Tải bản đầy đủ - 33 (trang)
Aims: - Help Ss to write a description of a room in their house.

Aims: - Help Ss to write a description of a room in their house.

Tải bản đầy đủ - 33trang

Reading the text- page 32 - Ss read the description of a room individually.
Comprehension questions - Ss work in pairs and answer the questions.
3. While-writing: Word-cue-drill page 33 - Ss work individually, write the description of Hoas kitchen using given cues.
- Pair compare, after doing individually Ss compare writing with their partner Answers:
This is Hoas kitchen. There is a refrigerator in the right corner of the room.
Next to the refrigerator are the stove an oven. On the other side of the oven, there is a sink and next ot the sink is a towel rack.
The dish rack stands on the counter, on the right of the window and beneath the shelves. On the shelves and on the counter beneath the window, there are jars of sugar, flour and
tea. In the middle of the kitchen, there are a table and four chairs.
The lighting fixture is above the table, and directly beneath the lighting fixture is a vase with flowers.
- T sticks some writing on the board and correct the mistakes if any for the whole class.

4. Post-writing - Ss write a description of a room in their house.

5. Homework: - Learn by heart vocabulary write it in 3 full lines

- Let imagine a living room and describe it. draw it if necessary - Prepare Language focus
Period 17
T. date:
Unit 3: At home
Lesson 6: Language focus

I. Aims: - Help Ss to write a description of a room in their house.

- Vocabulary: folder, beneath, wardrobe, towel rack II. Objectives:
- By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to use reflexive pronouns, modals, Why - Because
- Skills: - Main: Writing, Speaking
- Sub: R, L III. Anticipated Problems: no

IV. Teaching aids:

- Lesson plan, book chalk, board
a. What is there on the left of the room? Ss: There is a desk on the left of the room
b. Where is the bookshelf? Ss: The bookshelf is above the desk.
c. What’s there on the right side of the room? Ss: There’s a window on the right side of the room d. Where is the wardrobe?
Ss: The wardrobe is beside the window and opposite the desk
- Divides the class into 2 groups, group 1 writes all the modal verbs they have learnt and group 2 writes the verbs which are used to describe activities at
2. Presentation
Lang1 page 34 - Ss work individually, complete the dialogue with the suitable modal verbs
must or have to and the verbs in the box. - Ss compare their answers with their partners.
Answers: 1 - must have to tidy 2 - have to must dust 3 - must have to sweep
4 - must have to clean 5. have to must empty 6 - must have to feed
Language focus 2 page 35 - T asks students How can you give someone advice?
- Ss We say: You should..... You ought to .....
Role play - T gives students a model dialogue
T: I failed my English test. S: You ought to study harder.
- Ss work in pairs and act as characters in the pictures. a S1: Im late.
S2: You ought to get up earlier. b S1: Im fat S2: You ought to eat more fruit and vegetables.
c S1: My toothaches S2: You ought to go to the dentists. Language focus 3 page 35
T: asks students to write all the reflexive pronouns Ss:
myself, yourself, himself, yourselves, herself, ourselves, themselves Ss: work individually; complete the dialogues using the reflexive pronouns in
the box. Answers:
1 - ourselves 2 - myself
3 - yourself 4 - himself
5 - herself 6 - themselves
7 - yourselves Ss: practice the dialogues in pairs.
Language focus 4 page 36-37 Ss work in pairs, ask and answer questions about Hoa, Nam, Ha, Nga and
Mrs.Vui using Why-because T: gives an example
T: Why did Hoa go to school late this morning? S: Because she watched TV late last night?
Modals Verbs
must have to
ought to clean
empty tidy
do feed
b Why did Nam have to cook dinner? Because his mother was home late.
c Why was Mrs. Vui Nams mother home late? Because she had to come to see his grandmother, she was tired sick.
d Why did Ha fail her English exam? Because she didnt learn for her exam. She played the computer games.
e Why didnt Nga go to the movies? Because she had to do her chores. She had to clean the kitchen and
sweep the living-room.

3. Homework - Copy down on your book

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Aims: - Help Ss to write a description of a room in their house.

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