Tải bản đầy đủ - 33 (trang)
Presentation: Pre-questions Open prediction Presentation: Ordering the dialogue Practice: Pair work

Presentation: Pre-questions Open prediction Presentation: Ordering the dialogue Practice: Pair work

Tải bản đầy đủ - 33trang

- T: asks Ss to match each object picture on page 18 with its name. Answers:
a. an answering machine b. a mobile phone
c. a fax machine d. a telephone directory
e. a public telephone f.an address book
- T writes names of these objects on the board. - T gives Ss pieces of papers with definitions of these objects.
- Ss match definitions with the right objects. Example:
1. to send fax 2. to find someone’s telephone number.
3. to write addresses and telephone numbers. 4. to make a phone call in a street telephone box.
5. to leave and take massages. 6. to make phone call anywhere you like.

2. Presentation: Pre-questions Open prediction

- Sets the scene: “Hoa and Nga are talking on the phone. They are talking about going to see a movie.”
T asks Ss questions = Ss work in pairs to discuss these questions.
a. Who made the call? b. Who introduced herself?
c. Who invited the other to the movies? d. Who arranged a meeting place?
e. Who arranged the time? f. Who agreed to the time?
T writes Ss’ answers prediction on the board. 3. Practice:
- Ss open the book and read the dialogue while the teacher plays the tape. - Ss read the dialogue in pairs and check their predictions.
a. Nga made the call. d. Nga arranged a meeting place.
b. Nga introduced herself. e. Hoa arranged the time.
c. Nga invited Hoa to the movies. f. Nga agreed to the time.
Matching Ss match the phrases with their meanings.
a. hold on 1. nó đợc chiếu ở đâu?
b. Is six-thirty all right? 2. 6.30 có đợc không? c. Wheres it on?
3. Xa mét chót ..... d. A bit far from
4. Cầm máy, giữ máy Answer:
a-4 b-2
c-1 d-3
10 fax machine
to send fax
T asks Ss some questions about the dialogue. Ss work in pairs to answer the questions.
a. What is Hoa’s telephone number? b. Which movie are they going to see? Where?
c. How is Hoa going to the movies? d. Where are they going to meet? What time?
Answer key:
a. Her telephone number is 3847329. b. They are going to see the movie Dream City at Sao Mai Movie Theater.
c. Hoa is going by bike. d. They are going to meet outside the theater at 6:30.

4. Production: Role play

Ss make similar dialogues to make arrangements. 5. Homework:
-Write a similar dialogue on your notebook. - Exercise 6 page 18-19
- Prepare
Speak + Language focus 1-2
Period 8
T. date:
Unit 2: Making arrangements
Lesson 2: Speak + Language focus 1-2

I. Aims:

- Help Ss to improve the speaking skill. - Vocabulary: review

II. Objectives: - By the end of the lesson the students will be able to talk on the telephone

about intention with going to. - Skills:
- Main: Speaking, Reading - Sub: Writing, Listening

III. Anticipated Problems: no IV. Teaching aids

- Text book, Lesson plan, chalk, board V. Procedures
1. Warm-up:
T asks Ss some questions about using telephone. Ss answer
? Do you have a telephone at home? - Yes.
? How often do you make a phone call? - Sometimes
? What would you say when you pick up the phone? - Hello. 8549541 ? What would you say if you are the caller? - Hello. Can I speak to...?

2. Presentation: Ordering the dialogue

- Ss work in pairs to do exercise 1 on page 20. Answer key:
1-b 2-f
3-j 4-a
5-i 6-c
7-e 8-k
9-g 10-h
Ss: answer ? Are they talking on the phone?
- Yes. ? What are they going to do?
- They are going to a pop concert ? What time are they meeting?
- They are meeting at 7.15 ? What form of verbs do you use to talk about near future?- be going to.

3. Practice: Pair work

- Ss have to fill question to complete the dialogue between Ba Bao page 20 - Call some pairs to practice and T corrects
Answers key:
Bao: May Can I speak to Ba please? This is Bao Bao: I’m fine, thanks. And you?
Bao: Can you play chess tonight? Bao: What about tomorrow afternoon?
Bao: I’ll meet you at the Central Chess Club Bao: Is 2.00 o’clock ok?
- Ss do exercise Language focus 1 on page 25. Example exchange:
S1: Quang and Nam bought new fishing rods yesterday. What are they going to do?
S2: They are going to go fishing. Keys: a, They are going to go fishing.
b, She is going to read the new novel c, She is going to do her homework in Math
d, He is going to watch an action movie on TV tonight e, She is going to give him a birthday present
4. Production: Survey - Ss have to draw this table on book then take survey to complete the table
What are you going to do on the weekend? Are you going to ...?
See a movie? Play sports?
Meet your friends? Help your parents?
Do your homework? Watch TV?

5. Homework: - Exercise 1 page 13, 14, - workbook, Ex 214, 15 - workbook

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Presentation: Pre-questions Open prediction Presentation: Ordering the dialogue Practice: Pair work

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