Tải bản đầy đủ - 102 (trang)
Homework - Ask Ss to write a postcard into their

Homework - Ask Ss to write a postcard into their

Tải bản đầy đủ - 102trang

- Ask Ss to do on the piece of paper individually
- Monitor and assist Ss with their writing. IV. Post- Writing
Exhobition - Call on some Ss to the front of the class
and ask them to read their postcard to their whole class
- Give feed back and correct

V. Homework - Ask Ss to write a postcard into their

notebook - Do exercise 7 P75 in work book
work individuall
ysome Ss work
Whole class write
them in their
Im having a wonderful time in Ho Chi Minh City. The
people are friendly, hopitable and helpful. The weather has been
warm, sunny and windy. There, I visited my old friends and my
relatives. It was nice to see them. I saw a lot of interest such as
myseums, libraries, park and zoos and I bought a lot of
sovenirs for my relatives at home and for you.
See you soon. Love
Period 80 Date of planning .
Date of teaching: .
unit 12 : a vacation abroad Lesson 6 : Language focus 1 , 2 3 P118
I Aim: Practice in past progressive and present progressive tense with always II Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to talk about the activities using
present and past progressive tense III Teaching aids : Ssbook , cardboard , Pictures P119- 120
Procedure Stages Steps Teachers activities
Ss activities
Note board
I.Warm up: Memory game - Divide class into 2 teams .
- Ask the first student in one group to say a simple sentence and add one new
sentence of his or her own - Go until the last cant repeat the whole
sentence and his or her team loses the game.
Language focus 1 II Presentation
1 Ordering pictures Work in 2
Whole 1. walk with the dog
2. eat dinner.
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
- Ask Ss to look at the pictures on P119 LF1 carefully.
- Tell Ss to listen and number the picture. - Read the verb aloud
- Call on some ss to give their answer. - Give feedback and correct
2 Teaching grammar Set the scence: Look at the picture a:
What was Ba doing at 8 oclock last night?
- Elicit the answer from Ss, Get Ss to repeat and write the sentence on the board.
- Continue to picture f with the same steps What were Lan and her grandmar
doing at that time
Write the model sentences on the board then ask them to repeat
Concept check Q1: What kind of verb s are they?
Q2: What kind of to be? Q3: Can you form the structure?
- Write the form on the board. Q4: What do these sentences mean?
- Let Ss copy

III. Practice 3.Word cue drill

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Homework - Ask Ss to write a postcard into their

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