Tải bản đầy đủ - 102 (trang)
Teaching aids : text book , Posters

Teaching aids : text book , Posters

Tải bản đầy đủ - 102trang

partners - Have some Ss to give their answers

3. Grammar Awareness - Elicit the target language by asking Ss a

question in Vietnamese - Elicit the examples and write them on the

IV. Post- reading - Ask Ss to read the summary again

- Write the words on the board - Ask Ss to match the words in Column A
with the explaination in Column B

V. Homework Ask Ss to practice the dialouge

- Do LF 3 in the notebook Work in
Whole class work
with T
- Work in groups
Whole class write
them in their
Answe key 1. game
2. place 3. clue
4. Vietnam 5. America
6. golden 7. right
8. was Model sentences
I dont know how to play it
S+V+Question word+ V-inf
Use : Reduced form of an indirect questions
Period 86 Date of planning
Date of teaching: ............................. Class :............................................
unit 14 : Wonders of the world Lesson 2 Speak,
I Aim: Practicing in asking and answering questions about the places and how to report them
II Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to make a report on famous places using reported speech

III. Teaching aids : text book , Posters

Procedure Stages Steps Teachers activities
Ss Note board
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
activities I. Warm up
Who is fastest? - Inform the topic and time limit
- Ask Ss to work in groups of 8 Ss to write 5 or 8 famous places in the world in
3 minutes - Deliver poster to Ss
- Tell Ss to put their poster on the board II Presentation
1 Pre- teach: Matching - Stick the poster with the statements on
the board. - Ask Ss to read the statements and the
names of the famous places in the box on P133 and do the matching
- Check if Ss understand the statements - Call on some to give their answers
- Give feed back and correct Answer key
1. Effel Tower 2. Mount Everest
3. Great Wall of China 4. Big Ben
5. Empire State Building USA 6. Phong Nha Cave
` III Practice
2. Question and answer drill - Ask Ss to write Yes No question about
10 places in the box using the information in matching
- Ask Ss to work in group of 10 Ss Each St in each group asks a question
- Monitor and assist Ss if necessary - Have Ss ask and answer the questions
check Yes No - Call on a group to demonstrate their
work 3. Grammar Drill
Set the scence: - Ask a Student Lan
Work in group of 8
Whole class look
at the poster
Whole class read
- Work in group of
10 Ss
Famous world places
Poster with statements 1. It was designed and
builded by the French civil engineer with 300 metres in
height. 2. It is in South Central Asia
8848 metres high above sea level
3. It was built from 246 to 209 B.C and some people
say it can be seen from the moon
4. It is the bell stiking the hours in the clock Tower of
House of Parliament in London
5. It is a skycraper in Manhattun - New York
6. It is the famous place in Quang Binh
Provinerecognized as a world Heritage Site by
Unessco Suggest
1. Have they just built the Effel Tower in Paris?
2. Is the Empire State Building located in New
York City? 3. Are the Petronas Twin
Towers located in Malaysia? 4 Is the Great Barrier Reef in
Australia? 5. Have you ever seen
Mount Rush More?
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
Q: Is Hue Citadel in the Central Vietnam?
- Write them on the board - Ask Ss to listen
I asked Lan if Hue Citadel was in the Central Vietnam. She said that it was
- Write the statement on the board Concept check:
- Form ? - Use ?
- Ask Ss to say again the ways to change the direct speech into the reported
speech - Have Ss to copy

IV. Production - Choose a groups answer to demonstrate

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Teaching aids : text book , Posters

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