year? •
New words:
Acquaintance n: ngêi quen Bring to mind v: remember
Kindness n: tốt tử tế Trusty a: đáng tin cËy
• answers
a. day b. Take
c. Mind d. Hand
e. Kindness f.

Suggested answers
- Go out in the streets - See fireworks display
- Hold year- end party
- Wait for lucky money
8. Drill T: Summarize the main points and structures to give a compliment and respond to a compliment

9. Homework

- Summarize the main points - Learn by heart all new words
- Prepare Read
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 42 -
Teaching date: Class 9A: 2007
9B: 2007 9C: 2007
Period 51
Unit 8:

I. Objectives

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Listen Things done on new year’s Eve Homework

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