Tải bản đầy đủ - 122 (trang)
Warm – up: Pre – speak While – Speak

Warm – up: Pre – speak While – Speak

Tải bản đầy đủ - 122trang

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Unit 3:
At home
Tiết 13 : Speak and listen I. Objective:
By the end of the lesson. SS will be able to speak and listen talk
about the position of each item.

II. Language contents:

- Newwords

III. Teaching aids:

- Teacher ’s book.
- Student book. - Picture, cassetes

IV. Procedure:


1. Warm – up:

T ark ss on the boar repeat old lesson and write newwords.
- repeat
T ark ss remember things in the house.
Television Telephone
- remember
Carch armchair
T call some ss talk thing in the house
What about thing in the kitchen?
- Sink, oven, cookes = 38 =
Thing in the house

2. Pre – speak

– listion
T ark ss look at the picture in the book
T ark ss read example The fruit is in the bowl.
The plate is on the table T ark ss practice with a partner
the table and the chair. SS
the table and the chairs are in the middle of the kit chen.
T call some ss practice T give right answer
- The sink is next to the stobe. - The cupboard is on the wall
obove the counter.
- listen - The calendar is on the wall under.
The clock and abouve the refrigerafor.
- write
- The flowers are on the table T ark ss look at the picture in the
book then teacher ark ss read words in the box carefully after fill
word in the thing picture. - look at
- read - practice
T introduce structure - Let
’s do somth. Tiếp tục làm gì - listen
- Ought to do st . Nên làm gì - Write
- Should do st had better do st. đồng tình.
T ark ss
“ chain game” T ark ss work group
- work group T let
’s put the arm chair oppsite the couch.
Ok. And I think we ought to put the rug between the armchair and
the couch. SS
: And we ’d better put the lamp
on the table next to the book shely. SS
: and we should put the telephone next to the lamp
= 39 =
T ark ss look at listen T ark ss some quettion.
- What is this? - This is noodles
- What are there? - There are onion
- What is it? - It is a pan

3. While – Speak

– listion:
T ark ss look at the picture listen. Then listen and check the right item
T ark is question. What is she going to cook?
- She ’s going to cook chinese
friend rice. T ark ss listen 2 carefully
T ark ss listen and repeat with a pertuer
T call some ss on the board practice
- practice. a. fried rice.
b. pan c. Garlic and green pepper
- write d. Ham and peas.

4. Post – Speak

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Warm – up: Pre – speak While – Speak

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