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Vocab - to fetch :®i lÊy mang vỊ Post- reading Tranformation drill LF3 Grammar structures Compound Adjective

Vocab - to fetch :®i lÊy mang vỊ Post- reading Tranformation drill LF3 Grammar structures Compound Adjective

Tải bản đầy đủ - 102trang

mountain........ 4. Oliver is keen on pottery...............
5. Robinson is fond of crouded places............
II Pre-reading 1 Pre-teach vocab: Elicit words from ss
- definition- go to get st and bring it back - tranlation
situation- He is a winner of competion. They award him the first prize
Checking vocab : What and Where

2. Open- Prediction Set the scence: Ba invites his friend -

Liz to a traditional festival in the North of Viet Nam. Do you know what kind of
festival it is? It is the rice cooking festival
- Give the picture P121 - Ask Ss to guess what are they going to
read by asking questions then write Ss answer on the board
`III While-reading: - Ask Ss to open their book at P121, 122,
look at the dialoge and listen to the tape 2 times and check their predictions
- Ask Ss to play the role to practice the dialogue
- Ask them to listen the last time and correct

3. True or False - Ask Ss to read the statements P122 and

check v the boxes using the information in the dialoge.
- Get Ss to give the answer and correct the False sentences
- Have Ss copy down 4. Grammar Drill
- Elicit the examples and write them on the board
Concept check: Whole
class work
with T
Whole class
listen the situation
Whole class
Whole class
listen and check
Play the role
Read individua

I. Vocab - to fetch :®i lÊy mang vỊ

- to yell = to shout aloud - to urge: thóc giơc
- to rub : cọ xát ,chà xát -
to participate=totake part in
- participation n sù tham gia
- to award: tỈng
Q1. How many competitions do people
enter in a rice cooking festival?
Q2. In water -festival competition. What do
people do? Q3. How about a fire-
making competition? Arice cookng competition?
Rice cooking festival
Answer key a. F only one team member
takes part in the water
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
water-fetching To fetch water
rice-cooking To cook
Fire-making To make
- ? Look at the words rice water fire and ask
Q1: What is it? Q2: What are they? cooking fetching
Can you form compound adjective - Have Ss copy them in their notebooks

IV. Post- reading Tranformation drill LF3

- Deliver poster to Ss - Ask Ss to do the exercise on P130 and
write their answer on the poster - Have Ss put their poster on the board
- Give feedback and correct V. Homework
Ask Ss to practice the dialouge - Do LF 3 in the notebook
Whole class
work with T
Work in group of
4 or 5 Ss
Whole class
write them in
their notebook
fetching contest b. F one person has to
collect one water bottle c. T
d. F Pieces of bamboo are used to make the fire
e. F In the final contest the judges taste the rice

II. Grammar structures Compound Adjective

a rice cooking festival water fetching
competition fire making
Compound Adj Form : Noun + V-ing
Period 81 Date of planning .
Date of teaching: ............................. unit 13 : Festival
Lesson 2 : Speak Listen
I Aims Practice in taking about the preparation and listen for detai lII Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to talk about the preparation
for a special event III Teaching aids Poster with a mappaed dialogue, Stereo CD
Procedure Stages Steps Teachers activities
Ss activities
Note board

I. Warm up Find thing in common. - Ask Ss to thik of 5 things they often

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Vocab - to fetch :®i lÊy mang vỊ Post- reading Tranformation drill LF3 Grammar structures Compound Adjective

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