Tải bản đầy đủ - 122 (trang)
Pre – Speak While Procedure: T

Pre – Speak While Procedure: T

Tải bản đầy đủ - 122trang

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Unit 2:
Making arrangements
Tiết 8 : Speak and Listen I. Objective:
By the end of the lesson. SS will be able to speaking together and

II. Language contents:

- Newwords

III. Teaching aids:

- Teacher ’s book.
- Student book. - Work book
- Cassetes

IV. Procedure: T

SS 1. Warm
– up:
- T ark on the board repeat old lesson
- Repeat
- T ark SS some question. - Answer
- What is telephone number? 88.22.44
- How ofen do you go to the movie theater?
- I often go to the movie.. - Who do you with ?
- Go to with my friend

2. Pre – Speak

– listen:
T ark SS open the book look at the book P
put the sentence below in the correct order to make a
complete conversation. - Listen.
T ark SS work in pair - Work in pair.
T ark SS on the board practice - Practice
T give right answer. + Eric , Adam
= 21 =
+ Adam phones Eric + To invite Eric to a pop corcert.
1.b 2f . 3 T. 4. a. 5. i . 6c . 7 e
8k . 9g. 10h. 11 d
- Write T ark SS read dialogue
T ark SS some question. - Answer
What are they going to do tonight? I
’m going to a pop concert at the city.
Which band are they going watch? - It
’s the kids intown. Where and when are they going
meet? T ark SS look at P
- Look at T ark SS read scan 1
- Read T ark SS some question
- Answer - Who made the call ?
Ba - Who invited the other to the
concert? Bao
- Who arranged or meeting placetime?
Ba T ark SS do exercise
T ark SS work in pair - Work in pair
T write answer Bao. My I speak to Ba, please?
This is Bao. I
’m fine, thanks, and you ? - Can you play chess tonight.
- What about tomorrow afternoon? - Write
- I ’ll meet you at the central chess
club. - Is 2.00 o
’clock ok? T call some SS practice with a
partner - Practice
T ark SS look at P listen T ark SS some question.
Answer - Who is this for?
It ’s for the principal
= 22 =
- Is the principal talking on the phone?
No. he isn ’t
- To leave a mess a ge để lại lời nhắn
- to make an appoin ment hen làm gì
T ark SS listen scan 1
- listen T ark SS write information in
notebook T ark SS listen again
- listen T give right answer
- listen - Date 12.
- Partice - For: the principal
- Time: 10.30. Ok 9.45

3. While

– listen speak:
T ark is read again conver sation T ark SS listen agarin
T ark SS some question. What is Mrs. Nguyen is telephone
it ’s 646 837256
T ark SS work group T ark SS write conversation
- write. Kingston junior hish school
Date: …………time…………………
For ……………the principal………..
Message ……………………………..
Telephone number …………………..

4. Post – Speak listen:

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Pre – Speak While Procedure: T

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