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to either, neither. a I am in class 8 D.

to either, neither. a I am in class 8 D.

Tải bản đầy đủ - 153trang

is She
She’s It
It’s You
are You’re
We We’re
They They’re
3 Future simple

will I’ll
have some water. eat at eight
o’clock. get up early.
go home. play marbles.
go by bus. live in Hue.
He He’ll
She She’ll
It It’ll
You You’ll
We We’ll
They They’ll

Simple past tense
at home yesterday. He
She It
You were
We They
I played marbles. soccer
yesterday. badminton last week.
bought a hat last year. went to Ho Chi Minh City.
He She
It You
We They
5 S –
o, too, either, neither. a I am in class 8 D.
So am I. I am, too. b I like bananas.
So do I. I do, too. c I’d like some peas and I’d like some carrots, too.
d I don’t like pork. Neither do I. I don’t, either.
e These mangoes aren’t ripe.
Neither are the bananas. f I hate carrots.
Phạm Thị Thơm Tr êng THCS ThÞ trÊn Hng Nh©n
And I don’t like peas, either. 2. Exercise : Change these sentences into other tenses Present simple , Present
progressive , near future , Simple future and Past simple and add appropriate adverbs of time .
1. She is in Grade 7 2. They are playing soccer
3. She went to Ha Noi last week 4. I will visit my sister next week
5. Mai is going to build a new house .
- Ask Ss to work in pairs - Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front of class .
- Give feedback

Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives.
Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives
good better
the best expensive more expensive the most
expensive popular
more popular the most popular
cheap cheaper
the cheapest little
less the least
small smaller
the smallest long
longer the longest
many more
the most II
Presenting the English Grade 8
- There are 16 units in this program , each unit has 6 parts Which mention a particular skill such as Listening . Speaking , Reading and Writing
+ At the beginning of the unit is “ Getting started “ to lead in the new lesson or in order to warm up .
-Each unit has Language Focus which help Ss to summarize basic knowledge they have learnt in each one .
Introduce some books , reference books to students III
Preparation :
- Ask Ss to prepare Unit 1 “ Getting started + Listen and read
Phạm Thị Thơm Tr ờng THCS Thị trấn Hng Nhân
Tuần 1
Unit 1: my friends
TiÕt 1:Lesson 1: Getting started + Listen and read
Preparing date: Teaching date:
By the end of the lesson,Ss will be able to know more about Hoa Lan and Nien and read the dialogue for details and review simple present and simple past
tenses .

II. language contents. 1.Vocabulary:

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to either, neither. a I am in class 8 D.

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