Tải bản đầy đủ - 96 (trang)
While “ Reading: T: Set the scene “ Post “ reading: ’What ’if’

While “ Reading: T: Set the scene “ Post “ reading: ’What ’if’

Tải bản đầy đủ - 96trang

- Read the poem. - Give some new words and explains the
meaning - Help Ss to read the new words.

3.3. While “ Reading: T: Set the scene “

You are going to read a poem about environment. Please scan the
poem and answer the following questions”
- Call on some Ss to answer the questions - Correct and give answers
- Ask Ss to read the poem again and match the word in A to an appropriate in B encourage Ss
to guess the meaning of the word if they don’t know some words.
- Call some Ss to read the answers aloud. - Give the correct answers
- Explain the grammar quickly. - Read and write down into notebook.
New words:
+ End up v: c¹n kiƯt, sư dơng hÕt, kÕt thóc + Second – hand a ®· qua sư dơng.
+ Junk – yard n: b·i phÕ th¶i + Treasure n: kho báu, châu báu
+ Foam n: bọt khí + Nonsense n: Đều vô nghĩa.
Questions: - How many people are there in the poem?
What is their relationship? - Where are they?
- What problem of the environment is mentioned in the poem?
- Read the poem and find the answers. - Discuss and give answers.
- Compare their answers with a friend. Answers:
- There are two mum and son - Probably in the forest
- Pollution
a, Matching each word in A to an Appropriate explanation in B.
1. junk-yard c. a piece of land full of
rubbish 2. end up
g. reach a state if 3. treasure
f. valuable or precious things
4. foam e. mass of bubbles of air or
gas 5. stream
d. a flow of water 6. hedge
a. a row of things forming a fence
7. folk b. people
aAnswer. Then write the answers in your exercise book.
+ conditional sentences type 1 There are two clauses:
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 9 -
- Ask Ss to read the poem more carefully and answer the questions. This task can be done in
- Call on some Ss to read their answers aloud in class.
- Give the answers. - Calls on some Ss to read the passage aloud in
front of class.
- Checks Ss’ pronunciation and intonation.

3.4. Post “ reading: ’What ’if’

- Divide the class into two or four groups namely A, B, C, D. each group gets 5
sentences with only IF half.
- Help Ss to complete and correct the mistakes
+If clause: present simple + Main clause: present simple future
simpleinf If S + do, S + will do
Eg: If the pollution goes on, the world will end up like a second hand junk yard.
- Look at the questions in exercise b and then find out the answers.
- Compare the answers with a partner. - Practice the questions and answers in pairs.
Answers: 1. If the pollution goes on, the world will end
up like a second hand junk yard. 2. The mother think other folk pollute are
responsible for the pollution of the environment but not her and her son.
3. If the boy keeps on asking such questions, his mother will take him home right away.
4. No, because he is right: if he throws the bottles that will be polluting the woods.
5. The poet wants us to learn that everyone is responsible for keeping the environment form
pollution. 6. Student’s answers eg: put the bin around
the school yard. Pick up the rubbishgarbage and throw it into a trash bin. Should not
litterspit on the ground..
- Student A read its half and B has to complete the sentence with the idea on the
board to protect our environment. Ex:
If you throw rubbish into street,… B:
it will pollute the environment. - Practice in groups
A. 1. If I see somebody throwing an empty
packet on the street, I will….. 2. If I meet the Minister for the
environment, I will... 3. If I live on an island, I will…..
4. If I live in a jungle, I will… 5. If I catch an injured species, I would.
Năm học 2007 - 2008 - 10 -
1. I will collect and put it in the trash bin. 2, I will plant some trees.

4. Drill:

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While “ Reading: T: Set the scene “ Post “ reading: ’What ’if’

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